It’s time to switch gears for a moment with today’s throwback set. Whenever I’m in the mood to get funky, I usually play some techno or house music. One particular that always comes to mind is Umek, the father of Solvenian techno. This guy has been doing his thing for quite some time now, and he has amassed a large following of fans. In 2007, he began developing the 1605 Music Therapy group, which now serves as a production platform for many artists. Here is his very first Essential Mix, and he shows us how to properly blend techno and minimal house tunes into a dark, twisted set. The mix starts off pretty chill, but it gets pretty crazy by the time you reach the end. I have always been a fan of the groovy beats that techno provides, and there are many of those type of songs in here. If I had to choose a favorite tune, it would probably be the very sexy remix of Eurasia by Gui Boratto, although the Tocadisco remix of Marathon is also pretty sweet. I’m not a techno master by any means, but I know when a mix is put together properly and this one fits the bill. If you enjoy wonderful basslines like I do, you wil definitely have fun with this Umek mix.

Umek – Essential Mix (November 24, 2007)
01 Einmusik – Tisoca
02 Jitzu & Sire G – Cyclette
03 Tiger Stripes – Survivor
04 Daley Padley & Chris Special – Electro Is Dead (Kamo Remix)
05 Kolombo & Compuphonic – Anzimatter
06 Marc Antona – Vitamin D
07 Gold Ryan & Tapesh – Collapse
08 Tiefschwarz – No More Trouble (Turntablerocker Remix)
09 London Kleer – Bias
10 Marc Romboy & Gui Boratto – Eurasia feat. Luciana Vilanova (Gui’s version)
11 Tommy Declerque – I Don’t Know
12 Kaliber – Kaliber 15
13 Marcel Thompson – They Call Me Superman
14 Marc Depulse – Antres
15 Phil Kieran – Again To The End
16 Goldfish – Panic (Jochen Trappe Remix)
17 James Mowbray & Leiam Sullivan – Tropical Neights
18 Gabriel Ananda – Doppelwhipper (Jason Emsley Remix)
19 Beroshima – Horizon (Pig & Dan Remix)
20 Mathias Kaden – Rhytma
21 Dubfire – Emission
22 Cat’z’dogz – Fixation
23 Logistic Soundz – Crazy People (D-Nox & Beckers Remix)
24 Funkwerkstatt – Jack The Box
25 D Ramirez & Meat Katie – Stop The Revolution (Dubfire Remix)
26 Johnny Fiasco – Hijacked (Audiojack Remix)
27 Oliver Hunteman – Goldener Handschuh
28 Giorgio Preciozo & Libex – Contagious
29 Adam K – I Can Feel
30 Minilogue – Ghost
31 Drumcell & Audio Injection ‘Bottle Opener
32 Christian Smith & John Selway – Walk The Walk
33 Fergie – Senderon
34 Andre Crom – Tomographie (Spektree Remix)
35 Jens Bond – Consequenceremix Skoozbot
36 Steve Lawler – Courses For Horses
37 Daley Padley & Chris Special – Electro Is Dead (Kim Fai’s Deadline Remix)
38 Bastian Heerhosrt – Marathon (Tocadisco Remix)
39 Tomy Declerque – F Sonik
40 Velkro & Ido Ophir – Warehouse
41 Marc O’Tool – Sinner In Me
42 D-Nox & Beckers – Step Out
43 Andrew Technique – Fresh Remix

Download the set here

Great interview with Umek and Carl Cox: