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The last 2011 party at The Gallery was a big one, as it featured several big names in its lineup. The main room at the Ministry of Sound Christmas party was stacked as it hosted Cosmic Gate, Markus Schulz, Rank 1, Jochen Miller, and Andy Moor. Nic and Bossi are currently on their Wake Your Mind tour, so their set was appropriately filled with songs from the new album. Pretty predictable, but very consistent. Andy Moor’s set was decent, with the track 3 ID and the 2011 rework of Air for Life as the highlights. My favorite set of the night is Markus’ because of the impressive tracklist. The mashups and IDs that he played really stand out as crowd pleasing moments. Closing out the night was a special back to back set featuring Rank 1 and Jochen Miller. Their song selection is great, however the mixing is a bit spotty. Solid planning, average execution. Nevertheless, it’s still pretty amazing to experience these back 2 back sets because you get double the creativity when the styles are compatible. Check out the music from the 2011 closing party from The Gallery at the Ministry of Sound in London below. Download links can be found at the bottom of the post.

Markus Schulz
01 Markus Schulz – Digital Madness (Transmission 2011 Theme)
02 Markus Schulz presents Dakota – Cape Town (Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano Remix)
03 Markus Schulz presents Dakota – Saints (Beat Service Remix)
04 Khomha – Mind Gamer
05 Johnny Yono – Fairfax
06 ReLocate vs Robert Nickson – Resource
07 Sander van Doorn – Slap My Pitch Up
08 Ken plus Ichro vs. Aly & Fila & Jwaydan – We Control the Progression (Markus Schulz Mashup)
09 Radion 6 – B U tiful
10 Moorea Blur – Close Your Eyes
11 Max Freegrant – Olya (KhoMha Remix)
12 Armin van Buuren – Blue Fear (Orjan Nilsen 2012 Remix)
13 PPK – Resurrection (Setrise Remix)
14 Beat Service – Outsider
15 ID (Track 11 from Transmission Czech Republic 2011 )
16 Markus Schulz pres. Dakota vs. Marcel Woods – Advanced Sleepwalkers (Armin van Buuren Mashup)
17 ID (Track 10 from GDJB World Tour Washington DC Nov 2011 Set)
18 Markus Schulz & Jochen Miller – Rotunda

Cosmic Gate

01 Cosmic Gate feat. Arnej – Sometimes They Come Back For More (Intro Mix)
02 Cosmic Gate feat. Jes – Flying Blind
03 Mat Zo – Bipolar
04 Cosmic Gate feat. Emma Hewitt – Be Your Sound
05 Cosmic Gate – The Theme
06 Cosmic Gate – Wake Your Mind
07 Mike Koglin & Genix – Dyno
08 Alex Kunnari feat. Ben Andreas – Taste The Sun (Tom Fall Remix)
09 Cosmic Gate feat. J’something – Over The Rainbow
10 Kyau & Albert – Are You Fine? (Arty Remix)
11 Sander Van Doorn & Adrian Lux – Eagles
12 Delerium feat. Sarah Mclachlan – Silence (W&W vs. Jonas Stenberg Remix)
13 Above & Beyond – Formula Rossa
14 Cosmic Gate – Fire Wire (Cosmic Gate Back 2 The Future Remix)
15 Cosmic Gate feat. Emma Hewitt – Calm Down

Andy Moor

01 Mat Zo & Arty – Mozart
02 Mike vs. Genix – Dyno
03 ID
04 Paul van Dyk feat. Sue McLaren – We Come Together (Arty Remix)
05 Andy Moor feat Carrie Skipper – She Moves vs Rafaël Frost – Smash
06 Above & Beyond feat. Richard Bedford – Sun & Moon (Marcus Schossow Remix)
07 Gareth Emery – Tokyo (Ben Gold Remix)
08 Andy Moor feat. Sue McLaren – Fight The Fire
09 Cathy Burton – Reach Out To Me (Chris Schweizer Remix)
10 Lange vs Gareth Emery – Another You Another Me (Rafaël Frost Remix)
11 Super8 & Tab Feat Anton Sonin – Black Is The New Yellow (Protoculture Remix)
12 Temple One feat. Neev Kennedy – Love The Fear (Tom Fall Remix)
13 Above & Beyond vs. Andy Moor – Air For Life (Andy Moor’s 2011 Remodel)

