This one’s for my boy Tak, who I know will appreciate some old school Nu NRG. There are some pretty talented Italian trance producers out there, including Manuel Le Saux, 7 Skies, and Alex Bartlett, but the duo of Giuseppe Ottaviani and Andrea Ribeca is hands down the best. I believe this was their only artist album, but they have released many more great tracks and remixes in the 6 or 7 years they worked together. They split up in 2007, but Giuseppe has continued on with his solo career very successfully. His live shows are full of energy, and he still plays those fast pounding beats like he did in Nu NRG. My favorites from this album are Free Fall, Astralis, and of course Dreamland, which was one of Vandit’s earliest releases from 2001. Dreamland is a track that has withstood the test of time and it still blows my mind today, just like it did in high school when I heard it for the first time. There aren’t too many labels that put out this style of trance anymore (sadly, not even Vandit), so check out the old school flavor of this classic album below, and make sure you listen through all the way to Dreamland.

Nu-NRG – Freefall
01 Nu NRG – Eclisse
02 Nu NRG ft. Rob Aker – Visual Sonar
03 Nu NRG – Supersonic Way
04 Nu NRG – Bonsai
05 Nu NRG – Free Fall
06 Nu NRG – Connective
07 Nu NRG – Butterfly (Album mix)
08 Nu NRG ft. Gate 4 – Astralis
09 Nu NRG – Tommotor
10 Nu NRG – Shadow
11 Nu NRG – Aloa-P (Original mix)
12 Nu NRG – Dreamland (Original mix)