The annual Burning Man festival, held at the Black Rock desert in Nevada, is a celebration of self-expression and community. During this week long event, attendees are welcomed to bring their own art, food, and music to share with fellow revelers. Without going into too much detail, this celebration brings out people from all walks of life as they party and live together in the desert. At the end of the event, a large wooden effigy is burned as a ritual consummation. The Opulent Temple, which is a San Francisco based, non-profit dance collective, regularly hosts a dance music section at the event. In 2007, they brought in DJs such as Paul Oakenfold, DJ Dan, Gabriel & Dresden, and Christopher Lawrence to spin for free, which shows the great attitude these DJs have towards dance music. Here is Christopher Lawrence’s set from that Saturday night in Nevada. It’s a short one-hour mix, but what it lacks in duration, it makes up for in quality. Tracks like Something 4 Your Mind, Blikken Machine, and Continuation really keep the party going. Let’s also not forget Nenes and Pascal Feliz’ Platinum, which was a huge hit in 07. Christopher Lawrence has a pretty unique style, check it out below. The track times indicate when the tracks begin.

Christopher Lawrence – Live from Burning Man (September 1, 2007)
01 Shawn Astrom – Vibrations (Redanka Mix) [0:00]
02 FM Radio Gods – Elastoplast [7:45]
03 Audio Junkies – Something 4 Your Mind (Dub Mix) [11:52]
04 Ricky Fobis – Nobody(DJ Res aka Igor S Remix) [18:10]
05 Moldan & Isma-Ae – Five Five Zero [23:47]
06 Nenes & Pascal Feliz – Platinum [29:31]
07 Mark Norman – Blikken Machine [35:29]
08 Growling Machines – Round & Round (Astrix Remix) [41:13]
09 Save the Robot – XI Filter [45:18]
10 Christopher Lawrence & Nicholas Bennison – Continuation [52:26]

Download the set here

Opulent Temple 2007
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