My two favorite producers from Finland are back with a remixed version of their debut artist album. This time around they received the help of 13 other artists, many of whom are affiliated with the Anjunabeats label. All of the songs from the Empire album have been reworked, and the results are pretty decent. My favorite track is the Protoculture remix of Black is the New Yellow. The original version is dope, but Nate Raubenheimer has added a wicked bassline to his interpretation of the song. The Maor Levi remix of Slow to Learn is also pretty good, as well as the 4 Strings remix of Bliss. A few of these remixes were already previously released, such as Rank 1’s remix of My Enemy, the Mike Shiver remix of Empire, and the 7 Skies remix of Mercy, so there wasn’t an overabundance of new material on this CD. I do appreciate the MRSA (aka Mat Zo) drum and bass version of Perfect Day, as it adds an interesting touch to the album. Overall this is a well done remix album with good variety of sound. If you loved the original Empire, you will probably like this one. The iTunes version of this release includes a bonus DJ mix of all of these songs, but I did not purchase that so the songs are uploaded individually below. Also check out the original album linked at the bottom of the post.

Slow To Learn feat. Jan Burton (Maor Levi Club Mix)

Black Is The New Yellow feat. Anton Sonin (Protoculture Remix)

Perfect Day feat. Alyna (Gareth Emery Remix)

Free Love feat. Jan Burton (Sunny Lax Remix)

Good Times feat. Betsie Larkin (Lange Remix)

Eternal Sequence (Jaytech Remix)

My Enemy feat. Julie Thompson (Rank 1 Remix)

Empire feat. Jan Burton (Kyau & Albert Remix)

Mercy feat. Jan Burton (7 Skies Remix)

Bliss (4 Strings Remix)

Perfect Day feat. Alyna (MRSA Remix)

Irufushi (Adam Nickey Remix)

Mercy (Alex Kunnari Remix)

Empire (Mike Shiver’s Garden State Mix)

Super8 & Tab – Empire (album)