Here is the latest compilation from British trance super-group Above & Beyond. I haven’t listened through it yet (waiting for my signed copy before I take a listen), so here is a nice little review by Twan van Loon:

In the world of Above & Beyond there’s only ever one way — up. In the last few years alone, the UK based production/DJ trio have debuted their full live show in front of 8,000 fans in Beirut, played to 1 million people on a beach in Rio de Janiero and even been chosen to soundtrack the unveiling of Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo. Not once, however, have they or their Anjunabeats label rested on their laurels.

Across a span of over 170 releases, Above & Beyond’s Anjunabeats imprint has grown from humble beginnings to become a global standard-bearer for trance and melodic electronic music. Now, more than ever, it is is synonymous with a quality control that is all too lacking in today’s quick-fix digital age.

The two-disc Anjunabeats Volume 8 compilation is exactly how trance in 2010 should be. A journey showcasing the full spectrum of Above & Beyond’s sound, the compilation takes in electro-influenced grooves, deeper trance and hypnotic progressive textures alongside their trademark euphoric anthems.

Above & Beyond themselves offer a taste of their long awaited second artist album through the instant, emotional highlight ‘A Thing Called Love’, while their debut collaboration with respected German duo Kyau & Albert (‘Anphonic’) provides a driving, upbeat club monster that will be sending message boards, clubs and stadia crazy for months to come.

With over 20 separate artists featured, Anjunabeats Volume 8 is also a testament to the vital transatlantic family that the label now represents. Ascendant talents like Arty, Aruna and 7 Skies inspire fresh excitement. Andrew Bayer’s trio of deep, genre-blurring productions mark him out as one of the most exciting names to come through the ranks since Mat Zo, who himself features through his remix of ‘Live Forever’ by Lange feat. Emma Hewitt.

There’s welcome room, of course, for long-standing Anjuna favourites like Oliver Smith, Nitrous Oxide and Super8 & Tab who make a double appearance ahead of their debut artist album and unleash their most accomplished creations yet. In the beautifully crafted ‘Piece Of Me’, Daniel Kandi has another timeless classic in the making and Dutchman Bart Claessen offers the magically climbing ’90 Nights Of Summer’. Volume 8 also heralds the first Anjuna release by Duderstadt with ‘Stranded in NYC’ plus new Anjuna signings Parker & Hanson, Thomas Datt and Who.Is, a collaborative project from Bart Claessen and Raz Nitzan.

Put simply, the mix is a snapshot of the future. The future of Above & Beyond, the future of the Anjunabeats family and the future of trance.

*edit- Ok, just received my copy today and went through it right now… and I gotta say, I like what I heard first listen. Think of this album as a really complete episode of TATW without any of the fillers. This is really an album that is to be enjoyed turned up loud at home or in the car; it’s not really built as a clubbing CD or anything like that. But this is a good thing, because usually clubbing music thrives more on intensity and doesn’t contain a lot of the more complex songs that take longer to develop. Actually, I think a lot of Anjuna stuff is produced with a little bit more depth, which sometimes makes it ‘boring’ to hear live. Above & Beyond’s sets usually don’t seem as hard as some other trance sets, and I’ve heard a lot of people say their sets from big events put them to sleep. I’d love to disagree with that, but I can’t completely (only through comparison). Either way, I think the stuff they play has a pretty unique sound and it always has my attention. Check it out for yourself, I’m gonna replay it from the beginning but this time with a nice set of cans =)

Above & Beyond – Anjunabeats vol. 8
Disc 1

01 Parker & Hanson – Alquimia
02 Duderstadt – Stranded In NYC
03 Aruna & Mark Eteson – Let Go
04 Oliver Smith – Chordplay
05 Boom Jinx & Andrew Bayer – Keyboard Cowboys
06 Above & Beyond vs. Kyau & Albert – Anphonic
07 Arty – Rush
08 Maor Levi feat. Ashley Tomberlin – Chasing Love
09 Super8 & Tab feat. Anton Sonin – Black Is The New Yellow
10.Andrew Bayer – From The Earth (Breakfast Remix)
11 Bart Claessen – 90 Nights Of Summer
12 Above & Beyond & Gareth Emery pres. OceanLab – On A Good Day (Metropolis)
13 Thomas Datt pres. Asedo – Seven Years
14 Daniel Kandi – Piece Of Me

Disc 2
01 Andrew Bayer – A Farewell (Intro Edit)
02 Andrew Bayer – The Taxi Driver
03 Arty – The Wonder
04 7 Skies – Sushi
05 Lange feat. Emma Hewitt – Live Forever (Mat Zo Dub)
06 Who.Is. – We.Are.
07 Above & Beyond feat. Richard Bedford – Thing Called Love (Club Mix)
08 David West feat. Andreas Hermansson – Larry Mountains 54 (Juventa Remix)
09 Adam Nickey – Altara
10 Daniel Kandi – Forgive Me
11 Super8 & Tab feat. Jan Burton – Mercy (Extended Mix)
12 AltF4 – AltF4 (Dan Stone Remix)
13 Nitrous Oxide – Dreamcatcher (Club Mix)
14 OceanLab vs. Passive Progressive – Sky Falls Away

Here is the promo video for the two-disc album:

As you can tell, A&B have a cool little space theme going on with the artwork (signed booklet in the middle):

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