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The last 2011 party at The Gallery was a big one, as it featured several big names in its lineup. The main room at the Ministry of Sound Christmas party was stacked as it hosted Cosmic Gate, Markus Schulz, Rank 1, Jochen Miller, and Andy Moor. Nic and Bossi are currently on their Wake Your Mind tour, so their set was appropriately filled with songs from the new album. Pretty predictable, but very consistent. Andy Moor’s set was decent, with the track 3 ID and the 2011 rework of Air for Life as the highlights. My favorite set of the night is Markus’ because of the impressive tracklist. The mashups and IDs that he played really stand out as crowd pleasing moments. Closing out the night was a special back to back set featuring Rank 1 and Jochen Miller. Their song selection is great, however the mixing is a bit spotty. Solid planning, average execution. Nevertheless, it’s still pretty amazing to experience these back 2 back sets because you get double the creativity when the styles are compatible. Check out the music from the 2011 closing party from The Gallery at the Ministry of Sound in London below. Download links can be found at the bottom of the post.

Markus Schulz
01 Markus Schulz – Digital Madness (Transmission 2011 Theme)
02 Markus Schulz presents Dakota – Cape Town (Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano Remix)
03 Markus Schulz presents Dakota – Saints (Beat Service Remix)
04 Khomha – Mind Gamer
05 Johnny Yono – Fairfax
06 ReLocate vs Robert Nickson – Resource
07 Sander van Doorn – Slap My Pitch Up
08 Ken plus Ichro vs. Aly & Fila & Jwaydan – We Control the Progression (Markus Schulz Mashup)
09 Radion 6 – B U tiful
10 Moorea Blur – Close Your Eyes
11 Max Freegrant – Olya (KhoMha Remix)
12 Armin van Buuren – Blue Fear (Orjan Nilsen 2012 Remix)
13 PPK – Resurrection (Setrise Remix)
14 Beat Service – Outsider
15 ID (Track 11 from Transmission Czech Republic 2011 )
16 Markus Schulz pres. Dakota vs. Marcel Woods – Advanced Sleepwalkers (Armin van Buuren Mashup)
17 ID (Track 10 from GDJB World Tour Washington DC Nov 2011 Set)
18 Markus Schulz & Jochen Miller – Rotunda

Cosmic Gate

01 Cosmic Gate feat. Arnej – Sometimes They Come Back For More (Intro Mix)
02 Cosmic Gate feat. Jes – Flying Blind
03 Mat Zo – Bipolar
04 Cosmic Gate feat. Emma Hewitt – Be Your Sound
05 Cosmic Gate – The Theme
06 Cosmic Gate – Wake Your Mind
07 Mike Koglin & Genix – Dyno
08 Alex Kunnari feat. Ben Andreas – Taste The Sun (Tom Fall Remix)
09 Cosmic Gate feat. J’something – Over The Rainbow
10 Kyau & Albert – Are You Fine? (Arty Remix)
11 Sander Van Doorn & Adrian Lux – Eagles
12 Delerium feat. Sarah Mclachlan – Silence (W&W vs. Jonas Stenberg Remix)
13 Above & Beyond – Formula Rossa
14 Cosmic Gate – Fire Wire (Cosmic Gate Back 2 The Future Remix)
15 Cosmic Gate feat. Emma Hewitt – Calm Down

Andy Moor

01 Mat Zo & Arty – Mozart
02 Mike vs. Genix – Dyno
03 ID
04 Paul van Dyk feat. Sue McLaren – We Come Together (Arty Remix)
05 Andy Moor feat Carrie Skipper – She Moves vs Rafaël Frost – Smash
06 Above & Beyond feat. Richard Bedford – Sun & Moon (Marcus Schossow Remix)
07 Gareth Emery – Tokyo (Ben Gold Remix)
08 Andy Moor feat. Sue McLaren – Fight The Fire
09 Cathy Burton – Reach Out To Me (Chris Schweizer Remix)
10 Lange vs Gareth Emery – Another You Another Me (Rafaël Frost Remix)
11 Super8 & Tab Feat Anton Sonin – Black Is The New Yellow (Protoculture Remix)
12 Temple One feat. Neev Kennedy – Love The Fear (Tom Fall Remix)
13 Above & Beyond vs. Andy Moor – Air For Life (Andy Moor’s 2011 Remodel)

Rank 1 b2b Jochen Miller

01 Super8 & Tab feat. Julie Thompson – My Enemy (Rank 1 Remix)
02 Jochen Miller – Bamm
03 Rank 1 – Airwave (Arnej Rework)
04 Jochen Miller – Brace Yourself
05 Rank 1 – L.E.D. There Be Light
06 Jochen Miller vs. Dirty Money feat. Skylar Grey – Humanoid vs. Coming Home (Acapella)
07 Rank 1 and Jochen Miller – And Then
08 Jochen Miller – Troucid
09 Cosmic Gate – Analog Feel (Rank-1′s Digital Re-Harsh)
10 John O’Callaghan vs Rank 1 & Jochen Miller – Find Yourself vs The Great Escape (Simon Lee & Alvin Edit)
11 Jochen Miller – Red One
12 Rank 1 – Airwave
13 Jochen Miller – Face Value
14 Armin Van Buuren & Rank 1 ft. Kush – This World Is Watching Me (Cosmic Gate Remix)
15 Markus Schulz feat. Khaz – Dark Heart Waiting (Jochen Miller Remix)
16 Rank 1 – Top Gear
17 Jochen Miller – Lost Connection
18 Dutch Force – Deadline
19 Cygnus X – Superstring (Rank 1 Remix)
20 Jochen Miller – U & Eye
21 Rank 1 – Awakening

