I guess it’s just one of those Essential Mix kinda days for me, so here is another for this week’s throwback. When it comes down to it, good music is good music regardless of the genre. However, when I listen through this mix, my appreciation for house music grows as I am reminded that electro is not the only sound around. This is the style that got me into house in the first place,  so I get a little nostalgic when I hear music like this. Here is a set from the other side of the millennium, with the great John Digweed on the decks. I can’t believe that Xpander was made over 10 years ago, it’s definitely one of those songs that still gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. Anyway, this is a live set recorded from Twilo night club in New York City in 1999. From 1996 to 2001, Sasha and John Digweed played at this nightclub on the last Friday of every month, where they single-handedly held down the dance music scene in the US. John has been quoted saying that Twilo was his favorite club to play at, so his sets there must have been no less than legendary. You be the judge, check out his set below…

John Digweed – Essential Mix – Live at Twilo, NYC (May 16, 1999)

01 Raff N Freddy – Listen
02 Tiny Trendies – The Sky Is Not Crying
03 BPT feat. DM Binxter – Moody
04 C12 Featuring Jole – Judy
05 Los Diablos Locos – Locomotion
06 Science Department – Reprecussion
07 Morel – True (Deep Dish Dub)
08 Morel – True (Deep Dish Vocal)
09 Jondi & Spesh – We Are Connected
10 ABA Structure – Illusion
11 Sasha – Xpander
12 Escape – Cascade Pt 2
13 Escape – Cascade Pt 2
14 Medway – The Bassline Track
15 Mark Bell – Revolution (Evolution Mix)
16 Voyager – Panic
17 Farley & Heller – The Rising Sun (Bedrock Remix)

Download the mix here