Rank 1 b2b Jochen Miller

01 Super8 & Tab feat. Julie Thompson – My Enemy (Rank 1 Remix)
02 Jochen Miller – Bamm
03 Rank 1 – Airwave (Arnej Rework)
04 Jochen Miller – Brace Yourself
05 Rank 1 – L.E.D. There Be Light
06 Jochen Miller vs. Dirty Money feat. Skylar Grey – Humanoid vs. Coming Home (Acapella)
07 Rank 1 and Jochen Miller – And Then
08 Jochen Miller – Troucid
09 Cosmic Gate – Analog Feel (Rank-1′s Digital Re-Harsh)
10 John O’Callaghan vs Rank 1 & Jochen Miller – Find Yourself vs The Great Escape (Simon Lee & Alvin Edit)
11 Jochen Miller – Red One
12 Rank 1 – Airwave
13 Jochen Miller – Face Value
14 Armin Van Buuren & Rank 1 ft. Kush – This World Is Watching Me (Cosmic Gate Remix)
15 Markus Schulz feat. Khaz – Dark Heart Waiting (Jochen Miller Remix)
16 Rank 1 – Top Gear
17 Jochen Miller – Lost Connection
18 Dutch Force – Deadline
19 Cygnus X – Superstring (Rank 1 Remix)
20 Jochen Miller – U & Eye
21 Rank 1 – Awakening

Download Markus’ set here
Download Cosmic Gate’s set here
Download Andy Moor’s set here
Download Rank 1 vs Jochen Miller’s set here

Super8 & Tab – Empire Remixed

My two favorite producers from Finland are back with a remixed version of their debut artist album. This time around they received the help of 13 other artists, many of whom are affiliated with the Anjunabeats label. All of the songs from the Empire album have been reworked, and the results are pretty decent. My favorite track is the Protoculture remix of Black is the New Yellow. The original version is dope, but Nate Raubenheimer has added a wicked bassline to his interpretation of the song. The Maor Levi remix of Slow to Learn is also pretty good, as well as the 4 Strings remix of Bliss. A few of these remixes were already previously released, such as Rank 1’s remix of My Enemy, the Mike Shiver remix of Empire, and the 7 Skies remix of Mercy, so there wasn’t an overabundance of new material on this CD. I do appreciate the MRSA (aka Mat Zo) drum and bass version of Perfect Day, as it adds an interesting touch to the album. Overall this is a well done remix album with good variety of sound. If you loved the original Empire, you will probably like this one. The iTunes version of this release includes a bonus DJ mix of all of these songs, but I did not purchase that so the songs are uploaded individually below. Also check out the original album linked at the bottom of the post.

Slow To Learn feat. Jan Burton (Maor Levi Club Mix)

Black Is The New Yellow feat. Anton Sonin (Protoculture Remix)

Perfect Day feat. Alyna (Gareth Emery Remix)

Free Love feat. Jan Burton (Sunny Lax Remix)

Good Times feat. Betsie Larkin (Lange Remix)

Eternal Sequence (Jaytech Remix)

My Enemy feat. Julie Thompson (Rank 1 Remix)

Empire feat. Jan Burton (Kyau & Albert Remix)

Mercy feat. Jan Burton (7 Skies Remix)

Bliss (4 Strings Remix)

Perfect Day feat. Alyna (MRSA Remix)

Irufushi (Adam Nickey Remix)

Mercy (Alex Kunnari Remix)

Empire (Mike Shiver’s Garden State Mix)

Super8 & Tab – Empire (album)

Since I am already in Ferry Corsten mode, here is a album mixed by him in 1999 for this week’s throwback. The Innercity party of 1999 was actually a tour which started in Amsterdam at the RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre. This venue is made up of a large series of halls and conference rooms, so thousands of music fans were in attendance for the first leg of the tour. This mix is such a great contrast compared to the music found in my previous post of Ferry’s current material. There’s plenty of old school work from Ferry, Tiesto, Benno, and Oliver Lieb to go around in this CD, and it paints a pretty nice picture of the trance scene at the turn of the century. The first half of the mix has all your usual suspects, including tracks by Rank 1, Vimana, Chakra, Kamaya Painters, and Gouryella. There were more unfamiliar, nevertheless good songs for me in the second half, such as The Digital Blonde’s Electra and Ferry’s remix of I”m In Love. A lot of these producers are still in the business presently, but I wonder what guys like Oliver Lieb and Transa are doing nowadays. This style of trance seems so old and primitive now, yet I can barely get sick of it. I still find myself discovering new sounds and beats even within these old songs, which only bolsters my fascination with the limitless possibilities of electronic music.

Ferry Corsten – Live at Innercity 1999 (Amsterdam RAI)
01 Rank 1 – Airwave
02 Vimana – We Came
03 Luis Paris – Incantation
04 Gouryella – Walhalla
05 Der Dritte Raum – Hale Bop (Nick Warren & Starecase’s Jackdaw Mix)
06 DJ Jan – X-Santo (Transa Remix)
07 Kamaya Painters – Cryptomnesia
08 Chakra – Love Shines Through
09 The Digital Blonde – Electra
10 Starparty – I’m In Love (Ferry Corsten and Robert Smit Remix)
11 Force Majeure – Redemption (The Thrillseekers Redeemed Remix)
12 The Rapid Eye – Alderaan
13 Jon Vesta – Gull
14 Soundcheck – Mindrive
15 L.S.G.- I’m Not Exiting
16 Solar Stone – Seven Cities (Solar Stone’s Atlantis Mix)

Here are some videos from the event:

Check out the commercial for this album:

Cosmic Gate Back 2 The Future

This week the renowned trance duo of Cosmic Gate released this special commemorative double-disc album on Black Hole Recordings. This exciting release features 21 remixes of their old classics from 1993-2003. It’s pretty much a tribute to the first generation of Cosmic Gate sound with a contemporary twist on it. Let’s hear what the boys from Germany have to say about this album…

Bossi states, ‘Back 2 The Future is an album born largely out of necessity for us. Wherever we DJ, we’re always inundated with requests to play tracks from the first two Cosmic Gate albums. As time goes by, sounds change and have been re-arranged, and it’s become progressively tougher to program these classic tracks into our live sets. We still love them…but in their current form, they no longer sit right. We decided to remedy the situation.’ Nic Chagall continues, ‘We thought we’d start by testing the waters with a couple of tracks that we’d reworked to play out, and the responses we got were really something. That pushed us towards doing a full album. Bossi and I are inspired by so many different types of electronic dance music, so while we wanted plenty of trance remixes on there, we also felt it would be good to spread the remixes wide and bring other genres of EDM into play.’

Well played guys… it must be nice knowing that all of your previous work has been appreciated, and there is no better way to show appreciation in the EDM world than with a killer remix. Check out some of my favorites from this album below…

Exploration of Space (Back 2 the Future Remix)
I think I was expecting a little bit too much from this remix because I was somewhat disappointed after a listen through. The original version that came out in 2001 is one of my favorite trance songs of all time, and my homie Chris can attest to this because this song (and Major League’s Wonder) used to be the jam whenever we hot-boxed my car back in the day. With this kind of affair it’s always going to be hard to top it, so unfortunately this remix was going to be a let-down no matter what. However, it’s still a great modern portrayal and one of the better songs in this album.

Fire Wire (Back 2 the Future Remix)
When this song first came out, it helped define the hard trance scene emanating from Germany. This remix did not fall far from the tree, as it still hits harder than ever.

Fire Wire (Rank 1 Remix)
This new remix doesn’t hold a candle to the Scot Project version, but its funky rendition still deserves to be heard.
Back to Earth (Jochen Miller Remix)
You have probably heard the Arty remix of this song already, but I dig this one a little bit more. This remix has that typical Jochen Miller imprint which has really developed these past few years.
Human Beings (Estiva Remix)
Here is a nice groovy remix which sounds pretty tame compared to the original. Estiva adds his signature warm sound to it which I like better than the other two Arnej remixes found on this album.

The Truth (Cold Blue Remix)
Not a bad attempt by Cold Blue. I’m used to his softer, melodic style which in this case tones down the original a bit.

The Drums (Markus Schulz Remix)
Markus has been playing this one in his radio show for a few weeks now, and I’m glad to finally get my hands on it. This remix sounds similar to the original with the pounding bassline and is a nice tribute to the very first Cosmic Gate single.

The Drums (Robbie Rivera Juicy Mofo Remix)
Here’s a nice little house interpretation by Robbie Rivera. It doesn’t have that hard-hitting sound as the original does, but it’s surely better suited for the clubs.
Melt to the Ocean (John O’Callaghan’s Main Room Remix)
This remix is savage, and is definitely one of my favorites in this album. It’s hard to go wrong with a killer bassline and nice reworked melody. The original came out as the B-side to Exploration of Space, and John O’Callaghan does an excellent job on the remix.

Raging feat. Jan Johnston (Alexander Popov Vocal Remix)
Here is the big surprise of the album. I was very impressed by this remix as it totally blows the original out of the water. This album also contains the dub version if the vocals are too much for you, but I like this one just fine.