Download Markus’ set here
Download Cosmic Gate’s set here
Download Andy Moor’s set here
Download Rank 1 vs Jochen Miller’s set here

Let’s fall back down the rabbit hole with the help of one of my favorite DJs at the moment, Markus Schulz. He has been on fire in the past two years, but it’s still important to take a worthwhile look back at what he has done in the past. I believe I will eventually upload all of his city compilations as throwbacks, but for now I am sharing with you the 2006 release of Ibiza. Every year when the weather heats up, Markus travels to the Baleric Islands to kick off the summer party season. In 2006 he decided to incorporate what he heard over there into a two disc compilation. What we get is an end result which was and still remains today, one of the best releases to come from Coldharbour Recordings.  Ibiza 06, Miami 05, and Coldharbour Selections 2004 are three of my favorite mix CDs put together by Markus. Both discs in this album just flow from start to finish with such an amazing drive that never lets up. This being an Ibiza themed album, there are plenty of summer grooves and relaxing guitar riffs to keep you captivated.

CD1 starts off with a great intro track by Ohmna, and you immediately get a sense of the island with the nice guitar work. Benya’s work in track 2 reminds me a lot of the stuff that Tucandeo has been putting out, and Jose Amnesia, who is famous for his summery style, provides a great vocal track with Jennifer Rene in song #3. The remainder of the CD keeps the incredible progressive journey going, especially with Niklas Harding & Funabashi and Progresia providing some really amazing productions (make sure you check out Shelter and Addictive). The rest of the tracks are very chill, and set the mood perfectly for the second disc. CD2 picks up right where CD1 ended, this time with a little bit more energy. The Hawk remix of The Fusion is very catchy, and Year Zero is a classic collaboration between Andy Moor and Orkidea. Nick Thompson’s Once Upon a Time and the Funabashi remix of Markus’ First Time are another pair of favorites with their space-like ambiance and spellbinding basslines. You may also recognize Kyau & Albert’s Kiksu, which was recently reworked this year and played quite often on Markus’ radio show. The album ends fittingly with a driving track by American producer Casey Keyworth, aka Breakfast.

The best part of this album is the overall sense of completeness that Markus brings to the table. The mixing is great; most segues last 20-30 seconds between tracks, which gives you the impression of songs seamlessly blending into each other. Markus mixes them together so naturally that you don’t know when the first track has ended and the second has begun. All of the tunes selected are deep and have that driving, hypnotic backbone which, let’s face it, many of today’s trance songs fail to provide. How good is the trance if it doesn’t put you in a trance? There are, however, some tracks that could be considered fillers, but even then they still fit quite well with the rest of the songs. While it’s not as perfect as the Coldharbour Sessions 2004 album, this release is as close to spotless as they come. Markus truly delivers with this compilation, and if you are looking for something a little bit deeper and darker without any help from the vocal cheese-shop, then you should really check out these two mixes below.

01 Ohmna – People Get Lost
02 Benya – Mimas
03 Jose Amnesia Feat. Jennifer Rene – Louder
04 Joost Van der Vleuten- New Horizon
05 Lens – Dusk Till Dawn (Alex Stealthy Remix)
06 Progresia – The Shelter
07 Francis Blaid – Mystery (Allende Remix)
08 Niklas Harding & Funabashi – Addictive
09 Alex Monakhov – Feel Lonely
10 Turning The Curve – Benz & MD (Original mix)
11 Nick Thompson- Strategos
12 4Mal & Matthew Adams featuring Corey Andrew – Technology & Computer Parts
13 Chuck Luis – Collision
14 DJ Remy – Wink


01 Ormatie – Glossow (Original mix)
02 Joonas Hahmo – The Fusion (Hawk Remix)
03 Perry O’Neil – South-West Saga
04 Baltic Sound – Glimmer (Micah and Joel Armstrong’s Ruhnsong remix)
05 Andy Moor vs Orkidea – YearZero
06 Kenneth Thomas – Achems Razor
07 Roland Klinkenberg – Whats The Point
08 Nick Thompson – Once Upon A Time
09 Markus Schulz ft. Anita Kelsey – First Time (Funabashi Remix)
10 Algarve – Greasepaint (Markus Schulz Reconstruction)
11 Ambrosial – Sunshift (Arthur Schmidt of Basic Perspective Remix)
12 Kyau & Albert – Kiksu
13 Sassot -Where It All Begun
14 Breakfast – The Air Between

*note: I fucked up on the CD rip so you may hear a slight skip in between tracks, apologies for that

More Markus:
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Coldharbour Session 2004
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ASOT 500 (album)

Holy shit these ASOT milestone parties are getting crazy! With a crapload of DJs traveling across 5 different continents over a span of 5 eventful nights, trance music was in serious overdrive as Armin van Buuren hosted one of the most massive series of parties ever. There’s no way I am going to upload all of the sets onto my amateur blog, but I have included a link at the bottom of this post which is a great source for this event’s music and tracklists. What I am sharing is the 5 disc set (5 seems to be the magical number here) which Armada has put together to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the A State of Trance radio show. This time traveling compilation is excellent because it features 5 well-established artists, all of whom have chosen some really, really  nice throwbacks played throughout the history of ASOT. Each DJ brings their own style to the table, and I’m honestly having a hard time picking my favorite set. Markus and Andy’s mixes are really deep and proggy, while Paul Oakenfold and Cosmic Gate showcase many time-honored trance hits. Armin does a nice job mixing new hits with vintage tunes. This isn’t a collection where the DJ gets to play their own productions, rather it is a true look back at some of the best trance songs from the past decade. The plethora of classics in this one is almost overwhelming, and I genuinely enjoyed this release more than all of the live sets combined. Speaking of which, most of the DJs put on pretty good performances, but too many of them used a lot of fluffy tracks and a few played some really cheesy mashups. I am however extremely impressed with this collection, and it is quite easily one of the best albums released this year.

