Throughout Markus Schulz’ career, the Big Room Reconstruction has been a staple of his live sets. DJ edits are  great because songs are improved to sound better in a live performance. Effects and new sounds are added here and there to enhance each song’s appeal. Oftentimes these tracks are edited down in length, which is good news for all the DJs out there, but bad news for the listeners at home who want to hear the song in its entirety. Since most of these are not officially distrubited, I was surprised to find out that Coldharbour was planning to release 5 of these edited tracks. It makes sense that all of these were previous Coldharbour productions, so the legal pathways to get these songs out were easily crossed. Of course there are many more Markus Schulz re-cons which I would love to get my hands on (i.e. Miki Litvak’s Pollinator and the Beat Service remix of Closer), but unfortunately I have no idea if they will ever be released. For now, let’s consider ourselves lucky as we get to enjoy these 5 reconstructions touched-up by Markus Schulz, all in 320kbps.

Jan Johnston meets Tenishia – Flesh (Markus Schulz Big Room Reconstruction)

Mike Foyle presents Statica – Headrush (Markus Schulz Big Room Reconstruction)

Mr. Pit – Shana (Duderstadt Progressive Dub vs Coldharbour Intro Mix)

Reverse – Absolute Reality (Arty Remix – Markus Schulz Big Room Reconstruction)

Rex Mundi – Opera Of Northern Ocean (Phynn Remix – Markus Schulz Big Room Reconstruction)