The year 2001 was the second program of the massive ID&T party, Sensation. Lasting from 10pm until 7 in the morning, this party featured the DJs Roog, Jean, Rank1, Marco V, and Michel de Hey. The theme of the event was Rank 1’s Such Is Life, and a couple of versions of this song were played throughout the night. The following recording is mixed by Marco V, who spun the hardest set of the night. Marco doesn’t really play like this anymore, as his style has shifted towards a slower and bouncier beat. Back then, he used to play some serious bangers, as you can hear in this set. The more you listen to older stuff like this, the more you realize that modern trance has gotten soft. Ok, maybe not all new trance is soft, but there is definitely easier access to the cheese shop. Oh well, I guess in the long run it’s better to have more variety anyway, so hopefully everybody wins. Underneath the music I have also included two official party videos, which includes clips from that night. Notice that everyone is still spinning vinyl at this point, there are no laptops, controllers, etc.

Marco V – Sensation White, Amsterdam Arena (July 7, 2001)
01 Intro
02 Marco V – GODD
03 Pee Wee Ferris – Spaghettification
04 Kamaya Painters – Wasteland (Chab Tribute 2 Bedrock Mix)
05 Marco V – Simulated
06 Pete Heller pres. Stylus Trouble – Sputnik (Mainframe Mix)
07 Chris Cowie – Roamer & DJ Tiesto – Flight 643
08 Saccoman – The Recall (Picotto Answer Mix)
09 Faithless – We Come 1 (Hiver & Hammer Mix)
10 Members Of Mayday – 10 In 01
11 Underworld – Born Slippy (CJ Stone Remix)
12 System F – Dance Valley Theme 2001
13 Saccoman – The Recall (Call Up Mix)
14 Marco V – Indicator
15 Out Of Grace – Obscura
16 Cequenza – Sonic Blue (Cequenza Mix)
17 Tilt – Childeren (Courtyard Remix)
18 Rank 1 – Such Is Life (Deep Dub Mix)
19 DJ Tomcraft – Prosac (Tony H Yeah Remix)
20 Joy Kitikonti – Joy Energizer (Physical 1 Mix)
21 Sandro Vibot – Everyday (Someday Mix)
22 Strobe – Human Animal
23 Stateform – Rio (Marcel Woods Remix)
24 Blaze ft. Palmer Brown – My Beat (Ambassador Remix)

Download the set here

For this week’s throwback I have uploaded a live set mixed by Ferry Corsten from back in 2000.I’m not sure what Incasa is, but my guess is that it’s a club in Leiden, Netherlands. This set is filled with lots of goodies from some very well known names, as well as some from lesser known producers. Armin found his way into the mix via his Gaia track as well as his work alongside Tiesto in the Alibi song. Of course there are a handful of Ferry songs as well, including three tracks from his System F album released that year. 2000 was the year that Superstring and Tiesto’s remix of Silence came out, and both of these songs were heard pretty much everywhere, including this mix. This was also the year that saw debut tracks from artists Silverblue, Golddenscan, and Ron van Gelderen, and all of them are featured in the set. I really enjoy the Signum track, as Ron Hagen and Pascal M. have always put out quality work. Ferry closes out the set beautifully with Tenshi, which was another anthem from the beginning of the decade. For me, it’s always nice to hear these classic tracks because they left such big footprints in trance history, and of course it helps when they are nicely mixed together by one of the greats. Take a listen for yourself…

Ferry Corsten Live @ Incasa, Leiden (September 15, 2000)
01 Mauro Picotto – Proximus (Medley with Amedius)
02 Silvio Ecomo – Standing (Remix)
03 Norlander – The Prayer (Fatwa Mix)
04 System F – Needlejuice
05 Silverblue – Do You Know (Silverblue Remix)
06 Gaia – 4 Elements
07 ID
08 Trisco – Musak (Wonderland Avenue Remix)
09 Timo Maas – Ubik (The Dance)
10 Norlander – The Prayer (Fatwa Mix)
11 System F – Needlejuice
12 Silverblue – Do You Know (Silverblue Remix)
13 Gaia – 4 Elements
14 Goldenscan – Sunrise
15 Qua Vadis – Sonic Boom
16 Kristine Blond – Love Shy (Electrique Boutique Vocal Mix)
17 Delerium – Silence (Tiesto Remix)
18 Alibi – Eternity
19 Agnelli & Nelson – Hudson Street (Dark Now Mix)
20 Absolom – Stars (Headz On Trance Remix)
21 System F – Solstice
22 Cygnus X – Superstring (Rank 1 Remix)
23 The Act – Something About You (DJ Garry Remix)
24 Van Gelderen – Konga
25 Signum – Solar Level
26 Gouryella – Tenshi