Disc 1 – Armin van Buuren
01 Gaia – Tuvan (Intro Mix)
02 Adam White & Andy Moor presents Whiteroom – The White Room
03 Above & Beyond – No One On Earth (Gabriel & Dresden Remix)
04 Arksun – Arisen
05 Galen Behr vs Hydroid – Carabella (Galen Behr vs Orjan Nilsen Remix)
06 Peter Martijn Wijnia presents Majesta vs DJ Shah feat. Adrina Thrope – Who Will Find Me In The End (Armin van Buuren Mash Up)
07 Enmass – CQ (Seek You)
08 Dogzilla – Without You (John O’Callaghan Remix) (Armin van Buuren Edit)
09 L.S.G. – Netherworld (Oliver Prime Remix)
10 Alex M.O.R.P.H. – Walk The Edge (Alex M.O.R.P.H. B2B Woody van Eyden Mix)
11 Robert Nickson – Spiral
12 Stoneface & Terminal – Stardust vs Dash Berlin with Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren – Man On The Run vs Rex Mundi feat. Susana – Nothing At All (Armin van Buuren Mash Up)
13 Sophie Sugar vs Sunlounger – Lost Together (Armin van Buuren Mash Up)
14 Selu Vibra – Divine
15 Armin van Buuren presents Gaia – Status Excessu D (ASOT 500 Theme)

Disc 2 – Paul Oakenfold
1 Grace – Not Over Yet (Robert Vadney Remix)
2 Interstate – I Found You
3 Peter Martin presents Anthanasia – Perfect Wave
4 Chakra – Home
5 Ascension – Someone (Robert Vadney Remix)
6 Paul Oakenfold – Southern Sun (Roman Hunter Remix)
7 Solarstone – Seven Cities (V-One’s Living Cities Remix)
8 Planet Perfecto – Bullet In A Gun (Nat Monday Remix)
9 Insigma – Open Our Eyes
10 Paul Oakenfold feat. Matt Goss – Firefly (Nat Monday Remix)
11 Paul Oakenfold – Tokyo
12 DJ Misjah & DJ Tim – Access

Disc 3 – Markus Schulz
01 Interstate – Remember Me (Shawn Mitiska & Tyler Michaud Remix)
02 Audioholics – External Key
03 Perry O’Neil – Wave Force
04 Three Drives On A Vinyl – Greece 2000 (Markus Schulz Big Room Remix)
05 Rex Mundi vs Ronski Speed feat. Sir Adrian – The Perspective Space (Markus Schulz Mash Up)
06 Funabashi – Daylight
07 Probspot – Blueberry
08 Mark Otten – Tranquility  (Markus Schulz Coldharbour Remix)
09 Airwave – When Things Go Wrong
10 Albion – Air
11 Mr. Pit – Shana (Duderstadt Progressive Dub)
12 Elevation – Biscayne
13 Bedrock – Heaven Scent

Disc 4 – Cosmic Gate
01 Viframa – Cristalle (Katana’s Intro Mix)
02 Darren Tate vs Jono Grant – Let The Light Shine In
03 Young Parisians feat. Ben Lost – Jump The Next Train (Kyau vs Albert Remix)
04 DJ Ton TB – Dream Machine (Marco V Mix)
05 Basic Dawn – Pure Thrust (NU NRG Remix)
06 Cosmic Gate feat. Jan Johnston – I Feel Wonderful
07 Solar Stone – Solarcoaster
08 Pulser – My Religion
09 Rank 1 – Airwave
10 Plastic Boy – Silver Bath
11 Reeloop – Fucking Society
12 Cosmic Gate – Ultra Curve
13 Jurgen Vries – The Theme (Dumonde Remix)
14 Vincent De Moor – Fly Away (Cosmic Gate Remix)

Disc 5 – Andy Moor
01 Rio Addicts – Crossroads
02 Ridgewalkers feat. El – Find (Andy Moor Remix)
03 Yilmaz Althanan – Eighties
04 RR Workshop – Electrolux
05 Super8 & Tab – Helsinki Scorchin’
06 Andy Moor vs Orkidea – Yearzero (Andy Moor’s First Light Mix)
07 Niklas Harding presents Arcane – Ice Beach
08 David West feat. Andreas Hermansson – Larry Mountains 54
09 Andy Moor – Halcyon
10 Lange feat. Sarah Howells – Out Of The Sky (Kyau & Albert Remix)
11 Lange vs Gareth Emery – Another You Another Me
12 Hammer & Bennett – Language
13 Maor Levi – Reflect
14 Rex Mundi – Sunrise In Ibiza (Drive Mix)

Check out the recorded live sets from all of the events here

Buy this album here

The first release of Andy Moor’s Breaking the Silence compilation mix came out in 2009, and that is followed by the release of volume 2, which came out earlier this month on Andy’s AVA label. These two mixes fall pretty much in line with what you’d expect from Andy Moor. The first disc is super chill, while the second one ups the energy just a little bit. I have never seen Andy live, but I hope his sets have more energy than this album. There are however some really pretty songs here and there, and the majority of the tracklist is very new. Overall this is a decent release showcasing some fresh unreleased songs, but I would pass on this if you are looking for a nice party mix to rock out to.

