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New Videos

Here are some recent YouTube videos that you might enjoy. All of them show some pretty nice club footage, so it should get you pumped up for the weekend.

Sander van Doorn – Live at Amnesia

Markus Schulz – Rain (official music video)

Kaskade – Live at the Warfield

Super8 & Tab – Empire Launch Party in Helsinki, Finland

Marco V – Ego Clash (played at TAO Gallery)

Kaskade – dance.love

Here is Kaskade’s latest mix compilation released on Ultra Records. A lot of my friends saw him last weekend in San Francisco, and I have no doubts that he played a lot of these songs at that show. In fact, he will probably play a lot of them in Los Angeles this weekend at the Palladium as well. One thing that Kaskade does really well is bring out the ladies to his shows. I don’t know of many other DJ’s who have such a solid female following besides for Kaskade. My explanation for this Kaskade phenomenon is his heavy use of vocals, which I’m guessing females tend to enjoy more. There’s been a lot of great reviews from last weekend, so you should definitely try to catch him on his current Dynasty tour. For those of you who can’t, here is a half-suitable replacement that you can jam along to instead.

Kaskade – dance.love
01 Kaskade & Adam K – Raining (dance.love edit)
02 Late Night Alumni – Finally Found (Max Vangeli Mix)
03 Kings of Tomorrow – Finally (Kaskade dance.love Mix)
04 Sgt Slick – Everyday (Digital LAB Dub)
05 Kaskade ft. Dragonette – Fire In Your New Shoes (Sultan & Ned Shepard Electric Daisy Remix)
07 Kaskade ft. Haley – Dynasty (Dada Life Remix)
08 Kaskade ft. Finn – I Can See (Kaskade dance.love Mix)
09 David Tort & Norman Doray – Chase The Sun
10 Kaskade ft. Mindy Gledhill – Call Out (Digital LAB Mix)
11 Samantha James – Waves of Change (Kaskade Mix)
12 Adrian Lux – Teenage Crime (Axwell & Henrik B Remode)
13 Kaskade & EDX ft. Haley – Don’t Stop Dancing (Justin Michael & Kernal Mix)
14 Alex Gaudino – I’m In Love
Check out his new music video for Fire in Your New Shoes featuring Dragonette:

Check out his fansite for more tour information
Kaskade – Dynasty Review