Here we have a shining example of vocal trance done well. If you are a fan of this genre, you will definitely be interested in this album. Jes Brieden grew up in NYC where she honed her vocal skills singing in various bands. In 2001 she formed the group Guardians of the Earth with Mike Olson, and her career in dance music took off from there. Her next collaboration with Gabriel & Dresden resulted in the group Motorcycle and their monster hit As the Rush Comes. Jes followed that up with 3 successful artist albums, which leaves us here with her latest piece of work. This album could almost be considered a remixed version of her last CD High Glow, but it also includes some fresh material. New tracks include Can’t Stop, Before You Go, and Back to You. All three of these showcase Jes’ production work, with the first two edited under her Taxigirl moniker. The album is mixed together into one continuous mix, and it is underscored by a handful of very popular producers. You may already recognize some of these previously released songs, such as High Glow, The Light in Things, and Everything, but there are also some new remixes including Kaskade’s rework of Imagination and the TwisteDDiskO remix of Show Me the Way, a track Jes made with Tiesto. I am very glad she reunited with G&D on my favorite song from the album, Around You. This mix covers multiple styles of EDM, and there’s even a dubstep version of Fascination towards the end of the mix, courtesy of Dave Silcox. Check out the cool little sample of As the Rush Comes in the opening few seconds.

JES – Unleash the Beat
01 Taxigirl – High Glow (JES vocal redux edit)
02 BT – The Light In Things (feat JES)
03 JES – Imagination (Kaskade club remix)
04 Tiesto – Everything (feat JES – Cosmic Gate remix)
05 JES – Around You (Gabriel & Dresden remix)
06 JES – Awaken (Thomas Gold remix)
07 Allure – Show Me The Way (feat JES – TwisteDDisko remix)
08 Richard Durand & JES – NYC
09 JES & Ronski Speed – Can’t Stop (Taxigirl edit)
10 JES & Andy Duguid – Before You Go (Taxigirl edit)
11 JES – Fascination (Dave Silcox extended remix)
12 JES – Deep Breath Love (Coco Channel remix)
13 JES – Back To You (Unleashed mix)