The annual Coachella music festival needs no introduction, and neither do these two talented gentlemen from London. When you combine both on a warm summer night along with 75,000 festival goers, the end result is nothing short of amazing. The cherry on top of the sundae is the spectacular visual effects show, which can be seen in the video underneath the music. The Chemical Brothers are known for their original productions, and their catalog dates all the way back to 1995 with their debut album Exit Planet Dust. In this set recorded live from Indio, California they played a wide selection of tracks from all of their albums. Their music is pretty timeless, so songs made 10 years apart still mix well with each other. Older tunes like Chemical Beats and Hey Boy Hey Girl feel right at home next to new ones like Don’t Think and Saturate. I am happy to see the beautiful Star Guitar and the ultra dreamy Swoon make their way into the performance, and it’s always nice to hear the voice of Noel Gallagher (of Oasis) in Setting Sun. The mix ends nicely with Believe, which features the vocals of Kele Okereke from Bloc Party. My only gripe with the mix that I downloaded is the quality of the recording. It lacks the punch that would have made this set an instant classic, so if anybody knows where I can find a version with better quality, please let me know.

Chemical Brothers – Live at Coachella 2011 (May 2011)
01 Chemical Brothers – Galvanize
02 Chemical Brothers – Do It Again
03 Chemical Brothers feat. K-OS – Get Yourself High
04 Chemical Brothers – Horse Power
05 Chemical Brothers – Chemical Beats
06 Chemical Brothers – Swoon
07 Chemical Brothers – Star Guitar
08 Chemical Brothers – Three Little Birdies Down Beats
09 Chemical Brothers – Hey Boy, Hey Girl
10 Chemical Brothers – Galactic Phase Shift Interlude
11 Chemical Brothers – Don’t Think 2011
12 Chemical Brothers – Out Of Control
13 Chemical Brothers – It Doesn’t Matter
14 Chemical Brothers – Setting Sun
15 Chemical Brothers – Saturate
16 Chemical Brothers – Believe

Download the set here

Intro  – Galvanize: