It has been two years since the release of Deep Down, the first single made by the Winter Kills collaboration between Josh Gabriel and vocalist Meredith Call. This summer we are presented with the official Winter Kills album, which is filled with 13 great songs that integrate creative electronica with gifted songwriting. Two years of hard work in the studio really pays off as the album is diverse in style and highly refined. Meredith’s eerily haunting voice is laid down perfectly on top of Josh’s innovative work. It would be interesting to find out if the vocals came first and the music was produced around them, or if it was switched with the music inspiring the vocals. Either way, the Winter Kills alliance works beautifully, and Josh Gabriel once again proves he has the talent to tastefully and successfully incorporate vocals into dance music. He even segues all the tracks together into one long mix, the way any dance music album should be presented. My favorites include Deep Down, Falling Back, Forward Facing, and their interesting cover of The Pretender’s I’ll Stand By You.  There are already handfuls of remixes made for the first three singles (Deep Down, My Friend, and Hot as Hades), which shows the great potential of the Winter Kills project. Check out the official music videos for these below the music. This album is released on Josh’s Different Pieces label, which joined Armada at the end of 2009.

Josh Gabriel presents Winter Kills
01 Tomorrow
02 Hot As Hades
03 Falling Back
04 Sweet Old Sound
05  Waiting
06 The Chauffeur
07 Deep Down
08 Like A Stone
09 My Friend
10 I’ll Stand By You
11 Forward Facing
12 Oklahoma Town
13 Ichabod

Deep Down music video:

My Friend music video:

Hot As Hades music video:

Meredith Call interview with Armada