Hello visitor, thanks for stopping by! Welcome to my music blog, which I will use to share my journey through the EDM world with you. This site was created with the original intent of just having somewhere to post my mixes, but it has now become a platform for anything dance music related. Friends’ mixes, album reviews, live sets, event reviews, and cool pictures and videos will all be shared on here. This blog has also become sort of a history project for myself (especially in the Throwbacks section), as I thoroughly enjoy revisiting vintage music and researching old venues. I have tons of respect for all the great producers and DJs out there, so promoting their work is my way of saying thanks.

The beauty of EDM is that there are so many different genres for all the various tastes out there. My focus lies mainly on trance, but I do appreciate the creativity found in all forms of dance music. I have never strayed too far away from trance because that is what I grew up listening to, and it is constantly playing as the soundtrack to my life. If you would like to contribute content or have any recommendations, please email me at damabeats@gmail.com.

I hope you enjoy listening to my selections of music and reading my amateur scribble because this is a subject I am pretty passionate about. It is very rewarding to meet others with similar interests in music, so don’t be shy to leave a comment or join in on any conversations. The best way for me to express my love for this music is by sharing it with you, so I thank you for visiting, and I trust you will return to get your periodic dose of dance music. Cheers!