I have many random sets lined up as throwbacks to share, but I couldn’t stop listening to this one earlier in the week so here is this week’s winner. This is an older episode of Markus’ Global DJ Broadcast which was played on June 30, 2005. The actual recording is from an event at club Air, the UK homebase of Godskitchen since 2000. The mix opens up with three nice and deep into tracks by Matthew Dekay vs. The Proluctors and Antidote. The Elevation remix of Language is sweet too, although I still prefer the original by Hammer & Bennett. A couple of more tracks in and Markus plays Air For Life, a track which was a massive hit in 2005, especially in the British Isles where it came from. Things carry on beautifully with Ice Beach, an impressive production by Arcane, or Niklas Harding. Around this time Markus had a few collaborations with Airwave, and one of the new tracks from his Without You Near album was featured in this set, titled Ballymena. Two other songs from that album, First Time and Without You Near, also make their way into this mix, with Gabriel & Dresden and Funabashi on the remixes, respectively. You will also hear a track by Guardians of the Earth, and interesting duo of Los Angeles-based producer Michael Olson and vocalist Jes Brieden. At the end of the mix we get some additional productions by Gabriel & Dresden, Airwave, and Funabashi. I like the first half of the set more than the second; Markus really opened up with some beautiful tunes that I would love to have experienced live.

Markus Schulz – Live Godskitchen At Air in Birmingham (June 25, 2005)
01 Matthew Dekay vs. The Proluctors – Bad
02 Antidote – Come Alive
03 Hammer & Bennett – Language (Elevation Remix)
04 David West – Carrier
05 Above & Beyond vs. Andy Moor – Air For Life
06 Matthew Dekay vs. The Proluctors – The Deep Show
07 Özgür Can – Connected (Santiago Nino Dub Tech Mix)
08 Niklas Harding Presents Arcane – Ice Beach
09 Markus Schulz Featuring Airwave – Ballymena
10 Jaytech – Music 101 (The Flash Brothers Remix)
11 Markus Schulz and Departure with Gabriel & Dresden – Without You Near (Gabriel & Dresden Mix)
12 Markus Schulz – First Time (Funabashi Remix)
13 Guardians Of The Earth – Starchildren (Remix)
14 Marc Marberg – Guarana
15 Airwave – People Just Don’t Care
16 Perasma – Swing 2 Harmony (Gabriel & Dresden Vocal Mix)
17 Funabashi – Daylight
18 ID

Download the set here