Geez, it’s already been a week since the last throwback mix? Time is seriously FLYING by this year… Anyways, here’s something dark and chunky for you groove to like it’s 2001. I have talked to a lot of people who feel that J00F is one of the few real trance DJs out there who remain true to their trance roots. I’ll have to agree that the style he spins is the closest thing  to old school trance sounds, but it would be a stretch to say that he is the only DJ who plays off their roots. Even though a lot of producers and DJs have migrated away from the bass-driven, thick kick-drum elements that make up the original goa-sound of the 80’s, they still play and produce music which I consider to be trance. The evolution of musical style is constantly on the move, so it is a positive sign when artists start branching out into different sub-genres and exploring different sounds. Now, with the big picture aside, I also understand the feelings of nostalgia and the need to fill the large space which has been created by great music from the past. I get it;  sometimes today’s tunes just don’t cut it (which can be very frustrating). The same opinions emerge when I look at the current state of hip-hop today. Quality seems harder and harder to find, but it IS out there if you know where to look. This is another reason why I decided to post these throwbacks, to temporarily satisfy this musical void which today’s music cannot do. While I do value all things great from the past, I think it’s still important to remain optimistic and to keep searching for those high-caliber records.

Wistfulness aside, here is this week’s mix. It was only his second time on Radio 1’s show, but J00F really tore it down. This genre back then really did put you into a trance, as it was very light on fluff, the basslines were hypnotic, and the energy was very raw, almost tribal like. The mix starts off dark and slow, and then progresses with more and more energy. This being a J00F set, there are plenty of psy-trance songs scattered around in the second half of the mix. Make sure you check out Moments Are Forever as well as Mahadeva, a classic OG goa-track.

John “00” Fleming – Radio 1 Essential Mix (November 11, 2001)
01 Imagination – Satellite & Lee (White label)
02 Angkor – Promo (White label)
03 Ogenki Clinic – First Light (Easy Access)
04 Satoshi Tomie – Virus (Saw Recordings)
05 James Holden – Solstice (Sony)
06 Manhatten – Gut Drum (Capital Heaven)
07 Fusion ft. Matt Hardwick – Spectrum (Joof)
08 Meridian – 6.3 (Green Martian)
09 Way Out West – Intensify (Distinctive)
10 DJ Cyber-Mo Shic feat. DJ Emjay – Asian Love (Cyber Records)
11 M.I.K.E – Elements Of Life (Bonzai)
12 John 00 Fleming vs Simple Minds – Belfast Trance (Nebula)
13 Semuta – The Future (Joof)
14 Deedrah – Reload (Hardshot)
15 Alien Project – Midnight Sun (Tip Recordings)
16 DJ Richard Coal – Fag Break (VCF)
17 Astral Projection – Mahadeva (Transient)
18 Moon Project – Moments Are Forever (Bonzai)
19 BT – Flaming June (Warner)
20 Imagination – Satellite & Lee (White Label)

Download the set here.
Check out the J00F podcast here.