Super8 & Tab’s Empire is one of the two artist albums I have been patiently waiting for this year, the other being Markus’ Do You Dream release. Miika Eloranta and Janne Mansnerus have come a long way in their careers, and they have now reached a great milestone with the release of their debut artist album. The overall feel is just what you would expect: great melodies mixed with bouncy basslines and techy grooves. A lot of these tracks carry that Anjuna-sound with them, and they really show off the style that these two Finns have been creating. If you compare this album to some of their older stuff, you can clearly hear the evolution of their work as their productions sound cleaner, tighter, and more refined.

The album starts off with a chill song featuring the vocals of Jan Burton. Jan actually lends his talents in 5 tracks on the album, which tells me that he is very close with Janne and Miika. Seven out of the total eleven tracks are accompanied by vocals, and the other vocalists include Betsie Larkin, Julie Thompson, Elina Laasonen (Delusion), and Jan Burton. The CD also gets production help from Anton Sonin (a fellow Finn) on Black Is the New Yellow, as well as some guitar work by Jere Mansnerus (I’m assuming he is Janne’s brother) on Good Times, but other than that, the rest of the CD was produced entirely by Super8 and DJ Tab. The title track, Empire, took a few listens for me to like it, but it is my favorite vocal track on the album, and it is also beyond any doubt stuck in my head. You have probably already heard the tracks Black Is the New Yellow, Mercy, and Irufushi, so you should be  familiar with the high level of production that Miika and Janne put into their work. Besides for these monster tunes, I also enjoy the track Bliss, which seems to be a continuation from Irufushi due to their similar styles. Eternal Sequence is also another favorite of mine, which incorporates a sweet walking electro-melody and a Cosmic Gate-style riff. Free Love and Perfect Day are complete chill-out tracks that show off the cool side of Super8 & Tab.

Overall I was very impressed with this album, even though many of the tracks were previously released. Super8 & Tab have created a unique sound, and there is no better way to showcase that than with an album. It has certainly been a busy year for them, but I hope their success doesn’t slow them down. Congrats to Janne and Miika for their ascension to the top, as well as to the Anjuna-crew for their great release. I look forward to more wonderful productions in the future!

Super8 & Tab – Empire (Anjunabeats 2010)

01 Slow To Learn feat. Jan Burton
02 Empire feat. Jan Burton
03 Black Is The New Yellow feat. Anton Sonin
04 My Enemy feat. Julie Thompson
05 Perfect Day feat. Alyna
06 Eternal Sequence
07 Good Times feat. Betsie Larkin
08 Mercy feat. Jan Burton
09 Irufushi
10 Bliss
11 Free Love feat. Jan Burton

Check out the music video for ultra-catchy Empire:

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