Thanks to Orangeman for the upload!
Download the set here

I’ve been posting a lot of throwback sets lately, so here is an album for this week’s edition. Released in October of 1998, this was only the 4th CD to come out of Tiesto’s Black Hole Recordings. As with the rest of the Magik compilations, this one is also mixed and recorded live, so we get a real good taste of Tiesto’s technical skills during this period of time. There are plenty of great tracks in this mix, including I Know, Madagascar, Resurrection, Paloma, and Awakening. Tiesto shows off his production work in the opener Theme From Norefjell, as well as through his joint venture with Ferry Corsten in the epic-trance classic, Gouryella. Additionally, you can hear more of his work under his alias Allure in the track Cruising, and also in the track by the Hammock Brothers (Tiesto and Cor Fijneman). Benno de Goeij (Rank 1) also finds his way onto the album through one of his aliases, Hidden Sound System. Plus, who can forget the self titled Ayla, produced by Ingo Kunzi. As I stated before in my Magik 1 post, the original album-cover was found to have been used illegaly (stolen from Patrick Woodroffe), so the album was re-released in 2000 with a new cover (seen below).

One reason that I love sharing these old school albums is so you can hear what these producers were doing towards the beginning of their careers. If you compare these tracks to what they are making now, I bet you wouldn’t find many similarities. I believe the development of artistic creativity is very important when examining an artist’s career, so it is essential to understand where they came from before you can determine their value today. For Tiesto, while the Magik series isn’t as groundbreaking as his Forbidden Paradise or Lost Treasures mixes, he nevertheless created something wonderful that not many other people could do, thereby cementing his position as a pioneer in the trance community. Check out the very well-mixed third edition of the ground-breaking Magik series…

Magik vol 3: mixed by DJ Tiesto
01 Tiesto – Theme From Norefjell (Magikal Remake)
02 Maracca – Invocation (Original Mix)
03 Dove Beat – Paloma (Ocean Remix)
04 Chicane – Lost You Somewhere (Heliotropic Mix)
05 Alex Whitcombe & Big C – Ice Rain (Solid Sleep’s Cyper Rain Mix)
06 Ayla – Ayla (Original DJ Taucher Mix)
07 Hidden Sound System – I Know (Original Mix)
08 Hammock Brothers – Sea (Original Mix)
09 Dominion – Lost Without You (Zanzibar’s Main Room Mix)
10 Allure – Cruising (Original Mix)
11 Art of Trance – Madagascar (Cygnus X Remix)
12 Tekara – Breathe in You (Tekara’s M&M Dub)
13 Classified Project – Resurrection (Original)
14 Scoop – Wings of Love (Original Club Mix)
15 Gouryella – Gouryella (Magik Version)
16 P.O.B. – Awakening (Quietman Remix)

For the past 6 years in Poland, there has been one EDM event which has stood out above all others. Entrance is the premier trance event in this country, and this year the official compilation is released on High Contrast Recordings. You may have heard the theme song for this event already, titled The Great Escape, which is a great collaboration between Rank 1 and Jochen Miller. Along with this instant anthem are many unreleased and new tracks, as well as a pair of sweet mashups. High Contrast has always been one of my favorite labels, and everything they release is top-notch. Speaking of which, High Contrast has a new series called ‘High Contrast Presents…’ which showcases the work of their producers/DJs. The first chapter was mixed by Marcel Woods, the second by JOOP, and the third by Rank 1. Once I get my hands on those, I will share them with you all. But for now, make sure you check out these two mixes as they are properly done.

Disc 1 – mixed by Rank 1
1 Nick Goldin & Mike Dubb – Somethings
2 Cramp – Lifestream
3 Alex Kunnari & Heikki L – Rising
4 Running Man – Fading Memories
5 Beat Service feat. Emma Lock – Hiding To Nothing
6 Cor Fijneman – Dica Le Batz (The House Moguls Remix)
7 Chris Cortez – Asha
8 CiroVisone – Romance (Eric Shaw Remix)
9 Artento Divini – Who Next
10 DJ Preach feat.Matthew Ryan – Spark ( Robert Burian Trance Mix)
11 Estiva – Privilege
12 Mat Zo – 24 Hours (Additional Remix by Rank 1)
13 Mark Sinclair – Pictures of You (Terry Ferminal Remix)
14 Deluna – Ganymede
15 Rank 1 vs Jochen Miller – The Great Escape
16 Urry Fefelove & Abramasi – New World

Disc 2 – mixed by Jochen Miller
1 Francesco Diaz & Young Rebels – 1998
2 George Acosta feat. Fisher – True Love
3 Re-Ward vs Dr Willis – Maaaybe
4 Marco V feat.Johanthan Mendelsohn – Coming Back
Jerome Isma AE – Hold That Sucker Down
5 Deluna – Rapture
6 Pulser – Broken Universe
7 Tritonal – Sideswing
8 Richard Durand – Xelerate
9 Marco V – Inconsistant Talk
10 Anton Firtich – Mirage
11 Rank 1 vs Jochen Miller – The Great Escape (Jonas Stenberg Remix)
12 Marcus Schössow & Robert Burian – Kofola
13 Marco V – Unprepared
W & W – DNA
14 Van Der Vleuten – Meltdown
15 Jonas Stenberg – Trademark
16 Southside Spinners – Luvstruck 2010 (Cliff Coenraad Repimp)
17 Jonas Stenberg & Dave Schiemann – The Drop

Yeyo – Robot Music vol. 2

It took me forever to finish up this mix (tracks are a little stale now) due to some technical difficulties.. but here it is:

Download it here


1. Ruben de Ronde- Noir (Original Mix)
2. Dakota- Chinook (Original Mix)
3. Purple Haze- Bliksem (Original Mix)
4. Andrew Bennett- Break Away (Martin Roth Nustyle Dub Mix)
5. Sean Tyas – Seven Weeks (Original Mix)
6. Rank 1- Symfo (Original Mix)
7. Oceanlab- Lonely Girl (Ronski S.P.E.E.D. Remix)
8. Cosmic Gate- Sign of the Times (Markus Schulz Remix)
9. Jonas Stenberg, Terry Ferminal- A Thousand Miles (Gareth Emery Remix)
10. Robbie Buri- Poker (Dub Mix)
11. W&W, Ummet Ozcan- Synergy (Original Mix)
12. Paul Webster- The Wolf (Original Mix)
13. Sean Tyas, Simon Patterson- For the Most Part (Original Mix)
14. Claudia Cazacu- Freefalling (Original Mix)
15. Misja Helsloot, Philipe El Sisi- Yellow Poncho (Original Mix)

S’more traxxx


Sunrise Festival 2008 Poland

Sunrise Festival 2008 Poland

Rank 1 – Symfo (Sunrise Festival Theme 2009)
The annual Sunrise Festival in Poland has asked Rank 1 to create the festival theme for this year’s event. First Trance Energy, and now Sunrise Festival? There must be something about these symphonic big room productions that make people go crazy at these events and keep them wanting more. I like L.E.D. There Be Light a little bit more, but this track is pretty sick as well. This year’s festival lasts from July 24th-July 26th in Poland and features the following DJs: Rank 1, ATB, Eddie Halliwell, Ferry Corsten, Joachim Garraud, Jochen Miller, Marco V, Sander van Doorn, and Sebastian Leger. Talk about stacked! www.sunrisefestival.pl

Dakota vs. Wippenberg – Chakalaka City (Cristian Ketelaars Mashup)
Another nice mashup by Cristian Ketelaars! He came out with three different versions of this mashup, and here is one of them. Lately I’ve been groovin on Dakota (aka Markus Schulz) tracks, and Sin City is one of my favorites. Mash it up with Wippenberg’s recent classic “Chakalaka” and you get a bumpin two-headed monster!

Nitrous Oxide – Aurora (original mix)
The latest creation released on Anjuna by Nitrous Oxide is amazing! There’s also a pretty cool Sunny Lax remix, but I prefer the original. Sometimes his work starts to sound the same, but this track stands by itself. You can still hear shades of the classic NO sound, but the melody of this track is just beautiful. They say true progressive trance is dead today, but I believe Nitrous Oxide is keepin it real. Expect this one to receive major airplay!

The Killers – Spaceman (Sander van Doorn Remix part 2)
I can’t seem to post up random tracks without including a Sander van Doorn production. Man, this guy gets me everytime with his quality of work. Many artists use the same sounds over and over, but every SvD production is an original. You can really tell the quality of work he puts into creating every single sound in his music. I know this song is old now and might be getting played out, but the heavy bassline gets me everytime I listen to it. I don’t even care about the vocals in this song… the track would be good even without em!