Disc 1
01 Will Holland feat. Jeza – Start Again (Original Intro Mix)
02 Ad Brown presents Maxi Valvona – Fractions
03 DNS Project & Fast Distance – Kickdown
04 Zack Roth – Silver Of Blue
05 Masoud feat. Hannah Ray – Here We Go
06 Gofman & Tsukerman – Bliss
07 Joseph Areas – Subtle Motion
08 David Forbes – Point Picquet
09 Daniel Kandi – Promised (Jason van Wyk Remix)
10 Mark Eteson – Universal Language
11 Nitrous Oxide feat. Anyem – Follow You (Maor Levi Remix)
12 Ad Brown feat. Kerry Leva – Memorial (You Were Loved) (Maor Levi Club Mix)
13 Lange & Fabio XB presents Yves De Lacroix – Electrify (Lange Mix)
14 Danny Chen feat. Cristina – Just A Dream

Disc 2

01 Ashley Wallbridge – Liquid (Intro Mix)
02 Mike Koglin – Sunstar
03 Tenishia feat. Aneym – Man in Denial (David Forbes Remix)
04 Masoud – Skyward
05 Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren – Another World (Original Vocal Mix)
06 Andy Moor vs M.I.K.E. – Spirit’s Pulse
07 Fabio XB & Yves De Lacroix – Universe Of Love (First State’s Prog Mix)
08 Snatt & Vix – Destination Shoreline
09 tyDi feat. Tania Zygar – Half Light (Fabio XB Vocal Rework)
10 Ben Nicky – Drizzle
11 Tydi feat. Brianna Holan – Never Go Back
12 David Forbes – Yasai
13 Tritonal feat. Cristina Soto – Lifted (Mat Zo Remix)
14 Ashley Wallbridge – Moonlight Sonata
15 Spark7 – Lightness

Transmission 2010 Future Cities

Here are the sets from Transmission 2010, which was hosted by United Music and took place at the O2 Arena in Prague (Czech Republic). This event is becoming one of my international favorites due to the sick lineups it procures. Last year it featured artists like Markus Schulz, Sander van Doorn, Menno de Jong, Giuseppe Ottaviani, and Gareth Emery. This year’s event sees the return of Markus and Sander, along with appearances by Simon Patterson, W&W, and Andy Moor. Unfortunately not all of the sets were recorded from this year’s event, and I am sad to say that the W&W set is one that is missing. The official anthem, titled Future Cities, can be heard as the opening track in Markus’ set. If anyone can help with some ID’s, that would be great. Check out the download links as well as the official trailer at the bottom of the post.

Transmission 2010: Future Cities – November 6, 2010 at the O2 Arena in Prague, Czech Republic

Andy Moor
01 Ashley Wallbridge – Rhythm (Intro Mix)
02 tyDi vs. Andy Moor & Ashley Wallbridge Featuring Meighan Nealon – Good Faces (Ashley Wallbridge Mashup)
03 Andy Moor Featuring Carrie Skipper – She Moves
04 Rank 1 & Jochen Miller vs. Yuri Kane – The Right Escape (Armin van Buuren Mashup)
05 ID
06 ID
07 Arty – Hope (Club Mix)
08 Signalrunners Featuring Julie Thompson – These Shoulders (Andy Moor Remix)
09 tyDi Featuring Audrey Gallagher – Calling
10 Flash Brothers Featuring Epiphony – More Than You Know (Ram Remix)
11 Lange, Andy Moor, Komytea & Tiesto – Lethal Stadium Four (Gareth Emery Re-Edit)
12 Mory Kante – Yeke Yeke (Mark Eteson Remix)
13 ID
14 Matt Darey Presents Urban Astronauts – See The Sun (Tenishia Remix)
15 Ben Nicky – Rattle

Markus Schulz
01 Markus Schulz – Future Cities (Transmission Intro Mix)
02 Rank 1 & Jochen Miller vs. Yuri Kane – The Right Escape (Markus Schulz Big Room Reconstruction)
03 Markus Schulz – The New World (Remix)
04 Mr. Pit – Overload
05 Ashley Wallbridge vs. Markus Schulz & Ana Criado – Surreal Smoke (Markus Schulz Mashup)
06 ID (Track 11 from GDJB World Tour Budapest Set)
07 Jonathan Stone – Always and Forever
08 Markus Schulz & Justine Juissa vs. Tomcraft & Jerome Isma-Ae – Perception in the Redlight District (Markus Schulz Mashup)
09 Shogun – Star Line (Dub Mix / Markus Schulz Big Room Reconstruction)
10 Rex Mundi – Opera of Northern Ocean (Phynn Remix / Markus Schulz Big Room Reconstruction)
11 Marc Simz – Forbidden City
12 Gareth Emery – Global (Markus Schulz Big Room Reconstruction)
13 Mr. Pit – Sky Traffic
14 Jon O’Bir Featuring Fisher – Found a Way (Joint Operations Centre Remix)
15 Miki Litvak – Pollinator (Gary Beck Remix / Markus Schulz Big Room Reconstruction)
16 La Roux – In for the Kill (Michael Woods Remix)
17 Genix – Zzubb
18 Rex Mundi – Valley of Dreams
19 Markus Schulz – Rain (Phynn Remix)
20 Cosmic Gate – The Drums (Markus Schulz Remix)
21 Pobsky – Final Cloud (Markus Schulz Edit)
22 Hammer & Bennett – Language (Phynn Remix)
23 Setrise – Kernkraft 400 (Markus Schulz Edit)

Sander van Doorn
01 Steve Angello – Rave N’ Roll
02 ID
03 Mac Zimms – Raaaw
04 Purple Haze – Hymn 2.0
05 Jon O’Bir Featuring Fisher – Found a Way (Joint Operations Centre Remix)
06 ID
07 Orjan – Sanctuary
08 Tiesto vs. Diplo – C’Mon
09 Element One – Everyone on Earth
10 Marcel Woods – Tomorrow (Matthew Nagle Remix)
11 Faithless – Tweak Your Nipple (Tiлsto Remix)
12 Sander van Doorn – Daddyrock
13 Filo & Peri Featuring Audrey Gallagher – This Night (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)
14 Progresia – Sibir
15 Ummet Ozcan – Arcadia
16 ID
17 ID
18 Sander van Doorn – Daisy
19 The Killers – Spaceman (Sander van Doorn Remix Part 2)
20 ID
21 Andrew Bennett – Adagio For Strings
22 John O’Callaghan Featuring Sarah Howells – Find Yourself (Heatbeat Remix)
23 Club Scene Investigators – Direct Dizko (Sander van Doorn Remix) w/ Marco V – Godd (Acappella)

Simon Patterson

01 Greg Downey – Global Code (Scot Project Remix)
02 Marc Simz – Forbidden City
03 Ronald van Gelderen – Semper Fi (John O’Callaghan remix)
04 ID
05 ID
06 Simon Patterson – Mood Swing
07 Simon Patterson – Us
08 Simon Patterson – Latika
09 ID
10 ID
11 ID

Download Andy’s set here
Download Markus’ set here
Download Sander’s set here
Download Simon’s set here

Here is the official Transmission 2010 trailer:

Check out the official event website

A State of Sundays on Sirius|XM

Here is some great news from Armin’s website on September 10, 2010:

Today, on the day of the release of his fourth artist album ‘Mirage’, Armin van Buuren announces a new concept on SIRIUS XM Radio: ‘A State of Sundays’. A State of Sundays is a weekly 24 hour radio day of which the first episode will be broadcast on Sunday September 12th.

A State of Sundays will feature  van Buuren’s critically acclaimed and award-winning ‘A State of Trance’ radio show. Every week, the two-hour show, that showcases the world’s best trance and progressive music, is listened to by over 10 million dance-lovers. In addition to the show, listeners of A State of Sundays will hear an exclusive hour with Armin’s personal collection, ranging from trance to progressive, house and down-tempo electronic music. Next to that, the show will feature a ‘Favourite Future DJ’ segment and special DJ sets by the likes of Markus Schulz, Dash Berlin, John O’Callaghan, Andy Moor, Ashley Wallbridge and W&W.

Armin van Buuren:“Next year I’m celebrating 500 episodes and 10 years of my weekly radio show A State of Trance  and I was looking for ways to expand the show. SIRIUS XM gives me the unique opportunity to provide my fans with even more new tunes and exclusive mixes from around the world. We’ll also look back on the history of the radio show and trance music in general. It’s a dream that comes true to be able to program 24 hours of music and that some of the top DJ’s from around the world will do exclusive shows for A State of Sundays.”

A State of Trance has expanded its reach into Sundays, which is now comprised of a crazy 24 HOURS of continuous trance.  Channel 80, which used to be called Area, has been renamed as Electric Area. On Mondays-Saturdays, it will still broadcast all the same programs currently in the lineup, including shows by Tiesto, PvD, and Oakenfold, but it now also hosts new shows by Chuckie, Josh Wink, as well as Steve Aoki. Armin is now in complete control of the Sunday schedule, so it will be interesting to see how he fills the time slots. At first I was a little bit skeptical about this idea, mainly because  that is a lot of hours of music to play by just one man. But then again, since Armin is receiving a lot of help in the form of guest mixes, maybe this isn’t such a bad idea. Having a whole day to broadcast entirely trance music will expose a lot of listeners to the many wide ranging styles of trance. I will be a happy camper on Sundays now that I can turn on XM radio and have a channel completely dedicated to trance. The concepts of future favorite DJs and old-school tunes are a great starting block for the show, but I am very curious to see what Armin has in store for us.

The show is now in its second week, but I have uploaded three random sets from the first week’s show. I recommend alldj as a great source for downloading these aired sets that you missed out on.

A State of Sundays – Markus Schulz – September 12, 2010

A State of Sundays – Andy Moor – September 12, 2010

A State of Sundays – W&W – September 12, 2010

A State of Sundays – John O’Callaghan – September 12, 2010

Download Markus’ set here
Download Andy’s set here

Download the W&W set here
Download the JOC set here

For when to tune in, check out the Sirius website

ASOT 450 Poland

Here are the sets from the night of April 24, 2010 in the Centennial Hall located in Wroclaw, Poland. This was the last day (day 5) of the entire ASOT 450 celebration , and it certainly closed out with a bang.  I thought that this party had the most potential for having the best music, and the tracklist undeniably lives up to this. I haven’t listened through all of them yet, but so far they sound great. I’m not sure what’s up with the recordings, but some of the sets do have some breaks in them and there could possibly be some missing tracks. Every year the ASOT party gets bigger and bigger, I wonder what Armin has up his sleeves for ASOT 500…

Mat Zo
01. Faithless – Not Going Home (Eric Prydz Remix)
02. ID – ID + Marco V – Unprepared (Acapella)
03. Motorcycle – As The Rush Comes (YAmos & Ultimate D. Remix)
04. Mat Zo – Near The End
05. Andrea Doria vs. LXR – Beauty Of Silence (Inpetto Remix)
06. ID – ID
07. Josh Gabriel pres. Winter Kills – Deep Down (Mat Zo Remix)
08. Kyau & Albert – Once In A Life (Club Mix)
09. ID – ID
10. Lange feat. Emma Hewitt – Live Forever (Mat Zo Remix)

