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Random Videos

Kaskade – Eyes feat. Mindy Gledhill

Afrojack, Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike, Nervo – The Way We See the World

Laidback Luke – DJsounds Show 2011

Joshua Khane ft. Meo – Bum Bum Bum

Sak Noel – Loca People

EDC 2012

Ferry Corsten – Check it Out

Sander van Doorn – Drink to Get Drunk

Marcel Woods – Champagne Dreams (W&W Remix)

Bingo Players – Cry (Just a Little)

Duck Sauce – Big Bad Wolf

The Dutch funky technician is back with another dose of circus house music. This third edition in the series has been reduced to a one-CD, but that doesn’t mean the quality has dropped as well. The mix opens up with a nice intro song by another funkified Dutch DJ/producer Baggi Begovic. At first glance at the tracklist I noticed there are four artists who have more than one song in here, the first being newcomer Ellez Marinni. He has two pretty interesting productions, although I like Marcelle more than Overpass. Wippenberg’s two latest hits also make it into this mix and they sound great mixed into each other. UR is pretty wild, but it would sound much better without the vocals. There are also two tracks by Polish producer Chris De Seed, out of which I prefer the Marcel Woods edit of Heartbreaker. Marco V, who is a Musical Madness veteran, adds another song into this series with one of his latest, Provider. There’s plenty of groovy basslines in this one, especially those found in Another Dimension and Questionary. I like all of Marcel’s new productions in this compilation, including his work with Tiesto; however, I do enjoy the original mix of Champagne Dreams more than the W&W remix and wish it was included in here. My favorites are Save the Robot’s Big Ben and Lay and Browne’s The Light, so make sure you check out minutes 40-47 into the mix. You can tell Marcel is 100% dedicated to this new sound of his, and it clearly shows up in his productions as well as in these mixes.

Marcel Woods – Musical Madness 3

01 Baggi Begovic – Sumo (Original Mix)
02 Ellez Marinni – Overpass (Radio edit)
03 Ellez Marinni – Marcelle (Radio Edit)
04 Bass Robbers feat Matt Blue – Another Dimension (Asino di Medico Remix)
05 Tigran Oganezov – Sexciter (Radio Edit)
06 Fedde le Grand & Patric La Funk – Autosave (Original Mix)
07 Wippenberg – Phoenix (Original Mix)
08 Wippenberg – U R (Original Mix)
09 Marcel Woods – Questionary (Original Mix)
10 Marco V – Provider (Original Mix)
11 Save The Robot – Big Ben (Original Mix)
12 Lay & Browne – The Light
13 Artento Divini feat.Cornelis van Dijk – My Sanctuary (Shy Brothers Remix)
14 Chris De Seed – Things (Radio Edit)
15 Chris De Seed vs Ivan Dulava – Heartbreaker (Marcel Woods Edit)
16 Tiesto & Marcel Woods – Don’t Ditch (Original Mix)
17 Marcel Woods – Champagne Dreams (W&W Remix)
18 Ali Wilson & Matt Smallwood – Morph (Orginal Mix)
19Marcel Woods – Musical Madness 3 Continuous Mix

Musical Madness 2

The Musical Madness label was created by Marcel Woods with the goal of releasing the most eccentric dance music ever, with no bounds nor standardization. With the prior publications of Marcel’s Musical Madness albums, it is time for another DJ to step up to the plate. With two of his tracks featured on the second Musical Madness album, Jonas Stenberg was anointed the next circus conductor. Jonas has had a busy year, releasing 6 singles along with this compilation album. He starts things off with the super deep Eddie Sender remix of Das Is Good, and things quickly get crazy with no apologies. The level of delirium increases with each passing song, but that’s not to say the album is mixed with reckless abandon. There remains a solid level of control as Jonas methodically brings in tune after tune. Even though many of the songs can be considered old now, there are still plenty of gems in this one, including Starstruck, Reflect, Emo Dist, and the great Into Ontario. The tech-trance road which Marcel Woods paved the way for is being beautifully trekked by Jonas Stenberg, as shown by this complex yet polished mix. This album isn’t as nuts as Marcel’s previous rendition, but it still holds its own as a fine alternative to the softer, delicate trance that’s being made today. Check it out here…

Jonas Stenberg – Musical Madness Heroes vol. 1
01 Andy Power – Das Is Good (Eddie Sender Deeper Redraw mix)
02 Vojt Van Twistigen Presents Futurition – The Love Of My Life
03 Setrise & Matthew Nagle – Reckless
04 Russo – Sheik
05 Oleg Espo – Bumblebee
06 Be:Gold – Starstruck (original)
07 Nuera – Driving Me (feat Elsa Hill)
08 Taylor & Close – Into Ontario
09 Jonas Stenberg – Timeline (Matthew Nagle remix)
10 Xetro – Barely Human (original mix)
11 D-Mad – Union
12 Jonas Stenberg – Trademark (Revision mix)
13 Pascal Feliz – Reflect
14 Shy Brothers – This Is Us
15 Jonas Stenberg – Emo Dist (Wezz Devall mix)

Mr. Pit

It’s been way too long since I have done an artist showcase, so here are some tracks from Adrian Ivan, better known as Mr. Pit. Working from Timisoara, Romania, Mr. Pit has steadily advanced his career to the impressive point he is at now. Known mainly as a producer, Mr. Pit has created many monsters which have destroyed dance floors all over the world. He is the label owner of the respected Well-Mixed Records, which is an independent Romanian label company. Also working closely with Coldharbour and High Contrast Recordings,  Adrian puts out techy tracks which almost always have hard hitting basslines. His melodies are usually pretty thick, and the riffs that he constructs have a hypnotic feel to them. I have rarely heard of him traveling as a DJ, but he does have his own podcast, titled Universal Selection (which is currently on its 18th episode). One thing that keeps me on the lookout for his work is that it’s constantly improving, as I will try to show you with the following songs.

Mr. Pit – Insolarium
This is the first Pit song that I ever purchased in 2007. He started putting out releases in 2004, but it took me a while to catch onto his stuff. The worthy bassline of this track is a good indicator of Mr. Pit’s potential.

Mr. Pit – Shana/Love You More

This is probably Adrian’s breakout release. This single contained a lot of great versions of Shana, including a solid remixes by Duderstadt and DNS Project. Love You More got overshadowed a little bit, but it can definitely hold its own. It was released in 2008 on Coldharbour.

Mr. Pit, Jochen Miller – Perfect Chase
Here’s a nice collabo between two rising producers in 2008. This track didn’t receive much airtime, but I love the brainstorming between these two guys. Nice release on High Contrast.

Marcel Woods – Lemon Tree (Mr. Pit’s House Parade Remix)
There aren’t too many remixes made by Mr. Pit, but this is a good one. The main portion of the song remains unchanged, but the beat gets a house reconstruction.

Mr. Pit – Unchanged/Deluxe
These two tracks are a pair of really good fillers used in building up a mix. Mr. Pit tends to make a lot of these, and the style really fit in with what Coldharbour was trying do in early 2009.

Mr. Pit, Jochen Miller – Melodee

These two guys did not miss a step with their second collaboration. This one was released on High Contrast Nu Breed, and I like this one a little bit more than the earlier Perfect Chase.

Mr. Pit – This Room Is Not Big Enough/Simplicity

This EP was written especially for Markus Schulz’ Las Vegas 10 compilation. This Room is the hard-hitter of the single, with a complete, speaker-blowing bassline. Simplicity is more chill, with some nice strings and a great melody.

Mr. Pit – Low Altitude/Sky Traffic
Here is the latest single which has received a lot of good looks. I still haven’t gotten sick of Sky Traffic despite Markus playing it in every set possible. If Mr. Pit continues to make tracks this impressive, he will have a very promising future ahead of him.

