Let’s make it a BT kinda week with one of his older albums posted as today’s throwback. I have all of his work dating back to Ima and ESCM, and I can easily say that this guy is a true innovator of sound. Throughout his career he has successfully fused electronic music with pop, rap, and dance music. His most recent work is shared in the post right before this one, and the Machines series really shows off the refinement and continuous improvement of BT’s production skills. I would love to share some of his more groundbreaking albums such as This Binary Universe or Movement in Still Life, but I have selected this remix album instead to parallel the release of his recent Re-Imagined Machines CD. This Rare & Remixed CD came out in 2001, putting it in between Motion in Still Life and Emotional Technology chronologically. This was BT’s first compilation album and it features many then-unreleased tracks as well as remixes of his songs, and his remixes of other songs. Here we also get to experience a sample of his work under the aliases Libra and Elastic Reality. BT also worked with John Selway under the Dharma collaboration, and the two got back together  and, along with Ali from Dubfire, formed the group Prana. Back then BT was also working pretty frequently with PvD, and three of their joint efforts are found in this album. Make sure you check out his collaborations with Tori Amos in Flaming June and Blue Skies, as well as the 1994 remix of Seal’s I’m Alive, and the remix of a BT classic, Dreaming. There aren’t many other producers who are able to adapt their skills to fit so many genres, but BT is definitely one of them. You will find a pretty good range of styles in this release, and it paints a great picture of Brian’s talented capabilities.

BT – Rare & Remixed (2001)


01 BT – Remember (ESCM 12” Mix)
02 Paul van Dyk – Forbidden Fruit (BT & PvD’s Food Of Love Mix)
03 Dharma – Transway
04 BT – Shame (Way Out West Mix)
05 Grace – Not Over Yet (BT’s Spirit Of Grace)
06 Mike Oldfield – Let There Be Light (BT Mix)
07 Libra pres. Taylor feat. Jan Johnston – Anomaly (Calling Your Name)
08 Seal – I’m Alive (BT & Sasha Mix)
09 Sasha & BT – Heart Of Imagination
10 Prana – The Dream
11 Elastic Reality – Cassa De X


01 BT – Sunblind
02 BT – Smartbomb (Plump DJs Mix)
03 BT – Fibonacci Sequence
04 Tsunami One & BT – The Hip Hop Phenomenon
05 BT – Godspeed (Hybrid Mix)
06 BT – Dreaming (Science Dept.’s Friend And Family Mix)
07 BT – Blue Skies (Paul van Dyk’s Blauer Himmel Mix)
08 BT – Never Gonna Come Back Down (Timo Maas Mix)
09 Dina Carroll – Run To You (BT Vs. PvD Mix)
10 Sarah McLachlan – I Love You (BT Mix)
11 BT – Flaming June