Jorn van Deynhoven

01. 3rd Moon – Bliss (Hydro Aquatic Remix)
02. Activa Vs. Sean Tyas – Melbourne In This World (Jaro Sabo Mash Up) ?
03. W&W vs. Jonas Stenberg – Alligator ****house (Bjorn Akesson Remix)
04. RAM vs. Talla 2XLC feat. Naama Hilman – Between RAMsterdam (Next DJ mashup of JvD Remix)
05. John Askew – Bored of You, Bored of Me (Gary Maguire Remix)
06. Thomas Bronzwaer – Collider (Jorn Van Deynhoven Remix)
07. Emotia – Sequile (Ronny K. Emotion Mix)
08. Mike Shiver vs. Matias Lehtola – Snooze (Bjorn Akesson Remix)
09. Marcus Schцssow & Reeves feat. Emma Hewitt – Light (Stoneface & Terminal Dub)
10. Ronski Speed feat. Emma Hewitt pres. Sun Decade – Lasting Light (Jorn van Deynhoven Dub)

Super 8 & Tab

01. Super8 & Tab feat. Anton Sonin – Black Is The New Yellow (Original Mix)
02. Paul Van Dyk – Nothing But You (Super8 & Tab Remix)
03. Lange – Under Pressure (Original Mix)
04. Super8 & Tab – Elektra Scorchin (Super8 & Tab Mashup)
05. Super8 & Tab vs. Armin Van Buuren feat. Nadia – Helsinki’s Watching (Above & Beyond’s Mashup Mix)
06. Meck feat. Dino – Feels Like A Prayer (Bart Claessen Dub Mix)
07. Rafael Frost – Flashback (Original Mix)
08. Ferry Corsten feat. Betsie Larkin – Made of Love (Super8 & Tab Remix)
09. Super8 & Tab – Irufushi (Original Mix)
10. 7 Skies – Caffeine (Original Mix)

Andy Moor

01. TyDi – Good Dream (Barnes & Heatcliff Remix) w/ Ashley Wallbridge & Andy Moor feat. Meighan Nealon – Faces (Acapella)
02. Rank 1 vs. Jochen Miller – The Great Escape (Extended Mix) w/ Yuri Kane – Right Back (Original Mix)
03. Velvetine – Safe (Wherever You Are) (Ian Flux & Thomas Blofeld Vocal Mix)
04. Andy Moor feat. Carrie Skipper – She Moves (Ashley Wallbridge Re-Dub)
05. Gareth Emery – Global (Original Mix)
06. Tiesto vs. Lange & Andy Moor vs. Komytea – Lethal Stadium Four (Gareth Emery Edit)
07. Andy Moor – ID
08. Matt Darey pres. Urban Astronauts feat. Kate Louise Smith – See The Sun (Tenishia Remix)
09. Adam White & Andy Moor pres. Whiteroom – The White Room (Original Mix)
10. Ben Gold – Sapphire (Main Mix)

Armin van Buuren 
01. Armin van Buuren pres. Gaia – Aisha (Intro Mix)
02. Cosmic Gate – Barra (Extended Mix)
03. Shogun feat. Emma Lock – Save Me (Original Mix)
04. Matt Darey pres. Urban Astronauts feat. Kristy Thirsk – Black Flowers (Josh Gabriel Remix)
05. BT feat. Jes – Every Other Way (Armin van Buuren Remix)
06. Faithless – Not Going Home (Armin van Buuren Remix)
07. W&W vs. Jonas Stenberg – Alligator ****house (Original Mix)
08. Ali Wilson – Pandora (Original Mix)
09. Armin van Buuren pres. Gaia – Tuvan (Extended Mix)
10. Ben Preston feat. Susie – Remember Me (Daniel Kandi’s Flashy Tribute Mix)
11. Eco – And We Flew Away (Original Mix)
12. Max Graham feat. Neev Kennedy – Sun In The Winter (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)
13. Armin van Buuren feat. Cathy Burton vs. Cosmic Gate – F.A.V. Rain (Armin van Buuren Mashup)
14. Binary Finary – 1998 (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)
15. Arctic Moon – True Romance (Original Mix)
16. Alex M.O.R.P.H. – Walk The Edge (Alex M.O.R.P.H. B2B Woody Van Eyden Mix)
17. Jer Martin vs. Armin van Buuren feat. Justine Suissa – Ten Minutes of Burning Desire (Armin van Buuren Mashup)
18. Ehren Stowers – Frequency (Original Mix)
19. Cirez D vs. Armin van Buuren feat. Sharon den Adel – On Off Of Love (Armin van Buuren Mashup)

Markus Schulz
01. Markus Schulz feat. Khaz – Dark Heart Waiting (Intro Mix)
02. Reverse – Absolute Reality (Arty Remix)
03. ID – ID
04. Jochen Miller – Red One
05. Jan Johnston – Flesh (Thr3shold Remix)
06. Anton Firtich pres. AF Project – Something Wrong w/ ID
07. M6 – The Flow (Skytech Remix)
08. ID – ID
09. Skytech – Comet (Original Mix)
10. Rex Mundi – Opera Of Northern Ocean (Phynn Remix)
11. Rank 1 – Breathing (Markus Schulz Coldharbour Remix)
12. Markus Schulz feat. Khaz – Dark Heart Waiting (Club Mix)

