Mornin’ ladies and gents, it’s a lovely Thursday morning it’s also time for this week’s throwback. Here’s a promo mix by Gareth Emery that came out when I was only 18 years old and still in high school. Back then, GTR was just making a name for himself as an up-and-coming artist. This mix was obtained from tranceaddict, where Gareth used to post as Gaz@influential. It is filled with a lot of hit songs at the time, such as Sunrise At the Palamos, Hibernation, Remember, and Eye of Horus. You can also hear some earlier work by a few young producers such as Plastic Angel, Shane 54, Aly & Fila, Paavo, and the rest of the OceanLab crew. Unfortunately Gareth doesn’t include his breakout track Mistral in this mix, but he does incorporate his remix of a superb Nova track. Packed from start to finish with 70 minutes of trance-goodness, this is one throwback mix you don’t want to overlook. At the bottom of the page are some magazine clips (taken from his website) showing Gareth’s emergence in 2002/2003.

Gareth Emery (GTR) – Promo Mix (April 2003)

01 Steve Gibbs – Tokyo
02 Hydra – Affinity (Thrillseekers Mix)
03 Three Drives on a Vinyl – Greece 2003 (Plastic Angel Mix)
04 Nova – All This Love (GTR Mix)
05 Labworks – Ibiza Sunrise (Shane 54 Mix)
06 M.I.K.E. – Sunrise At Palamos
07 AR52 – Hibernation
08 A Situation – The Situation
09 Solid Globe – North Pole
10 POS – Remember (Summer Sun)
11 Aly & Fila – Eye Of Horus (Ronski Speed Mix)
12 Oceanlab – Beautiful Together (Signum Mix)

Download here.