Check out his website here

Some of you may remember the ASOT 300 party from three years ago, but if you don’t… here’s the musical soundtrack to what the party entailed. The festivities started with an ASOT broadcast on May 10 with a Classics Megamix by Armin, which also included some guest mixers towards the end of the show. A week later, the real celebration began at Pettelaarse Schans in Den Bosch, the Netherlands. This 7 hour party took place on a cool little island/peninsula (see picture above) where the lucky attendees witnessed trance heaven. With guest DJs Menno de Jong, Marcel Woods, Aly & Fila, Sean Tyas, and Markus Schulz, this event had one of the greatest trance lineups of all time. Ok, let’s get down to the music…

ASOT 300 part 1 – Classics Megamix

01 Intro
02 Sarah McLachlan – Fear (Hybrid Sumtin Remix)
03 Dave Gahan – Dirty Sticky Floors (Junkie XL Remix)
04 Jose Amnesia feat. Jennifer Rene – Louder
05 BT – Mercury & Solace (BT 12″ Mastermix)
06 Holden & Thompson – Nothing (93 Returning Mix)
07 Nathan Fake – Outhouse (Main Mix)
08 Markus Schulz pres. Elevation – Clear Blue w/ Andy Moor vs. Orkidea – YearZero (Accapella)
09 Cass & Slide – Perception
10 Salt Tank – Eugina (Marcel Woods Remix)
11 Three Drives – Sunset On Ibiza
12 L.S.G. – Netherworld (Vinyl Cut)
13 Robert Gitelman – Children Of The Sun
14 Tranquility Base – Razorfish (Above & Beyond Progressive Mix)
15 Jan Johnston – Calling Your Name (The Thrillseekers Vocal Mix)
16 Sarah McLachlan – Fallen (Gabriel & Dresden Anti-Gravity Mix)
17 Bossanova – Stonecold (Agnelli & Nelson Remix)
18 Solar Factor – Urban Shakedown
19 Fictivision vs. Phynn – Escape (Fictivision Mix)
20 Above & Beyond feat. Zo? Zohnston – No One On Earth (Gabriel & Dresden Club Mix)
21 Aria – Dido (Armin Van Buuren’s Universal Religion Remix)
22 Rank 1 – Such Is Life
23 Kansai – Remember This Night
24 Vincent de Moor – Fly Away (Cosmic Gate Remix)
25 DJ Ton T.B. – Dream Machine
26 Marco V – Loops & Tings Relooped (Marco V’s Original Mix)
27 Marco V – Tolerance
28 Push – Strange World (2000 Remake)
29 Paul Oakenfold – Southern Sun (Ti?sto Remix)

2nd hour

Menno De Jong Guest Mix
01 Kimito Lopez – Sub Runner [Intuition]
02 Menno De Jong – ID
Marcel Woods Guest Mix
01 Marcel Woods – ID
02 Solee – Impressed
03 M.I.D.O.R. – Intellectual
Sean Tyas Guest Mix
01 Sean Tyas pres. Logistic – One More Night Out
02 Vincent De Moor – Fly Away (Sean Tyas Remix)
Aly & Fila Guest Mix
01 ID
02 Mark Eteson & Jon Prior – Dynamic Stability (Aly & Fila Remix)
03 ID
Download ASOT 300 part 1

ASOT 300 part 2
(throughout these mixes you can hear Armin interviewing some of these DJ’s so watch out for those)

Hour 1 – Aly & Fila
01 Aly & Fila Pres. A&F Project – Uraeus (Frase Remix)
02 Mark Eteson & Jon Prior – Dynamic Stability (Aly & Fila Remix)
03 Deems – Tears Of Hope (Aly & Fila Remix)
04 Aly & Fila Pres. A&F Project – Ankh (Breath Of Life)
05 Amadeus Vs. Aly & Fila – A Dream Of Peace (John Askew Remix)
06 FKN Feat. Jahala – Why (Aly & Fila Remix)
07 FKN Vs. Aly & Fila Feat. Jahala – How Long
08 Lost Witness Vs. Sassot – Whatever (ALy & Fila Remix)
09 Aly & Fila – Eye Of Horus (Ronski Speed Remix)
10 DT8 Project – Hold Me Till The End (Aly & Fila Dub Mix)
11 Ben Gold – Rollcage (Aly & Fila Remix)