Sied van Riel
01. ID – ID
02. Sander van Doorn – Daisy (Original Mix)
03. Aly & Fila feat. Denise Rivera – My Mind Is With You (W&W Remix)
04. Bart Claessen – Hartseer (Scot Project Remix)
05. Sied Van Riel – MME
06. Ummet Ozcan – Trinity (Original Mix)
07. Robert Gitelman – Fluidum (Original Mix)
08. Anton Firtich feat. Victoria Mazze – Meant To Be Free (Original Mix)
09. Olive – You’re Not Alone (Paul Webster Remix)
10. Mike Foyle pres. Statica – Deadly Nightshade (Phynn Remix)
11. Andain – Beatiful Things (Roger Shah Magic Island Remix)

Sebastian Brandt

01. Sebastian Brandt – 450 (Intro Mix)
02. ID – ID
03. Aurosonic – Feel (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)
04. Sebastian Brandt – 450 (Original Mix)
05. Dimension – Queensland (Artic Moon Remix)
06. Signum – First Strike
07. Masoud feat. Laurie – Blinded (Sebastian Brandt Remix)
08. John Askew – Blackout (Simon Patterson Remix)
09. Dogzilla – Without You (John O’Callaghan Remix)
10. Cold Blue & Pedro Del Mar – 11 Days (Sebastian Brandt Remix)
11. Greg Downey & Bryan Kearney – Acid Show (SkytrOnic Tech Mashup)

Nitrous Oxide

01. ID – ID
02. Nitrous Oxide feat. Sean Ryan – Come Into My World (Original Mix)
03. ID – ID
04. Nitrous Oxide feat. Aneym – Far Away (Club Mix)
05. Nitrous Oxide – Dreamcatcher (Original Mix)
06. Activa pres. Solar Movement – Eclipse (Mat Zo Remix)
07. Augustin Servente – Esturion (Jonas Hornblad Remix)
08. Tim Preijers pres. Sense Of Shiver feat. Boom – Offshore (Arctic Moon Remix)
09. ID – ID

Random Tracks

Here are some random tracks I have procured in the last week that I would like to share with you. Some of them are rips, while others aren’t released yet. Happy humpday everybody!

Faithless – Not Going Home (Armin van Buuren Remix)
This is the latest single from Faithless. I have heard a lot of their songs remixed as house tracks, but this is one of the first trance remixes of theirs. Some of you may like it, while others will quickly talk shit about it, haha. I’ll leave that opinion up to you.

Lostep – Burma (Martin Roth NuStyle Bootleg)
Martin Roth’s NuStyle tracks hold a special place in my heart, even though all the beats sound the same. This is a bootleg of a popular song by  Australians Lostep, which has already been made popular in Sasha’s Involver album. I ripped this song from DJ Eco’s Infrasonic mix a couple of months ago. It was used as a great opening track, so check out the hypnotic introduction.  

Simon Patterson – See You Soon (Original Mix)
I cannot wait for this song to be released! Word is that Simon is coming out with an album, and it should be released in the nearby future. Nothing short of quality from this guy.

Armin van Buuren – Blue Fear (performed by Noord Nederlands Orkest)
Remember when I posted about the classical interpretations of Armin’s music? Here is a recording of Blue Fear performed by the Dutch orchestra Noord Nederlands. This is a nice little live recording, but I still dream that all the tracks will eventually be released in full digital quality =(

Andy Moor – She Moves (unknown mix)
This song has been circulating amongst a few DJs so far, but the official release date is still unknown. On his blog, Andy states that he is still unhappy with the final product, so who knows when that will be. My friend wanted me to ID this track and ever since then, the lyrics have been stuck in my head. Thanks a lot dick! Here is a live version spun by Gareth Emery on Valentine’s day… props to Manjob for the ID.

Simon Patterson – Mood Swing
Here is another track that will probably be released on Simon’s new album. This formula of beautiful melodies and hard hitting beats seems to work very well for him, and I hope he keeps em coming.

Radio Shows

If you lead a busy life like me, you know exactly how hard it is to keep up with all the new songs being produced out there. Fortunately, there are many radio shows out there to keep you updated. There are long sets, such as A State of Trance and Trance Around The World, that are comprehensive and can last up to two hours. Then there are others that are short and straight to the point, where showcasing the artist’s new stuff is the primary focus. Some radio shows feature guest DJs, with a segment of the show dedicated to their guest mix. Often times radio shows will be recorded live (as opposed to a studio mix), and you usually get a different type of performance with these. What’s great about listening to multiple shows is that you become exposed to the whole spectrum of trance music (this also applies to whatever genre of music you listen to). Some sets tend to sound more melodic, others more hard-hitting, etc. Each DJ has their own style and each set will have a different overall feel to it. You can’t say that this particular DJ is good while this other DJ is bad when you haven’t even listened to the latest music both of them are putting out. I have met too many people who are not informed enough to make the distinction between a good and a bad DJ. The best way to educate yourself (other than attending a live event) is to listen to their radio shows. These shows are the easiest way for DJs to stay connected to their listeners, and I highly suggest you check out a few of these every week because not only do you stay in touch with the DJ, but you also become familiarized with all the new songs in the market. Even when I don’t get a chance to listen through all of the sets, I will still look at all the tracklists to see if there is anything new that might sound interesting. Here is a list of all the trance radio shows trance that I try to keep up with:

Armin van Buuren – A State of Trance
Above & Beyond – Trance Around the World
Markus Schulz – Global DJ Broadcast
Menno de Jong – Intuition Radio
Aly & Fila – Future Sound of Egypt
John O’Callaghan – Subculture
Andy Moor- Moor Music
DJ Shah – Magic Island: Music for Balearic People
Tiesto – Club Life (episode 140)
Marcus Schossow – Tone Diary
Sean Tyas – Tytanium Sessions (episode 24)
Gareth Emery – The Gareth Emery Podcast
Sander van Doorn – Identity
Eddie Halliwell – Fire It Up
Manuel Le Saux – Top 20 Tunes
Ferry Corsten – Corsten’s Countdown
Paul van Dyk – Vonyc Sessions

You can download or listen live to most of them at alldj or di.fm. Happy listening everyone =)

p.s. Alldj.org is a also great way to explore other genres of music too!

