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While we are on the subject of hot summer residencies, let’s revisit some legendary parties that took place on the magical island of Ibiza. First we have to jump back to 2002, when Italian DJ/producer Mauro Picotto created his Meganite party concept at the Winter Music Conference in Miami. This club event brought out thousands of party-goers searching for that raw, uncut dance music. His events were  so successful that Mr. Lizard eventually had to bring this party to Ibiza. In 2004 he did just that, transforming the super club Privilege into one of the hottest venues on the island. Over the next few years, he brought in resident DJs such as Andrew Beyer, Chris Liebing, Marco Carola, and Misstress Barbara to keep the party going. For this week’s throwback, I have uploaded a two-disc Meganite album that came out in 2008, released on the Big In Ibiza label. The first disc features the freshest summer jams of 08, while the second one contains a variety of classic tunes that were played throughout the Meganite events. I thought this would be a great way to change up the pace a little bit; the tech-house/techno style of Mauro Picotto is one of the grooviest I have ever heard. There are numerous songs in here that are a joy to get lost in, especially Daniele Papini’s The Church of Nonsense, Komonster, Contaminato, and Gabry Ribetti’s remix of  Mehr Taub. Personally, I love that mechanical bounce that techno carries with it, and it sounds especially good when it’s mixed masterfully by one of the best.

Mauro Picotto presents Meganite – Privilege, Ibiza

CD1 – Meganite Ibiza
01 Mauro Picotto – Dubai (Secret Cinema Remix)
02 Mauro Picotto – Flashing
03 Athos & Riccardo Ferri – Mescolone
04 Daniele Papini – Altered Meeting
05 Mauro Picotto – Evribadi (Adam Beyer Remix)
06 Daniele Papini – Pixel (Riccardo Ferri Remix)
07 Alen Sforzina & Riccardo Ferri – Profundo
08 Mauro Picotto – Shark
09 Mauro Picotto – Komonster
10 Daniele Papini – The Church Of Nonsense
11 Danilo Vigorito & Rino Cerrone – Aurum
12 Markantonio & Joseph Capriati – Codice Morse
13 Mauro Picotto – Rizlard
14 Mauro Picotto – Technofour
15 Athos – Lo-File (Riccardo Ferri Remix)
16 Gabry Fasano – Architetto

CD2 – Past & Present

01 Mauro Picotto – Komonster (Intro Mix)
02 Mauro Picotto – Stonehead (Hale Mix)
03 Mauro Picotto – Dubai (Original Mix)
04 Mauro Picotto – The Kite
05 Mauro Picotto – Stormi Di Darghi (Devid Mix)
06 Mauro Picotto – Greens (Riccardo Ferri Live Mix)
07 Mauro Picotto – Contaminado (Meganite Mix)
08 Mauro Picotto – Maybe, Maybe Not (Smith & Selway Remix)
09 Mauro Picotto – Lizard 2008 (Sequence 11 Aka Sterbinszky Remix)
10 Mauro Picotto – Ibiza Angel (Rex Mundi Remix)
11 Mauro Picotto – Mehr Taub (Gabry Ribetti Mix)
12 Mauro Picotto – Evribadi (Fonzerelli Remix)
13 Mauro Picotto – Iguana (Megavoices Mix)
14 Mauro Picotto – New Time New Place (Original Mix)
15 Mauro Picotto -Komodo (Save A Soul) (Megavoices Claxxix Mix)

Check out this video from the event here:

Here are some random youtube videos to keep you busy. Thank you friends who shared these with me. I especially like the last one, which is especially for the fellas.

The EDC Experience (movie trailer 2)

2020 Vision Underground

Sander van Doorn – Innerspace (Sensation)

Barnes & Heatcliff – Attention!

Fedde le Grande TV – Episode 7 – The Takeover Tour

Calvin Harris – Feel So Close

Markus Schulz – Video Blog July 2011

Dada Life – Sausage Fattener

Dash Berlin – EDC 2011 Official Aftermovie

Sander van Doorn – Video Top 5 July

Sander van Doorn – Love is Darkness

Sander van Doorn – Studio Sessions 5

Swedish House Mafia – Take One (Pt 1)

Swedish House Mafia – Take One (Pt 2)

Tiesto – Club Life College Invasion Tour

Sander van Doorn – Ninety

It has been two years since the release of Deep Down, the first single made by the Winter Kills collaboration between Josh Gabriel and vocalist Meredith Call. This summer we are presented with the official Winter Kills album, which is filled with 13 great songs that integrate creative electronica with gifted songwriting. Two years of hard work in the studio really pays off as the album is diverse in style and highly refined. Meredith’s eerily haunting voice is laid down perfectly on top of Josh’s innovative work. It would be interesting to find out if the vocals came first and the music was produced around them, or if it was switched with the music inspiring the vocals. Either way, the Winter Kills alliance works beautifully, and Josh Gabriel once again proves he has the talent to tastefully and successfully incorporate vocals into dance music. He even segues all the tracks together into one long mix, the way any dance music album should be presented. My favorites include Deep Down, Falling Back, Forward Facing, and their interesting cover of The Pretender’s I’ll Stand By You.  There are already handfuls of remixes made for the first three singles (Deep Down, My Friend, and Hot as Hades), which shows the great potential of the Winter Kills project. Check out the official music videos for these below the music. This album is released on Josh’s Different Pieces label, which joined Armada at the end of 2009.

Josh Gabriel presents Winter Kills
01 Tomorrow
02 Hot As Hades
03 Falling Back
04 Sweet Old Sound
05  Waiting
06 The Chauffeur
07 Deep Down
08 Like A Stone
09 My Friend
10 I’ll Stand By You
11 Forward Facing
12 Oklahoma Town
13 Ichabod

Deep Down music video:

My Friend music video:

Hot As Hades music video:

Meredith Call interview with Armada

Sander van Doorn is back to kick off the summer with his second Dusk Till Doorn compilation album. One thing that I always enjoy about Sander’s work is the flawless mixing, which is something he has done consistently throughout his career. Even though this is a studio mix, Sander’s mixing ability is still easily recognized as one of the best in the game. The first Dusk Till Doorn album was pretty good, although I had a problem with the deficiency of  new tunes. This year’s release is a little bit better in terms of tracklist, but it still lacks the freshness that you hear in other compilations. I guess the aim of this album is to bring you the best of what Sander has been playing recently, instead of showcasing new unreleased stuff from his label.

Disc 1 starts off with a nice intro by Dutch house producer Olav Basoski. The second track marks the return of Filterheadz with their second single this year, It Will Come To You. This blends smoothly into an interesting remix of Reach Out by Thomas Gold, but the original version still takes the cake. Afrojack and Wippenberg get into the mix with two of their latest, which have both been very popular this year. Next we hear a modern version of the classic Hale Bop by Der Dritee Raum with Dr. Kucho! on the rework. It’s always intriguing to hear these modern takes on old tunes, and this one is done legitimately. Moguai has a pair of tracks following that; the first one is sick and really sucks you into its old school bassline. I really can’t wait for this release on Anjunabeats towards the end of this month. The next two songs are a couple of Sander’s own productions, including the Basto remix of Love is Darkness. Erick Strong’s Italian does remind me of Randy Katana’s In Silence, but in a nostalgically good way. Fedde’s Control Room has been massive and also stands out in the end of the mix. The Arty remix of Punk is decent, but I’m not too sold on the direction Arty is heading towards. Although he’s very talented and probably still exploring different styles, I much prefer his melodic stuff from last year compared to this edgier sound.

While disc 1 focuses on the house side of things, Sander busts out the trance in the second disc. The opener is a very good track by Filterheadz, which was released on Doorn records last month. Sander also features MEM’s latest track Illumination, which is another one of my favorites for this year. There are also two back-to-back songs by Ummet Ozcan, who is a Doorn veteran and a frequent artist on SvD’s mixes.  Evol Waves does a great job with his cover of Everything In Its Right Place, and he pays homage to one of my favorite rock bands, Radiohead. We also get another sweet Erick Strong production in this disc, and great new songs by Radion 6, Genix, and Leon Bolier fill out the rest of the mix. Sander concludes this album with Spotfire, which is an interesting dubstep-infused house track. I’m surprised the new Purple Haze track Timezone is not on here, there must be some sort of marketing strategy for not including it. Overall these two mixes are put together very well. Sander’s best work still lies in his live sets, but this album is a great stand-in until you get to hear the real deal.

CD1 – Dusk
01 Bingo Players – Cry (Just A Little) (Olav Basoski Remix)
02 Filterheadz – It Will Come To You
03 Sander van Doorn – Reach Out (Thomas Gold Remix)
04 Afrojack – Doing It Right
05 Wippenberg – Phoenix
06 Dr. Kucho! – Hale Bop
07 Moguai – Optinuum
08 Felix Da Housecat pres. Thee Nese Djouma Projesi – Zaman (Moguai Remix)
09 Sander van Doorn – Koko
10 Sander van Doorn feat. Carol Lee – Love Is Darkness (Basto’s Bigroom Baby)
11 Marco V – Sticker
12 Nicky Romero – Keyword
13 Fedde Le Grand – Control Room
14 Erick Strong – Italian
15 Tiësto & Hardwell – Zero 76
16 Ferry Corsten – Punk (Arty Rock-n-Rolla Mix)
17 Swanky Tunes & Hard Rock Sofa – I Wanna Be Your Dog

CD2 – Dawn
01 Filterheadz – Everything Explained
02 MEM – Illumination
03 Heikki L & Lovetone – Whiteout
04 D-Mad feat. Emma Lock – I Love Indigo (Festival Mix)
05 Manuel De La Mare & Paul Thomas – Circle Of Life
06 Ali Wilson & Matt Smallwood – Bliss
07 Slusnik Luna – Sun 2011 (4 Strings Remix)
08 Radion 6 – Stuck In Rio
09 Evol Wavez – Everything In Its Right Place
10 Erick Strong – Hopeless
11 Ummet Ozcan – Transcend
12 Ummet Ozcan – Reboot
13 Genix – Cut Above
14 Leon Bolier – Cape Town
15 Sander van Doorn – Daddyrock (Arty Remix)
16 Jordan Suckly – 23!
17 Jon O’Bir & Sonic Element – Let Go
18 Jacob van Hage – Spotfire

Here is Sander’s interview about this album release:

Sander van Dorn – Dusk Till Doorn (2010)

I haven’t shared many sets from SvD lately so here’s a recent one of his recorded from Energy 2011. I love how there’s multiple unknown tracks which means the audience was treated to some really special tunes. There is lots of cool stuff from Doorn Records in this mix, including Hale Bopp and a couple of tracks from Nicky Romero. My favorite sequence of tracks is from #4-8 as Sander plays jam after jam. Of course the mixing is flawless, and the energy is great from start to finish. You can never get enough SvD in your life, check out this great mix below.

Sander van Doorn recorded live from Energy 2011  – February 19. 2011 – Jaarbeurs, Utrecht (Identity Radio 67)

01 Sander van Doorn – I Can Haz Noise (Doorn)
02 Laidback Luke – My G*o*d – Guns On Demo (Mixmash)
03 Sander van Doorn feat. Carol Lee – Love Is Darkness (Ummet Ozcan Remix)(Doorn)
04 Der Dritte Raum – Hale Bopp  (Doorn)
05 Green Velvet – Flash (Nicky Romero Remix)
06 Erick Strong – The Monster (Reset)
08 Nicky Romero – Keyword (Doorn)
09 John O’Callaghan – Bring Back The Sun (ID Remix)
10 Sander van Doorn – TBA
11 Sander van Doorn – Daddyrock (Doorn)
12 Bobby Burns & Sidney Samson – Countdown (Wall)
13 The Killers – Spaceman (Sander van Doorn Mix Part 2)
14 Francesco Diaz & Young Rebels – No Fate
15 Sander van Doorn – Daisy
16 The Thrillseekers – Synaesthesia (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)(Soundpiercing)
17 Cosmic Gate – Fire Wire (Cosmic Gate Back 2 The Future Remix)(Blackhole)

Download the set here

*June 8, 2011 edit
Fucking awesome video from the night (courtesy of SvDTV). ID’s need to be updated.

