We’re plowing full speed ahead into the Summer of Schulz, starting with this throwback mix from 2004. TranceAirWaves was an internet radio station that broadcasted strictly trance music, and Markus was asked to provide some work for their programming. I believe they are defunct now, but a lot of the sets they aired will live on forever. I chose to share this one because it was mixed at the emergence of Markus’ career, and also because it is downright  smooth and sexy. When you listen to this, make sure your speakers or headphones have good low frequency response because a lot of these songs have really nice basslines. The mix as a whole is nice and deep, and the tracks are a very good representation of what Markus was spinning at the time. Shades of Coldharbour Sessions and Miami 05 can be heard in here, so you know this is progressive trance at its finest.

Markus Schulz Live on Tranceairwaves (July 25, 2004)
01 Momu – The Dive (Luke Fair Remix)
02 Probspot – Foreplay
03 Latigidi – Latigidi (Harry Nate Remix)
04 Murph – Electric House
05 Quadran – No Air (Main Mix)
06 Madoka – Plataforma
07 Jase From Outta Space – Do What You Want (Max Graham Remix)
08 Perry O’Neil – Wave Force
09 Mind – Random Experience
10 Ridgewalkers Featuring El – Find (Andy Moor Mix)
11 Onde – Onde
12 Markus Schulz Presents Elevation – Largo
13 Nikola Gala – Blue Impulse
14 Rio Addicts – Crossroads
15 Kalafut & Fygle – Lullaby
16 Kenneth Thomas & Elevation – Preen
17 Myth – Millionfold (Markus Schulz Remix)

Download the mix here