The first time I heard a track by Nick Sentience was back in the day with his BK collaborations. Staying true to his style, Nick has continued to produce hard hitting trance over the past decade. My latest encounter with his work was his Kinetic/Meridian single in 2009, and now this year I have fortunately come across his 3rd artist album. Through this new release Nick forges ahead with the darker side of trance, this time heavy on the psy-influence. In this very impressive album we get an endless amount of those heavy, resonating basslines that constitute this style of cosmic-trance. Nick also delves into some psybreaks, as heard in the tracks Hear Me Now, Nine Moons, and Sakura. The rest of the productions range from progressive psy all the way to 140+ bpm. Lizzie Curious, a very talented DJ/singer/producer chips in with her vocal talents on two of the tracks, and Free Falling is actually one of the best on the album. Nocturnal was featured on  John O’Callaghan’s Subculture 2010 compilation mix, and Nick demonstrates he can create a nice melody with Shoreline. Rounding out the album are my favorites Threshold, Stimuli, and Get Up & Rock; all three are massive tunes and are highly commendable. I gave this album a couple of listens already, and each time it just gets better and better. Overall I’m very glad Nick has stuck by his roots and would recommend this release to anyone looking for some quality trance. The songs have been semi-mixed/blended together and the album has been released on Sentience Productions, check it out below.

Nick Sentience – Syncronized
01 Nick Sentience – We Have Explosives (Intro)
02 Nick Sentience – Hear Me Now (psy breaks)
03 Nick Sentience – Stimuli (2010) +
04 Nick Sentience – Nine Moons (1st half psy breaks)
05 Nick Sentience – Sakura (breaks)
06 Nick Sentience – Sub Atomic +
07 Nick Sentience – Shoreline (big breakdown)
08 Nick Sentience – Nocturnal (JOC subculture 2010)
09 Nick Sentience Feat. Lizzie Curious – Free Falling ++
10 Nick Sentience – Get Up & Rock +
11 Nick Sentience and DJ Kristian – Threshold ++
12 Nick Sentience Feat. Lizzie Curious – Telepathy (funky outro)