The search continues on with the 9th installment of the deep seated In Search of Sunrise series. Richard Durand took over the captain’s seat last year and he has steered this compilation series from South Africa north east to the subcontinent of India. Just like he did in volume #8, Richard Durand has presented us with some brand new tracks from the Black Hole label.

Disc 1 starts off appropriately with an  intro song from two Indian producers Prayag Mehta and Rishab Joshi. Together they form the group Lost Stories, who have been releasing work through Black Hole for a few years now. The mix gets nice and summery with a great collaboration between Ad Brown and Mango, along with the vocals of Kerry Leva. The next four tracks keep things bouncing along until you hit Avatar, which ups the energy with a great Venaccio groove. Moonpax’s Ice Coffee keeps it moving and then the mix slows back down with the breaks-infused vocal track Summerlives, a new song produced by Mike Saint Jules. My favorites on this disc are Rene Marten’s Point of No Return and Save the Robot’s Solace, both of which have impressive basslines. Save the Robot, two guys out of Israel, have been making some really quality work recently, and Solace is the definitely up to par with their other releases. The closing song by the Black Hole artists Jason van Wyk and JPL  is also worth mentioning and it ends the mix on a beautiful note. Overall this first disc is pretty tame, but it sets the mood right for the second mix. Disc 2 packs a little bit more punch with some harder hitting tracks. Among the standouts are the new DNS Project song In the Air, Dragon & Jontron’s Wheels Up, and Tom Cloud’s awesomely chill The Sky Is the Limit. This second mix has a lot of vocal tracks, including two from Richard Durand, one from Jorg Zimmer, and another from Andy Duguid. Let’s also not forget George Acosta’s new track Falling Deep, which features the voice of Emma Lock.

This release is one of those where the end result is greater than the sum of each individual song. If you skip from song to song and pass over the transitions, you probably won’t be too impressed with volume 9. There aren’t many super exceptional tracks in this one, but both mixes flow well and they left my ears pretty satisfied.  I like ISOS 8 a little bit more than this one, however there are a lot of the same producers in both releases so the styles are very similar. Ad Brown, George Acosta, Venaccio & Daigon, Zoo Brazil, Craving, Jorg Zimmer, Alex O’Rion, Tom Cloud, and Jason van Wyk all appear in both Richard Durand compilations, which definitely helps keep the sound consistent.

01 Lost Stories – All Good Things (Prayag & Rishab Intro Mix)
02 Ad Brown, Mango & Kerry Leva – Tonight
03 Alex ORion – Craters Of The Moon
04 Pulser featuring Molly Bankcroft – In Deep
05 Zoo Brazil featuring Rasmus Kellerman – Hold Me Tight
06 Vinson – Circular Progression
07 Venaccio & Daigon – Avatar
08 Moonpax – Ice Coffee
09 Mike Saint-Jules presents Saint X featuring Sandel – Summerlives
10 Craving – Inflection
11 Rene Martens – Point Of No Return
12 Thomas Coastline – Eliminate
13 Save The Robot – Solace
14 Richard Durand featuring Hadley – Run To You
15 Jason van Wyk & JPL – Elsewhere

01 Supermind – Golden Langur
02 Jorg Zimmer featuring Eva Kade – Fire In My Head
03 Silence Groove – Seven
04 Jonas Steur featuring Jennifer Rene – Still I Wait (Richard Durands In Search of Sunrise Mix
05 Craving – Summer Memories
06 George Acosta featuring Emma Lock – Falling Deep (Extended Mix
07 Tom Cloud – The Sky Is The Limit
08 Andy Duguid featuring Fenja – Strings
09 Richard Durand featuring Julie Thompson – Diamonds In The Sky
10 Alex ORion – Rise Up Again
11 Daniel Wanrooy – Bangalore
12 Sunny Lax – Viva La Revolucion
13 Dragon & Jontron – Wheels Up
14 DNS Project presents Bigroom – In The Air
15 Mark Sixma – Arrivals

In Search of Sunrise 8 – South Africa