John 00 Fleming: I simply play music that I’m passionate about, and I usually stay within the deeper trance boundaries. I think the meaning of trance has got lost in translation in the past couple of years, it doesn’t all have to come from a candy shop. I hope in 2010 people will take a look back at the history and roots of trance, and move the gold posts back, creating some fresh and original music again. I want to show people that there can be a more serious side to trance, dare I say, a more darker, sinister side to trance. I hope this is what I’ve achieved with my essential mix.

I’m not sure how this one slipped by me, but it’s better  late than never right? Here is an essential mix from earlier this year, broadcasted on BBC 1 Radio. First and foremost, you gotta love his analysis of the current state of trance, and it really opens the door to discussion about which direction trance is heading. I completely agree with him, although I like to use the term cheese store instead of candy shop, haha.  This dark, driving set is truly a work of art and I highly suggest you listen through the entire thing. With over two decades of track arrangement and set planning experience under his belt, John 00 Fleming expertly presents to us a fine collection of music with one general rule of thumb: keep it deep and keep it sinister. The set has an almost linear flow to it when describing its steadily increasing energy. It begins with some really progressive tracks that set you up beautifully for the second half of the mix. I know what you are thinking… progressive psy-trance? How is that possible? Well over the past few years there has been convincing increase in the popularity of progressive psy tracks, which actually sound pretty good once you get used to the slower pace. Artists such as Vibrasphere and Shiloh have been venturing into this genre by incorporating these psy-elements into progressive house. This interplay works very well together and I hope to hear more of this in the future. That being said, the mix still has that unmistakable J00F sound with the traditional psy-aspect infused throughout the mix. The set really takes off about an hour in, especially when you reach tracks like DMT and Femtronics. We even get a taste of some of John’s recent production work alongside his partner Digital Blonde with the track Melatron. The mix then continues to evolve until it finally reaches the end with a great Wizzy Noise track as well as nice mashup by J00F himself. Make sure you download this one because it may be one of the best essential mixes of the year.

John 00 Fleming – Essential Mix (February 12, 2010)

01 Unknown Artist – Unknown Title [CDR]
02 Kay D – Elemental Nature [Mistique Recordings]
03 Kassy Vorn – Out On A Lamb (Lank Remix) [Low Battery Records]
04 Mochic – Tuba [Contrast Records]
05 Cherokee – Bioluminescense (RPO Remix) [Pure Perception Records]
06 John ’00’ Fleming – New Beginning [JOOF Recordings]
07 Samarkande – Samba [Rebeat]
08 Shiloh – Run Away [Baroque Records]
09 Jaïa – Out Of Orbit (Vibrasphere Remix) [Tribal Vision Records]
10 Abstract Visions – The Gateway [Iono Recordings]
11 Ritmo – Practical [Iono Recordings]
12 Quantize – Dymethyltryptamine [Echoes Records]
13 Paulina Crewe – Femtronics [Spiral Trax]
14 John ’00’ Fleming & Digital Blonde Presents 00.db – Melatron [JOOF Recordings]
15 E Clip – Equilibrium [Iono Recordings]
16 Onvimoon – Energy Of Life [CDR]
17 The Digital Blonde – Trina [JOOF Recordings]
18 Wizzy Noise – Sea Song [Harmonia Records]
19 Underworld, Onvimoon, Paul Oakenfold, John 00 Fleming Mash Up – Born Slippy [CDR]
20 Way Out West – Killa [Distinct’ive Records]
21 Untitled
Download the set here