London based DJ/producer/remixer Simon Patterson has blown up in the last few years with an amazing sound which I like to describe as uniquely hard-hitting with a sense of purpose. With an extraordinary 7 number 1’s on Beatport, Simon’s work has definitely brought some life back into the trance genre. Before his solo career took off, he paired up with Richie Kayvan and they formed the group, Dogzilla. Together they released 4 major tracks, including the self titled Dogzilla, Without You, Your Eyes, and Frozen. They also had a handful of remixes which were not bad, but definitely not as good as their own original productions. 2006 saw the release of Simon’s first solo single, titled F16/The Navigator. F16 was fresh and hard, as it almost verged into the realm of psytrance with its fast, hypnotic bassline. However, it wasn’t until the release of Bulldozer in 2007 that surely put Simon on the map. I remember hearing Armin throw this down at Monster Massive in 2007 and the entire arena went nuts. Coupled with the release of Bulldozer was also the single We’ll See, which showed the more progressive side of Mr. Patterson. In the following years, Simon released more hard hitters such as Thump, Smack, and his remix of Fallen Tides. He also released a lot of softer, yet very nice progressive tracks such as Different Feeling, Whatever it Takes, and Us. Signed exclusively to Spinnin Records, Simon’s latest hit is titled Always and is available for purchase. As a DJ, Simon spins mostly trance, but I have also heard some sets where he throws in some techno, which is a pretty sweet change of pace and style. He has also worked closely with Sean Tyas in the studio and on the decks, and they have released the tracks Something’s Up and For the Most Part together. Their styles are similar enough where they get a good balance of progressive breakdowns and hard hitting beats. Simon Patterson is one of those producers that makes me wait anxiously for their next release, and that next big track cannot come any sooner.

Dogzilla – Without You (Original Mix)
Very nice vocal track with male vocals and use of electric guitar. PvD proclaimed track of the year.

Dogzilla – Without You (Dogzilla Dub)
Nice instrumental of the same track.

Dogzilla – Frozen (Original Mix)
Another early release, male-vocal track.

Dogzilla – Your Eyes (Original Mix)
You can definitely hear the ‘Patterson style’ in this 2004 track.

Simon Patterson – Bulldozer (Original Mix)
The beat-drop of this song is amazing. No joke! One of the most original tracks I have heard in my life. This bassline is not to be fucked with.

Simon Patterson – We’ll See (Original Mix)
Another one of my favorite Patterson tracks.

Mark Pledger vs Matt Hardwick – Falling Tides feat. Melinda Gareh (Simon Patterson Dub Mix)
One of the few remixes that Simon has done, but done very well nonetheless.

Simon Patterson – Different Feeling (Original Mix)
A sweet change-up from the usual style. This definitely does have a different feel to the track, and it is very chill indeed.

Simon Patterson – Smack (Original Mix)
Back to the hard hitting style, similar to Bulldozer. Again, another bassline that cannot be touched.

Simon Patterson – Whatever It Takes (Original Mix)
I love how he releases a more progressive track alongside a harder track. Released at the same time as Smack, this track is the perfect counterbalance to it.

Simon Patterson & Sean Tyas – Something’s Up
This is their first collaboration together, and I think it is better than their 2009 release of For the Most Part. If you listen closely, you can tell which parts each producer contributed to the song. Truly a two-headed monster with a beautiful breakdown and savage bassline. Trance definitely needs more collaborations like this one.

Simon Patterson – Us (Original Mix)
A great progressive track by Simon. He has a great feel of how to build up to the beatdrop. There’s also a Paul Miller remix which is pretty good too.

Sam Sharp – Roundabout (Simon Patterson Remix)
Nice remix of Sander van Doorn’s track released in Feb. of this year.

Check out his latest single here:

Simon’s website