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Giuseppe Ottaviani – Go On Air

Okay guys, sorry for the lack of action lately, but let’s get back to business. This week begins with a new compilation put together by Italian trance stalwart Giuseppe Ottaviani. Don’t let this cheesy album cover fool you, this release is actually quite good once you get into it. Go On Air is Giuseppe’s new monthly radio show which he launched earlier this year, and this album is a direct by-product of his work so far. Other than providing another form of revenue stream for the record label, these types of compilations summarize what that radio show is all about. Here we get a 20 track compilation that contains many GO edits and remixes, as well as two new productions, including a collaboration with Linnea Schossow. There are some really nice trance tunes in this one, and they are professionally arranged and mixed together by one of the best. GO doesn’t ever stray too far from his signature style, so you can expect to hear the same hard hitting melodic tunes that he always plays.

Giuseppe Ottaviani – Go On Air
01 Andrea Mazza & Max Denoise – State Of Soul (GO’s Violin Intro Remix)
02 Tenishia & Ruben de Ronde – Story Of Life (Michael Tsukerman Remix)
03 Chris Schweizer – 343 (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)
04 M.I.K.E. vs Ben Nicky – Spring Break (Original Mix Edit)
05 Dan Apicella – Writers Of Influence (Luke Terry Remix)
06 Mike Koglin vs Genix – Helion (Edit)
07 Jan Martin feat. Hysteria! – Save Me Now (Beat Service Proglifting Remix)
08 Graeme Pollock – Omni (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)
09 Aly & Fila – Rosaires (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)
10 Giuseppe Ottaviani – Go On Air (Original Mix Edit)
11 Paul Miller vs Ronald de Foe – Prozac (Original Mix)
12 Aerospace – Shocking (Marc Simz Remix)
13 Who.Is – Cryptanalysis (Edit)
14 Eddie Bitar – Beirut (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix Edit)
15 Giuseppe Ottaviani feat. Linnea Schossow – Just For You (Original Mix Edit)
16 Tom Colontonio feat. CiBon – The Sun (Original Mix Edit)
17 Paul Webster – Circus (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)
18 Italian Mafia DJ feat. Anthya – Dream (Giuseppe Ottaviani Rework)
19 Armin van Buuren feat. VanVelzen – Take Me Where I Wanna Go (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)
20 A.R.D.I. feat. Irena Love – Memories (Original Mix)

This one’s for my boy Tak, who I know will appreciate some old school Nu NRG. There are some pretty talented Italian trance producers out there, including Manuel Le Saux, 7 Skies, and Alex Bartlett, but the duo of Giuseppe Ottaviani and Andrea Ribeca is hands down the best. I believe this was their only artist album, but they have released many more great tracks and remixes in the 6 or 7 years they worked together. They split up in 2007, but Giuseppe has continued on with his solo career very successfully. His live shows are full of energy, and he still plays those fast pounding beats like he did in Nu NRG. My favorites from this album are Free Fall, Astralis, and of course Dreamland, which was one of Vandit’s earliest releases from 2001. Dreamland is a track that has withstood the test of time and it still blows my mind today, just like it did in high school when I heard it for the first time. There aren’t too many labels that put out this style of trance anymore (sadly, not even Vandit), so check out the old school flavor of this classic album below, and make sure you listen through all the way to Dreamland.

Nu-NRG – Freefall
01 Nu NRG – Eclisse
02 Nu NRG ft. Rob Aker – Visual Sonar
03 Nu NRG – Supersonic Way
04 Nu NRG – Bonsai
05 Nu NRG – Free Fall
06 Nu NRG – Connective
07 Nu NRG – Butterfly (Album mix)
08 Nu NRG ft. Gate 4 – Astralis
09 Nu NRG – Tommotor
10 Nu NRG – Shadow
11 Nu NRG – Aloa-P (Original mix)
12 Nu NRG – Dreamland (Original mix)

John O’Callaghan-Unfold

Released earlier this month, John O’Callaghan’s third artist album has debuted to much fanfare and excitement in the Subculture community. First off, I gotta give props to Ifran Amran who designed the album cover. Normally I don’t like to see the face of a DJ/producer on the front of an album, but this one is done pretty tastefully and it doesn’t make John look like a douchebag. It is also miles better than the first two album covers that John used. Aesthetics aside, how does the music stack up? Compared to his last album, I do hear evolution of the JOC sound which is always positive. Productions are deeper, and you do hear John experimenting with new stuff. He seems to be sticking to the same formula as his previous album, which includes a heavy dose of vocals, a few chill out tunes, and of course several hard hitters. The remix album for this one should be huge, but for now check out some of my favorites from this album below…

John O’Callaghan – Raw Deal

Let’s start things off with a true slapper, which is pretty raw indeed. It has that hard, punchy bassline that we have all come to love from the Irish producer.

