While we are on the subject of hot summer residencies, let’s revisit some legendary parties that took place on the magical island of Ibiza. First we have to jump back to 2002, when Italian DJ/producer Mauro Picotto created his Meganite party concept at the Winter Music Conference in Miami. This club event brought out thousands of party-goers searching for that raw, uncut dance music. His events were  so successful that Mr. Lizard eventually had to bring this party to Ibiza. In 2004 he did just that, transforming the super club Privilege into one of the hottest venues on the island. Over the next few years, he brought in resident DJs such as Andrew Beyer, Chris Liebing, Marco Carola, and Misstress Barbara to keep the party going. For this week’s throwback, I have uploaded a two-disc Meganite album that came out in 2008, released on the Big In Ibiza label. The first disc features the freshest summer jams of 08, while the second one contains a variety of classic tunes that were played throughout the Meganite events. I thought this would be a great way to change up the pace a little bit; the tech-house/techno style of Mauro Picotto is one of the grooviest I have ever heard. There are numerous songs in here that are a joy to get lost in, especially Daniele Papini’s The Church of Nonsense, Komonster, Contaminato, and Gabry Ribetti’s remix of  Mehr Taub. Personally, I love that mechanical bounce that techno carries with it, and it sounds especially good when it’s mixed masterfully by one of the best.

Mauro Picotto presents Meganite – Privilege, Ibiza

CD1 – Meganite Ibiza
01 Mauro Picotto – Dubai (Secret Cinema Remix)
02 Mauro Picotto – Flashing
03 Athos & Riccardo Ferri – Mescolone
04 Daniele Papini – Altered Meeting
05 Mauro Picotto – Evribadi (Adam Beyer Remix)
06 Daniele Papini – Pixel (Riccardo Ferri Remix)
07 Alen Sforzina & Riccardo Ferri – Profundo
08 Mauro Picotto – Shark
09 Mauro Picotto – Komonster
10 Daniele Papini – The Church Of Nonsense
11 Danilo Vigorito & Rino Cerrone – Aurum
12 Markantonio & Joseph Capriati – Codice Morse
13 Mauro Picotto – Rizlard
14 Mauro Picotto – Technofour
15 Athos – Lo-File (Riccardo Ferri Remix)
16 Gabry Fasano – Architetto

CD2 – Past & Present

01 Mauro Picotto – Komonster (Intro Mix)
02 Mauro Picotto – Stonehead (Hale Mix)
03 Mauro Picotto – Dubai (Original Mix)
04 Mauro Picotto – The Kite
05 Mauro Picotto – Stormi Di Darghi (Devid Mix)
06 Mauro Picotto – Greens (Riccardo Ferri Live Mix)
07 Mauro Picotto – Contaminado (Meganite Mix)
08 Mauro Picotto – Maybe, Maybe Not (Smith & Selway Remix)
09 Mauro Picotto – Lizard 2008 (Sequence 11 Aka Sterbinszky Remix)
10 Mauro Picotto – Ibiza Angel (Rex Mundi Remix)
11 Mauro Picotto – Mehr Taub (Gabry Ribetti Mix)
12 Mauro Picotto – Evribadi (Fonzerelli Remix)
13 Mauro Picotto – Iguana (Megavoices Mix)
14 Mauro Picotto – New Time New Place (Original Mix)
15 Mauro Picotto -Komodo (Save A Soul) (Megavoices Claxxix Mix)

Check out this video from the event here: