Let’s fall back down the rabbit hole with the help of one of my favorite DJs at the moment, Markus Schulz. He has been on fire in the past two years, but it’s still important to take a worthwhile look back at what he has done in the past. I believe I will eventually upload all of his city compilations as throwbacks, but for now I am sharing with you the 2006 release of Ibiza. Every year when the weather heats up, Markus travels to the Baleric Islands to kick off the summer party season. In 2006 he decided to incorporate what he heard over there into a two disc compilation. What we get is an end result which was and still remains today, one of the best releases to come from Coldharbour Recordings.  Ibiza 06, Miami 05, and Coldharbour Selections 2004 are three of my favorite mix CDs put together by Markus. Both discs in this album just flow from start to finish with such an amazing drive that never lets up. This being an Ibiza themed album, there are plenty of summer grooves and relaxing guitar riffs to keep you captivated.

CD1 starts off with a great intro track by Ohmna, and you immediately get a sense of the island with the nice guitar work. Benya’s work in track 2 reminds me a lot of the stuff that Tucandeo has been putting out, and Jose Amnesia, who is famous for his summery style, provides a great vocal track with Jennifer Rene in song #3. The remainder of the CD keeps the incredible progressive journey going, especially with Niklas Harding & Funabashi and Progresia providing some really amazing productions (make sure you check out Shelter and Addictive). The rest of the tracks are very chill, and set the mood perfectly for the second disc. CD2 picks up right where CD1 ended, this time with a little bit more energy. The Hawk remix of The Fusion is very catchy, and Year Zero is a classic collaboration between Andy Moor and Orkidea. Nick Thompson’s Once Upon a Time and the Funabashi remix of Markus’ First Time are another pair of favorites with their space-like ambiance and spellbinding basslines. You may also recognize Kyau & Albert’s Kiksu, which was recently reworked this year and played quite often on Markus’ radio show. The album ends fittingly with a driving track by American producer Casey Keyworth, aka Breakfast.

The best part of this album is the overall sense of completeness that Markus brings to the table. The mixing is great; most segues last 20-30 seconds between tracks, which gives you the impression of songs seamlessly blending into each other. Markus mixes them together so naturally that you don’t know when the first track has ended and the second has begun. All of the tunes selected are deep and have that driving, hypnotic backbone which, let’s face it, many of today’s trance songs fail to provide. How good is the trance if it doesn’t put you in a trance? There are, however, some tracks that could be considered fillers, but even then they still fit quite well with the rest of the songs. While it’s not as perfect as the Coldharbour Sessions 2004 album, this release is as close to spotless as they come. Markus truly delivers with this compilation, and if you are looking for something a little bit deeper and darker without any help from the vocal cheese-shop, then you should really check out these two mixes below.

01 Ohmna – People Get Lost
02 Benya – Mimas
03 Jose Amnesia Feat. Jennifer Rene – Louder
04 Joost Van der Vleuten- New Horizon
05 Lens – Dusk Till Dawn (Alex Stealthy Remix)
06 Progresia – The Shelter
07 Francis Blaid – Mystery (Allende Remix)
08 Niklas Harding & Funabashi – Addictive
09 Alex Monakhov – Feel Lonely
10 Turning The Curve – Benz & MD (Original mix)
11 Nick Thompson- Strategos
12 4Mal & Matthew Adams featuring Corey Andrew – Technology & Computer Parts
13 Chuck Luis – Collision
14 DJ Remy – Wink


01 Ormatie – Glossow (Original mix)
02 Joonas Hahmo – The Fusion (Hawk Remix)
03 Perry O’Neil – South-West Saga
04 Baltic Sound – Glimmer (Micah and Joel Armstrong’s Ruhnsong remix)
05 Andy Moor vs Orkidea – YearZero
06 Kenneth Thomas – Achems Razor
07 Roland Klinkenberg – Whats The Point
08 Nick Thompson – Once Upon A Time
09 Markus Schulz ft. Anita Kelsey – First Time (Funabashi Remix)
10 Algarve – Greasepaint (Markus Schulz Reconstruction)
11 Ambrosial – Sunshift (Arthur Schmidt of Basic Perspective Remix)
12 Kyau & Albert – Kiksu
13 Sassot -Where It All Begun
14 Breakfast – The Air Between

*note: I fucked up on the CD rip so you may hear a slight skip in between tracks, apologies for that

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