Studio Sessions with Sander van Doorn is back this year with two new episodes! Take a look below as my favorite producer explains some of the musical genius behind his production work. Also, if you enjoy these videos, you may want to check out his older studio sessions on his youtube page: SandervanDoornTV

Part 1

Part 2

Some more of his work..

SvD Favorites
SvD vs. Marco V – SW4 Weekender
SvD in California (August 2010)
SvD Dusk Till Doorn

It feels like a Coldharbour kinda week so here is another fine piece of mixing from Markus Schulz. If you haven’t listened to this set yet, I suggest you check it out below. Every month Markus graciously records one of his tour sets and broadcasts it as one of his weekly radio shows. This month he has shared with us his set from Vision nightclub in Chicago, Illinois. The tracklist is very similar to the one he played in Las Vegas, so this set actually brings back some great memories for me. Caress 2 Impress is really tearing shit up as an opener, and I think I smell another Dakota tune in track #3. Check out these awesome two hours from that night’s 4 hour set.

Markus Schulz – Global DJ Broadcast Worldtour (Recorded live from Vision in Chicago on February 26, 2011)
01. Aerofoil – Caress 2 Impress (Markus Schulz Big Room Reconstruction)
02. Khomha – Rainy in the Night (Markus Schulz Edit)
03. ID
04. Dash Berlin Featuring Emma Hewitt – Disarm Yourself (Markus Schulz Big Room Reconstruction)
05. Skytech – Sirens
06. Tim Berg – Bromance (Tucandeo Rework / Markus Schulz Big Room Reconstruction)
07. Mr. Pit – Backstage
08. Tiesto – Lethal Industry (Remix)
09. Space Rockerz – Get Down City
10. Markus Schulz – 65.4Hz (Mr. Pit Remix)
11. Beat Service – Outsider
12. Phunk Investigation – DNA Extractor (Markus Schulz Big Room Reconstruction)
13. Markus Schulz Featuring Ana Criado – Surreal (Markus Schulz Big Room Reconstruction)
14. Markus Schulz Presents Dakota – Sinners
15. Klauss Goulart – Turbulence
16. Evol Wavez – Everything in its Right Place
17. Wippenberg – Phoenix (Markus Schulz Edit)
18. Alan Fitzpatrick vs. Nadia Ali – Paranoize Rapture (Markus Schulz Mashup)
19. Markus Schulz – The New World (Barnes & Heatcliff Remix)
20. Randy Katana – In Silence (Setrise Remix)
21. Mike Foyle Presents Statica – Headrush (Markus Schulz Big Room Reconstruction)
22. Markus Schulz & Jennifer Rene vs. Gareth Emery – Not the Same Citadel (Markus Schulz Mashup)
23. Grube & Hovsepian – Invisible
24. Skytech – Comet
25. Markus Schulz & Justine Suissa vs. Tomcraft & Jerome Isma-Ae – Perception in the Redlight District (Markus Schulz Mashup)
26. Rex Mundi – Opera of Northern Ocean (Phynn Remix / Markus Schulz Big Room Reconstruction)
27. ID (Track 18 from GDJB World Tour Green Valley Set)

Download the set here

Here’s a nice little video to go along with this night’s event:

