super 8 & dj tab
Hailing from Finland, Miika Eloranta and Janne Mansnerus form one of my favorite trance duos, Super 8 & DJ Tab. Before 2005, Miika (Super8) was part of the duo Aalto, which was comprised of him and Paavo Siljamaki (better known as the dude with the glasses from Above & Beyond). This relationship pretty much cemented the futre of Super 8 & Tab, as many of their works were released on Paavo’s Anjunabeats label. Starting with Helsinki Scorchin in 2006, Super 8 & Tab have been pumping out club bangers consistently for the past three years. I was hooked immediately when I heard the vocal effects blended with the driving melody of Helsinki Scorchin. The vocals aren’t necessarily saying anything, but they add a nice touch to the song. This formula for success can also heard in their 2007 hit Suru, which also received heavy airplay with remixes done by the great Martin Roth. Both of these songs have great melodic breakdowns, which is a staple for a Super 8 & Tab track. In the beginning of 2008, clubbers everywhere started to hear their next big track, titled Elektra. This was quite possibly my favorite track of last year, and Anjunabeats struck gold again with this release. Also in 2008, they released their single Delusion, featuring the vocals of Alyna. I don’t know if you can really call them vocals, since she only sings a total of 4 different words in the song. But, if you like moving melodies like I do, the vocals really aren’t important. In fact, the lack of vocals is probably better for the track anyway, considering how cheesy some of the vocals in trance can get. Anyway, check out the following as they are my favorite tracks produced/remixed by them. I was very, very sad that I missed their DJ set when they came to California last year, but hopefully they will return soon as I will for SURE not miss out this time.

Super 8 & Tab – Helsinki Scorchin
The track that got them started. There’s also a great Alex M.O.R.P.H. remix if you are interested.  

Micro de Govia – Voller Sterne (Super 8 Remix)
Some earlier work by Super 8… remix of the classic by Micro de Govia.

Super 8 & Tab – Suru (original mix)
This was one of the first vinlys that I bought from Anjunabeats. Great melody and breakdown.

Bart Claessen, Dave Shiemann – Madness (Super 8 & Tab Remix)
Another Anjuna release, Super 8 & Tab show off their remix skills here.

Luminary – Amsterdam (Super 8 & Tab Remix)
Wow! Hands down the GREATEST remix for one of the best vocal tracks in trance history! I’m not even fucking with you guys, you really need to check out this song.

Super 8 & Tab – Elektra (original mix)
I don’t know what to say if you haven’t heard this track, except for… SHAME ON YOU!

Super 8 & Tab – Delusion (original mix)
Nice and smooth, flowy trance!

Paul van Dyk – Nothing But You (Super 8 & Tab Remix)
Money remix on a great classic.

Ferry Corsten – Made of Love feat. Betsie Larkin (Super 8 & Tab Remix)
I believe this is the best version of Ferry’s 2009 hit.

Here’s their latest hit, Irufushi, soon to be released on Oct. 12th by (you guessed it) Anjuna. It is also featured on the upcoming (and highly anticipated) Above & Beyond’s Anjunabeats vol. 7.

Thanks guys, for putting out some great choons! I am still waiting for your debut studio album!

The official Super 8 & Tab website