About 6 years ago, Armin van Burren started his Universal Religion compilation series to showcase each summer’s hottest tracks. Recorded live from Ibiza, Spain at his Amnesia residency, each set represents the best in balearic trance. All of the previous chapters have been recorded live, and this latest installment shares the same format. What’s cool is that you get to hear the crowd reaction to the tracks being played, which really sets the mood for the CD. The way the albums capture the love for dance music is absolutely brilliant. If you listen to these mixes from start to finish, you  feel as if you are really in Amnesia as you experience the journey that Armin brings his crowds on.

So what exactly is universal religion? Obviously there is no such thing in this world (except for maybe the love of money), but Armin believes that music is the unifying obsession that can be found all across the globe. This is no joke; you can see it clearly with the 6 million listeners that tune in to his weekly ASOT shows. Regardless of what country, what race, or what religion the listener associates with, there is always one thing in common: their appreciation for dance music.  This is the point that Armin is trying to promote, and I could not agree more with him. I like the idea of a worldwide, consolidating concept, and music is definitely the easiest way to do so. I think I would find a lot of comfort in traveling around the world and partying with people who share the same interests in music as me. So let’s move onto the album…

There are two new AvB remixes on this album, as well as Gareth Emery’s remix of Armin’s Tuvan. There are also new tracks by Daniel Kandi, RAM, Nic Chagall, and cool colaborations between Roger Shah & Signum, and Lange & Andy Moor. If you like vocal tracks, you will definitely love this album as half of the album contains vocals. As always, Armin’s mixing is on point and flawless, and the songs flow seamlessly into each other. More than half of these tunes have been played on ASOTs already, but hearing them all together with the crowd noise in the background is great. My favorite new track from the album is this song: Espen Gulbrandsen vs. DJ Julian Vincent feat. Maria Nayler – Perfect Sky. The synths are dreamlike and the vocals match very well. Personally, I still like Chapter 2 the most, but this one has all the regular ASOT hits that everyone has come to enjoy. Please remember, these compilations are meant to be chill and relaxing, so don’t expect any hard hitters or anything with too much depth. Some might say the track selection is boring, but I think it is fitting considering the point of the album. The target audience is the entire world, and easy listening is the most widely accepted. I recommend playing this mix at the beach or poolside with some good headphones on, with a tasty brew within arm’s reach.

Universal Religion Chapter 4
01 BT feat. Jes – Every Other Way (Armin van Buuren Remix)
02 Nic Chagall feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn – This Moment (Prog Mix)
03 Julian Vincent feat. Cathy Burton – Here For Me (Mark Otten Re-Dub)
04 Espen Gulbrandsen vs. DJ Julian Vincent feat. Maria Nayler – Perfect Sky
05 Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren – Beggin’ You (Armin van Buuren Remix)
06 Daniel Kandi – Venice Beach
07 Gaia – Tuvan (Gareth Emery Remix)
08 Lange & Andy Moor – Stadium Four
09 Activa vs. Chris & Matt Kidd – U.R. (Stoneface & Terminal Remix)
10 Roger Shah & Signum – Healsville Sanctuary (Roger Shah Mix) (Armin van Buuren Edit)
11 RAM – RAMsterdam (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix)
12 Ian Betts – False Gods
13 tyDi & Dennis Sheperd feat. Marcie – Somehow (Sebastian Brandt Dub Remix)
14 Dakota – Sin City (Rex Mundi Remix)

Also, I normally don’t post up links for radioshows, but this one is special. Check out the latest ASOT (#422), which contains tracks from the new compilation as well as select tracks from the previous 3 albums. I have highlighted some of my favorites from the past:

ASOT 422 (9-17-2009)
01 BT feat. Jes – Every Other Way (Armin van Buuren Remix)
02 First State feat. Sarah Howells – Brave [Future Favorite]
03 Julian Vincent feat. Cathy Burton – Here For Me (Mark Otten ReDub)
04 Ridgewalkers feat. El – Find (Andy Moor Remix)<- classic
05 Espen Gulbrandsen vs. DJ Julian Vincent feat. Maria Nayler – Perfect Sky
06 David West – Welsh Morphology<- one of the sickest basslines
07 Tilt – The World Doesn’t Know
08 Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren – Beggin You (Armin van Buuren Remix)
09 Probspot – Foreplay<- great classic
10 Daniel Kandi – Venice Beach [Tune of The Weak]
11 Lange feat. Sarah Howells – Let It All Out (Ronski Speed Remix)
12 M.I.K.E. – Turn Out The Lights <- nice and deep, quality
13 Robert Nickson – Maybe Till Next Time
14 Carlo Resoort – Blinded
15 Chris Metcafle – First Encounter
16 Midway – Amazon (Original Mix)<- One of Ralphie B’s aliases, classic from 2003
17 Scarab – Vagabond (Original Mix)<- One of Airbase’s aliases, another classic from 2003
18 Ian Betts – False Gods
19 Paul Webster feat. Amanda – Time (Sean Tyas Dub)
20 The Doppler Effect – Beauty Hides In The Deep (John O’Callaghan Remix)

Download ASOT 422 here

Oh, and congrats and good luck to Mr. and Mrs. Armin van Buuren! I wonder if they had a DJ at their wedding?
Armin & Erika