Sorry for the lack of action lately, but here are some videos from my trip to Las Vegas this past weekend. This was my first time attending the Marquee Nightclub in the Cosmopolitan Hotel, and overall I had a very good night. The Cosmo itself is a recently built hotel in the City Center establishment, so everything inside is brand-spankin new. Marquee is the new place to be on The Strip, so many great DJs have slots lined up in the next few months, which also attracts some very beautiful attendees. The lines outside were pretty long by 10pm, but it only took my friends and I about 5 minutes to get in because we had purchased pre-sale tickets online. If anyone plans to attend any events at this venue, I highly suggest buying  presale to save some time. The night began with a few rounds of Hennessey and we got in around 10:30 or so. The pre-warmup DJ was spinning top 40, and then Tatiana Fuentes took over the decks and played some house music. Her mixing was ok, but the track selection was a bit on the light, poppy side. By this time I was getting a little bit impatient and was totally ready for Mr. Coldharbour, so it was a great sight to see him finally take the stage around 1am. He opened things up with Aerofoil’s Caress to Impress and it just got crazy from there. It seriously felt like two separate parties because when Markus came on, the energy of the crowd skyrocketed three levels up. He played a lot of  popular tracks, but he also threw in a few throwbacks like Forget About Us, Home, Nothing at All, remixes of Silence and Lethal Industry, and Opera of Northern Ocean. My favorite tracks of the night were Beat Service’s Outsider, Caress to Impress, and Dakota’s Sinners. It would have made my night if he had played Noodler or his remix of Universal Nation, but I am in no position to complain. Overall it was a great party with an excellent set and the only issue I had is the small area that was allotted for the dance floor. It was crowded the entire time which meant a lot of drink-spillage and not much room for dancing. Here are a few videos from the night (remember to watch in HD):

Aerofoil – Caress to Impress (opening track shot from my friend’s camera):

Perception in the Red Light District (Markus Schulz mashup)

Nadia Ali vs. Alan Fitzpatrick – Paranoize Rapture

Tim Berg – Bromance (Tucandeo Rework)

Markus Schulz – The New World (Barnes & Heatcliff Remix)

Mr. Pit – Sky Traffic

Khomha – Rainy In the Night

Beat Service – Outsider

Dakota – Sinners

Since I am already in Ferry Corsten mode, here is a album mixed by him in 1999 for this week’s throwback. The Innercity party of 1999 was actually a tour which started in Amsterdam at the RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre. This venue is made up of a large series of halls and conference rooms, so thousands of music fans were in attendance for the first leg of the tour. This mix is such a great contrast compared to the music found in my previous post of Ferry’s current material. There’s plenty of old school work from Ferry, Tiesto, Benno, and Oliver Lieb to go around in this CD, and it paints a pretty nice picture of the trance scene at the turn of the century. The first half of the mix has all your usual suspects, including tracks by Rank 1, Vimana, Chakra, Kamaya Painters, and Gouryella. There were more unfamiliar, nevertheless good songs for me in the second half, such as The Digital Blonde’s Electra and Ferry’s remix of I”m In Love. A lot of these producers are still in the business presently, but I wonder what guys like Oliver Lieb and Transa are doing nowadays. This style of trance seems so old and primitive now, yet I can barely get sick of it. I still find myself discovering new sounds and beats even within these old songs, which only bolsters my fascination with the limitless possibilities of electronic music.

Ferry Corsten – Live at Innercity 1999 (Amsterdam RAI)
01 Rank 1 – Airwave
02 Vimana – We Came
03 Luis Paris – Incantation
04 Gouryella – Walhalla
05 Der Dritte Raum – Hale Bop (Nick Warren & Starecase’s Jackdaw Mix)
06 DJ Jan – X-Santo (Transa Remix)
07 Kamaya Painters – Cryptomnesia
08 Chakra – Love Shines Through
09 The Digital Blonde – Electra
10 Starparty – I’m In Love (Ferry Corsten and Robert Smit Remix)
11 Force Majeure – Redemption (The Thrillseekers Redeemed Remix)
12 The Rapid Eye – Alderaan
13 Jon Vesta – Gull
14 Soundcheck – Mindrive
15 L.S.G.- I’m Not Exiting
16 Solar Stone – Seven Cities (Solar Stone’s Atlantis Mix)

Here are some videos from the event:

Check out the commercial for this album:

New Videos

Here are some recent YouTube videos that you might enjoy. All of them show some pretty nice club footage, so it should get you pumped up for the weekend.

Sander van Doorn – Live at Amnesia

Markus Schulz – Rain (official music video)

Kaskade – Live at the Warfield

Super8 & Tab – Empire Launch Party in Helsinki, Finland

Marco V – Ego Clash (played at TAO Gallery)