You can’t journey through the career of Markus Schulz without listening to the first edition of his Cities compilation. Following the outstanding release of the Coldharbour Sessions 2004 album, this double-disc CD commenced a very successful series in which Markus shared a lot of great music. While this release didn’t have as much bite to it as the Sessions 04 album, it still holds its own as a defining collection of progressive dance music. Both mixes are super chill and have that driving build-up that Markus has really perfected. I prefer disc 2 over the first one, mainly because of tracks such as Eighties, Space Guitar, A Little Hazy Morning, and Language. Take a step back into 2005 with these two groovy mixes below.


01 Hydroid – Blue Tubes
02 Interstate – I Found You (Harry Lemon Mix)
03 Kalafut & Fygle – 3579 km
04 Hammer & Bennett – Baltic Sea
05 Fluid in Motion – Soul Dimension
06 Keo – Close Enough (Noel Sanger Mix)
07 Jose Amnesia presents Tiffany – Heaven Drops
08 Lens – Let The Light In
09 Arenok – Free Yourself
10 Ave Mea – In The End
11 Quarter Century – Jagermaestro
12 Max Graham feat. Jessica Jacobs – I Know you’re Gone


01 Bakke & Ljungqvist – Fanatic
02 Steve May – Sublimate
03 Sundawner – Sorrow
04 Yilmaz Altanhan – Eighties (Original Mix)
05 Nikola Gala – A Dream Came Through
06 Attention Deficit – What
07 Markus Schulz – Electro Hairspray
08 Jellisimo – Yael
09 Özgür Can – Connected (Santiago Nino Remix)
10 Mike Foyle presents Statica – Space Guitar
11 Progresia presents Sokaya – A Little Hazy Morning
12 Hammer & Bennett – Language

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