Download Aly & Fila’s set

Hour 2 – Sean Tyas

01 Thomas Datt – 2v2 Rework (Sean Tyas Remix)
02 Stoneface & Terminal – Super Nature (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)
03 Oxia – Domino (Sean Tyas Rework)
04 Sean Tyas Pres. Logistic – One More Night Out
05 Beats Of Genesis Vs. Legend B – Lost In Love (Sean Tyas Remix)
06 Sean Tyas – Drop
07 Vincent De Moor – Fly Away (Sean Tyas Remix)
08 Carl B Feat. Breaking Benjamin – Diary Of Jane (Sean Tyas Remix)

Download Sean Tyas’ set

Hour 3 – Menno De Jong

01 Jonas Steur Feat. Jennifer Ren? – Fall To Pieces (Intro Mix)
02 Mike Foyle Vs. Estuera – Beautiful Skies
03 Albert Vorne – Formentera What (Gareth Emery Remix)
04 Chicane Feat. Maire Brennan – Saltwater (The Thrillseekers House Mix)
05 ID
06 Midway – Monkey Forest
07 ID
08 ID
09 Kimito Lopez – Sub Runner
10 Andain – Beautiful Things (Photon Project Remix)
11 Menno De Jong – Nolthando (Original Mix)

Download Menno’s set

Hour 4 – Marcel Woods

01 Marcel Woods – Lemon Tree
02 ID
03 ID
04 U2 – Beautiful Day (Remix)
05 ID
06 Tiesto Feat. Maxi Jazz – Dance4Life (Sander Van Doorn Remix)
07 Marcel Woods – Cherry Blossom
08 Nenes & Pascal Feliz – Platinum
09 Marcel Woods – Advanced
10 Three Drives – Greece 2000 (Marcel Woods 2007 Remix)
11 Wamdue Project – King Of My Castle (Sander Van Doorn Vocal Remix)
12 Marcel Woods – Don’t Tar Me With The Same Brush

Download Marcel Woods’ set

Hour 5 – Markus Schulz

01 Markus Schossow – Mr White (Markus Schulz Intro Edit)
02 Markus Schulz – Fly To Colors (Original Mix)
03 Richard Durand – Ricochet
04 Leon Bolier vs. DJ Astrid – Crazy People (Alternative Mix)
05 David Forbes – Live Without You
06 Enmass – Avalon
07 ID
08 Markus Schulz vs. Chakra – I Am
09 Sonic Division – Bulky Hero
10 Signalrunners – Recoil 07
11 Rex Mundi vs. Ronski Speed – The Perspective Space (Markus Schulz Mash-Up)
12 Markus Schulz – Fly To Colors (Signalrunners Remix)

Download Markus’ set

Hour 6 – Armin van Buuren

01 The Blizzard – Kalopsia (Original Intro Edit)
02 Ilse DeLange – The Great Escape (Armin Van Buuren Remix)
03 Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Rank 1 – Life Less Ordinary (A Less Ordinary Rank 1 Mix)
04 ID
05 Vincent De Moor – Fly Away (Cosmic Gate Remix)
06 Armin Van Buuren – Rush Hour
07 Above & Beyond Pres. Tranquility Base – Oceanic
08 Michael Dow – Ascent
09 Breakfast – The Sunlight (JPL Remix)

Download hour 6

Hour 7 – Armin van Buuren

10 Armin Van Buuren vs. Rank 1 feat. Kush – This World Is Watching Me (Cosmic Gate Remix)(track got cut off in this version)
11 Sean Tyas – Candida (Terk Dawn Remix)
12 ID
13 Pascal Feliz – From Inside The Speaker (Part 1)
14 Nenes & Pascal Feliz – Platinum
15 Octagen & M.I.D.O.R. – Activate
16 John O’Callaghan & Kearney – Exactly
17 Sebastian Brandt – Technology
18 CLS – Can You Feel It (Marcel Woods Remix)
19 Armin Van Buuren – Communication Part 3 (Coldware Cold Remix)
20 Filo & Peri feat. Eric Lumiere – The Anthem (Original Mix – PvD Edit)
21 Yahel – Voyage (Original Mix)

Download hour 7

This is one of the funkiest mixes I have heard in a while, all thanks to the mad man himself, Mr. Marcel Woods. For the past 5 years, this guy has been developing a style that not many other DJs play, namely using peculiar tunes and obscure productions which are masterfully mixed into an eclectic assortment of sound. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about if you have heard any of his recent work (some of them are found in this album), which has been pretty unconventional by today’s standards of trance and house music. In this two-disc album, there is such a variety of sound paired with so many oddball beats that it almost reaches a circus-like atmosphere. But that’s not to say that the mix doesn’t work; I believe the intent was to create a genre filled with so much cacophony that it actually sounds good, and Marcel Woods certainly succeeded in doing so. With tracks like Freaskshow, Madness Society, Barely Human, and Moscow Times, it is pretty obvious that Mr. Woods never wanted to create something smooth and dreamy, rather ending up with something that resembles a soundtrack pulled straight out of a nightmare. Disc 1 starts off pretty housey and relatively tame, but then the edginess builds up as the mix progresses. The occult journey continues with the second disc as the tempo speeds up a bit. There are a handful of Marco V tracks which are always groovy, as well as two pairs of songs from Ali Wilson and Jonas Stenberg. I don’t like any songs with male vocals (especially ones with Luca G), but it seems like Marcel likes to use a lot of this in his work, so there are a few of those tracks in this mix. One song I found to be very interesting is track 4 on the first disc by Yves V (part of the Belgium House Mafia), which is a rendition of the 4 Strings hit, Turn It Around. This mix is supplied with a lot of eccentric goodies, so I will leave it up to you to find your favorites. Take a listen below…

Disc 1

01 Marcel Woods – Inside Me (Ricky T Remix)
02 Ante Perry vs Tube & Berger – Human You
03 Alex Cole& Dino Barretta Feat Luca G – You in My Universe
04 Yves V – Insane Pressure (Extended)
05 Koen Groeneveld –  Fly-By-Wire (Original Mix)
06 Riktam & Bansi – Green Space
07 Sebastian Krieg & Jerome Isma-Ae – 308
08 Nic Chagall – Morning Light (Extended)
09 Plastic Angel – Try Walking in my World (Daniel Portman Remix)
10 Marco V  – Greyhound
11 DJ Preach feat Matthew Ryan – Spark (Marco V Remix)
12 Andy Power – Das is Good (Eddie Sender Deeper Redraw Mix)
13 Shy Brothers – Moscow Times
14 PMW – The Freakshow (Original Mix)
15 Anto Firtich feat. Victoria Mazze – Meant to Be Free (Original Mix)

Disc 2
01 Dada Life – Cookies With A Smile (Francesco Diaz & Young Rebels Mix)
02 Marcel Woods – The Bottle (Original Mix)
03 Jochen Miller – Humanoid (Ali Wilson Tekelec Remix)
04 Ali Wilson – Pandora
05 Weekend Heroes – Eat My Apple
06 Marco V – Solitary Confinement feat Khashassi (Revixed)
07 Marcel Woods – Everything (Original Mix)
08 Svenson & Gielen – The Beauty Of Silence (Jonas Stenberg vs W&W Remix)
09 Jonas Stenberg – Trademark (Stenberg Revision)
10 Jonas Stenberg – Timeline (Oxygen Shadow Mix)
11 Xetro – Barely Human
12 Matthias Moor – Madness Society (Original Mix)
13 D-Mad – Under Pressure
14 Chris de Seed & 3ARTES – Deacon
15 tyDI & Dennis Sheperd feat Marcie – Somehow (Original Mix)

Check out some of my favorite old school Woods’ tracks here.

Trance Energy 2009

Trance Energy 2009
Ok, I know I’m about 3 months late, but here is the official released album from this year’s Trance Energy. Held on March 7th of this year, Trance Energy 2009 took place in Eindhoven, Netherlands. This annual party is thrown by ID&T, which is a Dutch media group that has been around since forever (early 90’s) and throws the largest dance parties all around the world. Some of their popular events include Trance Energy, Sensation White, Sensation Black,  Mysteryland, Thunderdome, and NJOY.