John O’Callaghan – Stresstest

This is the side of John O’Callaghan that shines the brightest. The fast, uptempo style of this track fits perfectly with the live sets that JOC puts out.

John O’Callaghan, Timmy & Tommy – Talk to Me

This one’s been on the radio quite often, along with the pretty popular Orjan Nilsen Trance mix. I was expecting a little bit more from a collaboration between these three producers, perhaps a Timmy & Tommy or Joint Operations Centre remix would do this song more justice.

John O’Callaghan – Psychic Sensor
Here we see some versatility coming from John, introduced by some psy-infused which reminds me of some old school tracks.

John O’Callaghan – Smokescreen
I haven’t really heard anything like this from John O’Callaghan before, so this song is a nice surprise to find in this album.  Again it shows some creativity which is a basic element of an artist album.

John O’Callaghan, Audrey Gallagher – Bring Back the Sun
This is a nice attempt as a follow up to their 2007 smash pop hit Big Sky, but John and Audrey come up a little short this time. The song still holds its own as a dreamy vocal production, but let’s just wait for the remixes to see what this song can really do.

John O’Callaghan, Giuseppe Ottaviani – Ride the Wave

Here’s another collaboration on this album where I was expecting something better. I definitely prefer the previous track they produced together, Liquid Fire, found on the Never Fade Away album

John O’Callaghan, Betsie Larkin – Impossible to Live Without You

John has always done great with vocals throughout his career (see Find Yourself, Never Fade Away, Big Sky,  No Inbetween, Hold Onto Me), and this one is set up perfectly for something great.

John O’Callaghan, Betsie Larkin – Save This Moment
Here’s another tune with the great vocal accompaniment of Betsie Larkin. Her voice goes very well with many trance productions including this one, but as the lead track in this album, Save this Moment doesn’t outdo Find Yourself in John’s previous album. I am waiting for the club version of this song, but there is also a nice Gareth Emery remix which has already been released on Armada’s Captivating Sounds label.

Full tracklist:
01 Save This Moment (with Betsie Larkin)
02 Talk To Me (with Timmy and Tommy)
03 Perfection (feat. Cathy Burton)
04 Smokescreen
05 Bring Back The Sun (Ambient Mix) (with Audrey Gallagher)
06 Stargazer (with Thomas Bronzwaer)
07 Stresstest
08 Ride The Wave (with Giuseppe Ottaviani)
09 Impossible To Live Without You (with Betsie Larkin)
10 Mess Of A Machine (with Kathryn Gallagher)
11 Psychic Sensor
12 Centurion
13 Raw Deal
14 Rhea (Chillout Mix) (vs Neptune Project)

Gareth Emery Northern Lights Re-Lit

Here is the remixed version of Gareth Emery’s debut artist album. All 12 songs from the original album are featured in this one after being reworked by several notable producers. The original Northern Lights album showed off the diversity of Gareth’s sound, and this remix version pretty much expands on that with the contrasting styles of these remixers. The tracklist has been rearranged according to the energy of these redrawn tracks, which sets up Gareth beautifully for a corresponding DJ mix. The album begins with the Ashley Wallbridge remix of Arrival, and things begin to heat up on the progressive side with the help of Arty, Hardwell, and Beltek. Next up is Too Dark Tonight, which is one of the songs that received the biggest overhaul, morphing from a down-tempo inclination into a high energy banger in the form of a JOC remix. Global and Into the Light are remixed tastefully by Jordan Suckley and Lange, while Citadel gets an alternate, revised bassline by Super8 & Tab. The last three tracks in the mix are rightfully uplifting, and they feature the work of some well established big guns in this epic trance genre. As far as remix albums go, this one gets the job done right with a great selection of remixers. I have uploaded track #13, the DJ mix of all these songs, check it out below.

Gareth Emery – Northern Lights (Re-Lit)

01 Gareth Emery feat. Brute Force – Arrival (Ashley Wallbridge Intro Mix)
02 Gareth Emery – El Segundo (Arty Remix)
03 Gareth Emery feat. Jerome Isma-Ae – Stars (Hardwell Remix)
04 Gareth Emery – Full Tilt (Beltek Remix)
05 Gareth Emery feat. Roxanne Emery – Too Dark Tonight (John O’Callaghan Remix)
06 Gareth Emery – Citadel (Super8 & Tab Remix)
07 Gareth Emery feat. Emma Hewitt – I Will Be The Same (Dennis Sheperd Remix)
08 Gareth Emery – Global (Jordan Suckley Remix)
09 Gareth Emery feat. Mark Frisch – Into The Light (Lange Remix)
10 Gareth Emery feat. Lucy Saunders – Fight The Sunrise (Daniel Kandi Remix)
11 Gareth Emery feat. Lucy Saunders – Sanctuary (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)
12 Gareth Emery feat. Activa – All Is Now (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix)
13 Northern Lights (Re-Lit) – Continuous Mix by Gareth Emery
Check out the original Northern Lights album here


Wow, what an weekend… the NY crowd really knows how to get down! On Saturday night, Armin van Buuren hosted the 3rd party of his ASOT 450 tour at the Roseland Ballroom in Manhattan, NY. The lineup included: Breakfast, Lange, Giuseppe Ottaviani, John O’Callaghan, Filo & Peri, and Alex MORPH. My friends and I arrived relatively early, making sure we got the best choice of VIP tables on the balcony level. We posted up almost dead center to the stage, so we got a pretty sweet view of the entire dancefloor. The night progressed very well, with each act playing harder and harder sets. Breakfast opened it up pretty chill, playing hits like Slow Motion and Los Angeles. Lange built it up futher with the original version of his Out of the Sky, Under Pressure, and the fitting This is New York. GO then followed with a surpringly hard set. He was also playing live on a keyboard along with two laptops, adding points to his performance. I am a fan of his work, but I didn’t expect for him to play so many hard-hitters. His set included great versions of We Are One, Our Dimension, and Out of the Blue. Next up was Armin, and he played out a very nice 2 hour set. Highlights for me included his opening track, Arty’s remix of Reverse: Absolute Reality, Control Freak, Miss You, Super 8 & Tab’s remix of New York City, and the new mashup On Off of Love. The crowd was really into the entire set, and I don’t believe anyone left the room during that time. JOC then proceded to steal the show, playing his usual top notch mix. This was my second time hearing him, and he definitely lived up to his performance the first time.  It was seriously banger after banger, resulting in one of the best sets I have ever heard live. JOC has easily cemented himself as one of my top 5 producing DJs. Filo & Peri surprised me as well, but maybe because I wasn’t expecting much from them. Their productions are usually whatever, but their live set was very good. However they did play Anthem, which is a song I loathe very much, but they made up for it by playing Drops of Jupiter and For an Angel. We didn’t stay for the entire set by Alex, but his tracklist was pretty solid as well.

Overall the night was a complete success. It was definitely worth the cross country trip to attend this party. The production was good, the tunes were amazing, but the time flew by way too fast. How does this event compare to ones I have attended in the past? One thing that I noticed was that almost everybody was standing and dancing. There were no e-puddles or cuddle puddles, no holes in the middle of the dance floor, and a very limited number of lights, photons, and other raver paraphernalia. Everyone was completely focused on the music, which I respect immensely. I don’t know if this was due to the show being very genre specific (limited to trance only), or if the crowd was mostly alcoholics, but I much prefer this type of party environment. Don’t get me wrong, the rave scene in Cali is one of a kind; nowhere else in the world will you see so many fucked up kids in one place. But, as my clubbing experience has grown and my musical taste has been refined, I have started to really affiliate myself with the true trance fans. Sure, anyone can enjoy the music being played, but I felt like the appreciation was much more obvious at the ASOT party. The crowd was one I could definitely plug into, and this further improved the overall vibe of the night.

Here are two of the videos I took from that night, both were recorded in AVCHD and then converted to mp4 format. I will upload more once I have more time to do so. The quality isn’t perfect after the youtube upload, but I think you get the point. Make sure you load the video in HD quality. Here is Armin’s intro (look how happy he is!):

Here is Armin spinning Andrew Bennett feat. Sir Adrian – Run Till U Shine (Cosmic Gate Remix):

Check out my friend’s youtube page for more videos from the night.