Happy Friday everybody. The weekend is once again upon us which means it’s time to let loose and party. Posted especially for you old school house heads, here is the most anticipated album of the year. In a dark and dirty manner, John Digweed has mixed together something so signature that there’s no question of who the mix-master is. Tracks flow so smoothly into one another that you don’t even notice when the last song ends and the next begins, which is a sure sign of a great mix. Packaged into a three-disc product, this album also includes the Eye of the Storm DVD documentary created by Pablo Casacuberta. It contains video footage of John’s last tour of South America, and ends with a video clip of John spinning at the Bedrock/Creations party in Miami, titled John Digweed Live at the Vegabond (recorded March 2010). Here is a quote from Pablo describing what he aimed to do with the documentary:

I wanted to depict his celebrated patience, his sense of timing and his observational abilities. And the only way to do so was through sequences that were mostly poetic. So, instead of just following him around, we also placed him in strange, almost imaginary settings, in which his adaptive and curious nature could flourish… I hope that the final cut, however experimental, may allow his fans to feel that they have had a personal chat with him, and that by doing so they know him better.

The first disc is definitely more house-oriented with a little bit of techy elements found in some great tunes by all-stars Vincenzo, John Daly, Christian Verela, and Quiver. The second disc is my favorite of the two, and this one flows with that really unique Diggers-disposition. It is characterized as dark and proggy, and contains a lot of those special songs that take off in an enjoyably weird train of sound. Showcasing the best of the Bedrock crew, the second disc incorporates awesome tunes by Diggers and Nick Muir, Marco Bailey, and King Unique. Kudos to Thee-O (a So-Cal native) for making it onto this album. Although the track selection is excellent, it makes you wonder what Digweed could have done if he didn’t limit himself to exclusive Bedrock tracks only. Call me old fashioned, but I have learned to appreciate these types of  mixes which are enjoyed through the subtleties picked up as a result of multiple listens. This album, along with Markus’ Las Vegas 2010 album, are two of my favorite compilations released this year. Sure, let the kids have their electro; I’d rather be jamming to this brilliant piece of quality any day.

CD 1
1. Luis Junior – Colache (Sometimes Mix)
2. Alex Dolby & Santos – Babylon (John Daly Remix)
3. Wiretappeur – My Real Name Is
4. Mutant Clan – On and Amp (Vincenzo Remix)
5. Alex Dolby & Santos – No Walls (Maher Daniel Remix)
6. Dirty Mongrel – Cream (Wiretappeur Remix)
7. King Roc & Dimitri Nakov – Alameda Jau Dub
8. Cristian Verela – Colmedream
9. Rowdent – Put It To Bed
10. Quivver – Boom Boom
11. Cristian Verela – Perras A Tutti
12. King Unique – 2000000 Dubs
13. King Unique – 2000000 Suns (John Digweed & Nick Muir Remix)
14. Quivver – In Your Boat

CD 2
1. Nick Warren – In Search Of Silver (Structures Edit)
2. Guy J – Esperanza (Umbral Aguir Remix)
3. Marc Marzenit – Unexpiritualized (Pete Heller Remix)
4. John Digweed & Nick Muir – Meteor (Beats)
5. Ian O`Donovan – Aurora Borealis
6. Marco Bailey – Jungle Laps (John Digweed & Nick Muir Remix)
7. Marc Marzenit – Neo Galaxy
8. Saints and Sinners – Pushin’ Too Hard (Nic Fanciulli Remix)
9. John Digweed & Nick Muir – Tangent (Marco Bailey Remix)
10. Christian Smith – Flyertalk (Wehbba Remix)
11. Mutant Clan – Persuader (Psycatron Remix)
12. Cristian Verela – Etiam
13. Sian – Dreams Are Maps
14. Marco Bailey & Tom Hades – Rayavadee
15. King Unique – Feniksas
16. Luis Junior – BG (Beats)
17. Erphun & Thee O – Collusion
18. Guy J – Esperanza (Sistema Remix)
19. John Digweed & Nick Muir – Satellite (EFX)

Digweed’s set from the Bedrock WMC party on March 27, 2010 at The Vagabond, Miami:

Here is a preview video of the DVD documentary that comes with the album:

Go grab your copy today!