Solo albums constitute the major pillars of every artist’s career. Three years after the release of his debut album Supernaturalistic, Sander van Doorn continues to build his legacy with this second album from the studio.  While the first CD was edgy and full of surprises, this new one showcases a mature, more refined style that Sander has not really demonstrated before. I’ll admit I was a bit disappointed upon the first listen, but only because I was expecting all the tracks to be as mind blowing as Daisy or Reach Out. However, after putting on my headphones and giving it a few more shots, I came to discover that the old-school style which I love is still here, it’s just more deeply rooted amongst some of the newer stuff. Let me explain what I mean by going through the tracks.

The biggest difference with this album is the unexpected yet welcomed use of vocals in 5 of the 12 songs, including the super catchy Believe featuring Belgian singer Tom Helsen. The vocals are all used very tastefully, but I’m still highly anticipating the dub versions of Timezone and Love is Darkness to be released. No offense to the vocalists and songwriters, but there’s just something about a Purple Haze track where you just want to experience it by itself.  Another major distinction with this album is the appearance of several other producers who have helped craft a few of these tunes. The three songs with Sidney Samson, Laidback Luke, and Adrian Lux are all pretty solid with the diverse flavors each producer contributes, however I still believe Sander is the most creative when he works by himself. Out of all the new previously unreleased tracks, my favorite ones are Drink to Get Drunk, Kitten, Track 12, and the very clever Slap My Pitch Up with it’s beautiful humming bassline. Not surprisingly, these are the ones that most closely resemble the techy style that we have all come to love from Sander. The simple yet highly addictive Koko has been out for a while now, but I’m still not sick of it even though it plays every time my cell phone rings. Nano and Beyond Sound are perfect examples that show off the fresh, softer side of Sander as he serves up some nice melodies in those tracks.

Overall I am pretty pleased with this release. Sander has definitely surprised me with his newer style on some of the songs, but it’s nice to hear him broaden his range and add to his skill-set. I’m sure all of the vocal productions and collaborations will bring in new listeners, and there is still enough of that old school, high-energy, attacking style to be found in this album. In terms of evolving his sound and experimenting with new approaches, Sander has taken 13 steps in the right direction with Eleve11.

Sander van Doorn – Eleve11
01 Love Is Darkness feat. Carol Lee (Interlude)
02 Koko
03 Believe feat. Tom Helsen (Album Version)
04 Nano
05 Rolling The Dice with Sidney Samson feat. Nadia Ali (Album Version)
06 Beyond Sound (Godskitchen Urban Wave Mix)
07 Timezone feat. Frederick
08 Drink To Get Drunk
09 Who’s Wearing the Cap with Laidback Luke (Album Version)
10 Slap My Pitch Up
11 Eagles. Sander van Doorn & Adrian Lux

Track 12 (free album track)

Kitten (Bonus Track)

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