Today it is hard for producers to find a style of music that they can create consistently and be successful with it. Gareth Emery is one of those producers that has found his style, perfected it, and achieved global recognition due to it. What is the Gareth Emery style? I like to describe it as a warm, smooth flowing synth that glides over a well-produced beat. He also uses the stuttering effect expertly in many of the vocal tracks he touches. You can hear this sound in every single one of his productions, and his work is some of those most consistent across the board. Now, some might say that this shows a lack of creativity, but I believe Gareth has found a way to expand on the technical improvement of his music while still maintaining the originality of his style.

Raised in Southampton, England, Gareth was exposed to music at an early age. He began producing at the age of 22 and his career took off from there. Around 2003-2004, he co-founded and started the Five AM record label which pumped out a lot of great tracks. He was one of the first DJs to have his own podcast radio show, titled The Gareth Emery Podcast. This show is currently on its 90th episode and you can listen to it here. Early this year he quit the now-expired Five AM record label and started his own company, called Garuda, which also runs the Manchester club Sankeys that constantly features big headliners such as Ferry Corsten and Armin van Buuren.

2009 sees the largest volume of Gareth Emery productions and remixes. He has been labeled as one of the hottest producers and DJs as his work remains dependable and does not fail to deliver. Does consistency equal boring music? I think Gareth has easily shown otherwise in his ever-growing repertoire of solid productions. See for yourself in the following tracks.

GTR – Mistral
One of his earliest pieces of work released in 2002. You can already hear his style start to develop early in his career.

Lange vs Gareth Emery – Another You, Another Me
Here is a great collabration with producer Lange, released in 2006.

Gareth Emery – More Than Anything (Gareth’s Five AM Remix)
I think this is the breakout track that really put him on the map in 2007. There are 6 versions of this song, and I believe this remix and the Stoneface & Terminal remix are the best ones.

Albert Vorne – Formentera What? (Gareth Emery Remix)
This is one of my favorite Emery tracks. Made in 2007, I remember this track was all over radio shows everywhere and everyone was spinning it live. You can seriously get lost in this one.

Martin Roth & Alex Bartlett- Off the World (Gareth Emery Remix)
A great remix for another great producer, Martin Roth. It contains male vocals which I normally despise, but this track is actually pretty good.

Gareth Emery – Exposure
One of the first release from his new Garuda label. It was featured on a lot of radio shows, so I’d be surprised if you didn’t hear this one. 

OceanLab – Lonely Girl (Gareth Emery Remix)
Solid remix of a great vocal track.

Gaia – Tuvan (Gareth Emery Remix)
Yet another remix released this year, covering Armin’s latest single. This beat has a really nice attack, and it’s sharp and steady.

Jonas Stenberg, Terry Ferminal – A Thousand Miles (Gareth Emery Remix)
Here’s a remix of another vocal track. Gotta love the beat-drop in this one.

Bartlett Bros – Let It Flow feat. Marcia Juell (Gareth Emery Remix)
Great example of a Gareth Emery track. Definitely has that FiveAM/Garuda sound.

Here is a video of one of his latest remixes. The original is great, this remix is even better!

Check out his official website here.