Hey Lovers,

We’re very pleased to announce that The Love is Back. Please join us as we come together for the next evolution of one of America’s best gatherings of dance, music, community, and conscious celebration on September 24th, 2011. It’s a new location and elevated production, but the same event intentions you know and love. International and local talent alike, community produced stages showcasing every shade of dance music to create a special gathering to spread the values of diversity, tolerance, respect, unity, peace – and yes Love!

It’s LovEvolution, and yes we have evolved again. We’d like nothing better than to be dancing down Market St and into San Francisco Civic Center. Those were amazing, historic times for those who were lucky enough to be there, but the sad fact is that we just outgrew Civic Center. Our new Oakland location has lots of space for all the crews we want to involve in this community produced event, it has on site BART and parking, it has Oracle Arena for an amazing on site afterparty produced by Skills, and warm Oakland fall weather. Of all the available options, the Oakland Coliseum grounds were the best.

Of course we will do everything possible to make the event epic and vibe-tastic, as the Love event has never just been about a party, but a movement of the dance music culture and a forum to express our greatest selves. Stay tuned for more details about our floats, international DJs and producers, enhanced production elements and more.

As always, a portion of proceeds will benefit local and international non-profit groups.

Let there be Dance, Let there be Love.

– The SF Love Team