In 2003 the Los Angeles based Moonshine Records released a new edition of their Mixed Live series. This one puts the spotlight on Dutch export Ferry Corsten, and he joins other artists such as Tall Paul, Baby Anne, and Carl Cox to have their work featured in this series. The mix was recorded at Circus nightclub in Hollywood, which was hosted by Spundae. At this moment Ferry had not yet released his debut artist album Right of Way, so his popularity was established mainly through his work under the System F alias, as well as with his collaborations with Tiesto, Vincent de Moor, and Robert Smit. In my opinion this is when Ferry was at his best, and he really developed his DJ skills in this period. This album was also released in a special edition which included a 5.1ch surround sound DVD, as well as a short documentary and the Punk music video. For you audiophiles, the DVD version was Spundae’s first compilation mix recorded in surround sound, so it must sound pretty damn awesome played with the right sound system. The release party for this album was held back at Circus in August of that year.

The mix itself is pretty solid, with two Ferry Corsten productions included in the middle. Punk was an absolute smash hit in 2002, and Indigo can be found on the Japanese release of Right of Way. If you listen carefully, you can hear similarities between the melodies of Indigo and Out of the Blue. My favorite song in this mix is the beautiful Flakes by Matti Laamanen, and it is one of Tsunami’s best from 2003. Another huge track from 2003 is the intro song Nothing, which features Julie Thompson on the vocal cuts. Mesh’s Purple Haze must also be mentioned, and Marco V’s C:\del*Mp3 is so nice and stabby that it’s sure to leave you with severe blood loss. The mixing is solid, and when combined with the nice tracklist, it all adds up to the memorable performance that Ferry put on that night.

Ferry Corsten Live – Spundae @ Circus, Los Angeles (July 22, 2003)
01 Holden & Thompson – Nothing (93 Returning Mix)
02 Kyau vs. Albert – Velvet Morning (Mirco De Govia Remix)
03 Mesh – Purple Haze
04 Solid Globe – North Pole (Nickelson & Maurice Night Remix)
05 Svenson & Gielen – Beachbreeze
06 Robert Gitelman – Things 2 Say
07 Matti Laamanen – Flakes
08 Afterburn – Summer Sun (Agnelli & Nelson Remix)
09 Rapid Eye – Stealing Beauty (Ronald van Gelderen Remix)
10 Ferry Corsten – Indigo
11 Ferry Corsten – Punk
12 F. Massif – Understatement
13 Marco V – C:del *.Mp3
14 Smoked – Metropolis (Metro Us Mix)
15 Carl Cox & Christian Smith – Dirty Bass (Trevor Rockcliffe Remix)
16 Condor – Velvet Dreams (Skylight Mix)

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