This year’s event was thrown at Da Jaarbeurs, Utrecht, which is known to be very spacious and crowd friendly. There were over 30,000 people in attendence for the 4 stages, which meant it was sold out. This number may initially seem like a lot, but it is nowhere near the craziness which is the LA Sports Arena (Monster Massive drew over 60,000 people in 2008!) Thankfully, I don’t think the organizers in Europe pack the venue to max capacity like they do here in California. I hate the way Insomniac tries to maximize their profits by cramming as many people as they can into one hot, stuffy ass room (EDC is a little bit better since its open-air). In fact, the venues in Europe are WAY more organized and better suited for events such as these. At Da Jaarbeurs, they have giant screens which display artists’ timeslots as well as the status of the stages. People even hand out convenient floormaps along with portable timetables to help everyone out. They will actually tell you when the stages are full to prevent any bottlenecks and pissed off attendees from rioting (again, please take note Insomniac!) I cannot stress enough how retarded these party promoters have become just trying to make some extra cash. These giant-mega raves which take place in southern California have become annoying to attend  because of their overcrowding and lack of space. Mix that with fucked up kids laying everywhere on the floor and you get a hard time trying to enjoy the music.

Onto the music.. I want to attend Trance Energy simply because, well.. it only showcases trance DJs. This year’s party was headlined by Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk, John O’Callaghan, Marcel Woods, TyDi, Marcus Schossow, Aly + Fila, First State, Simon Patterson, Judge Jules, Wippenberg, Rank 1, Joop, Johan Gielen, Scot Project, and Talla 2XLC….. seriously right? Why can’t they have parties like that over here??? This year’s EDC lineup is pretty freaking sweet, but it still comes nowhere close to these Eurpoean lineups (another reason why I need to move to the Netherlands). I also like how the stages are set up into different categories. There was the Main stage, which housed the big name DJs. Then there was the Future Stage, where all the newest and hottest DJs spun. There was also a High Contrast stage, which had all the DJs signed with the High Contrast label (one of the best in the tech game), and then the Classics stage, which had DJs spinning all the greatest throwbacks.

This 2-disc album contains the sets of two of the performances from the night. The first CD is mixed by John O’Callaghan, who spun on the main stage. There are a lot of awesome (albeit old by now) tracks on this CD, and the flow is great. The second CD is mixed by Rank 1, which consists of Dutchmen Benno De Goeij (producing legend) and Piet Bervoets. Track number 7 (LED There be Light) was chosen to be the official theme song of the year, and it is accompanied by 15 other trance goodies, many of which are released on High Contrast.

I myself have never traveled to Europe… but when I do, I will definitely plan my trip around one of these great events. Check out some pictures from the event (which I jacked from trance.nu), and also listen to the CDs!

awesome screens showing DJ timetables

Someone on stage

Helpful sign

Cool lasers!

ROBOT Music vol. 1

Here is the latest mix I made last week. Most of these tracks are techy (hence the title) and the resulting mix is something a little bit harder than my usual style. It starts hard and progresses into the chilled-out ending. Megalithic, Reborn, and Distant Destiny are very beautiful tracks with moving melodies, which is not surprising considering who produced them. Marcel Woods’ new track has the same sound as Rank 1’s L.E.D., but has a sicker bassline. Cosmic Gate’s FAV has my favorite bassline at the moment and the collabo between Sander and Marco V is nothing short of EVIL.

ROBOT Music vol. 1
1. Duca- Ducaralho (Original Mix)
2. Tempo Giusto- Tick Tock (Original Mix)
3. Marco V, Sander van Doorn- What Say? (Original Mix)
4. Marcel Woods- Inside Me (Dub Mix)
5. Amster Dyen, Airplay 47- Be Free (Mat Zo Remix)
6. Ferry Corsten- We Belong (Tritoal Air Up There Remix)
7. Sunny Lax- Reborn (Nitrous Oxide Remix)
8. Mark Sherry, James Allan, William Daniel- Future Primitive (Original Mix)
9. David Forbes, William Daniel- Freefall (Original Mix)
10. Cosmic Gate- F.A.V. (Hard Dub)
11. Chris Hampshire, Bissen- The Vault (Bissen Remix)
12. John O’Callaghan, Aly & Fila- Megalithic (Original Mix)
13. Reverse- Distant Destiny (Original Mix)
14. Tritonal- Lunarium feat. Cristina Soto (Daydream Fantasy Vocal Mix)

Download here