It’s been awhile since I shared some tracks from a single artist (or group of artists), so here an update for a previous post on a great trance duo. Since their last expose back in September of last year, Super8 & DJ Tab have produced enough notable tracks to deserve another showcase. Actually, they haven’t produced that many more new ones (compared to busy artists such as Arty or Stoneface & Terminal), but their work has always been quality and there is one song in particular which has recently been turning my brain into jello. Listen below for some of their older tracks I missed last time as well as their latest hits.

Super8 & Tab – Won’t Sleep Tonight feat. Ben Lost (Moody dub mix) (2006)
Here is an OG track which was Super8 & Tab’s first attempt at a true vocal production. If you haven’t noticed yet, a lot of their earlier work was produced in the same key, so this song sounds very similar to the likes of Helsinki Scorchin and Needs to Feel. I have uploaded the dub mix which I prefer over the vocal version.

Super8 & Tab – Needs to Feel (2007)

This track is also very similar sounding to the previous Won’t Sleep Tonight, partially due to the reappearance of Ben Lost. There is also a nice little remix by Wippenberg that was released in this single.

Paul van Dyk – New York City (Super8 & Tab Remix) (2008)

Before their remix of PvD’s Nothing But You, S8&T remixed this song. I like their work on Nothing But You more, but this one is pretty decent as well.

Martin Roth, Alex Bartlett – Off the World (Super8 & Tab Remix) (2008)

Here’s another great piece of remix work by S8&T. This version and the Gareth Emery remix are my favorite of this Vandit release.

Super8 & Tab – Irufushi (2009)
Catchy leads are pretty much expected in S8&T productions, and this song is of no exception. The piano riff in the chorus is also very notable, and the emotion of the song really makes you feel like you are on the little island of Iru Fushi. There are also remixes by Ashley Wallbridge and Sean Tyas if you can’t get enough of this song.

Super8 & Tab – Black is the New Yellow feat. Anton Sonin (2010)

While this track doesn’t touch the magical-ness of Elektra, their first release of 2010 has proven to be a good one. This one also features stuttering vocals with a great melody, and there is an Activa remix which ups the energy and speeds up the tempo.
Super8 & Tab – Mercy feat. Jan Burton
Here is the latest original production by S8&T, with the help of Jan Burton on the vocals. This is the lead track off of their much-anticipated artist album, Empire. Remixes by 7 Skies and Andy Dugiud can be found on the single, to be released within the week. Hopefully a dub version will also be released.

Markus Schulz – Perception (Super8 & Tab)
Last but not least, here is the track that has been on repeat in my car. This song is the reason why I decided to make this post in the first place. The remake found on Markus’ new album was already a high-point of this year, but this remix takes it to a whole new level. With a faster tempo and more driving breakdown, Super8 & Tab have clearly outdone themselves on this one.

Here is a recent interview with DJ Tab:

Here is a cool little video with footage of some live performances: