I have been strapped for time lately and there are a bunch of new albums out to review, so another fan of the music has graciously volunteered to provide his assessment of ATB’s new album. Thank you Shaw for the following write up!

Time to go back to the roots for this week and bring you what will be one of the biggest hits for the summer.  André Tanneberger’s (ATB) 9th studio album Distant Earth, is possibly his best album to date, which is a high bar.  The double CD album contains his trademark sound and heavy moving vocals all throughout coupled with some huge collaborations.  The first CD is a very typical ATB work with more and it contains a mash up with Dash Berlin and vocals from the likes of Melissa Loretta and JanSoon.  The second CD starts off with huge and long awaited collaboration between ATB and Armin Van Buuren with a song title that matches the artists: Vice Versa.  The CD has a lounge sound and is a good CD to relax to during the summer.  My personal favorites are the club mixes that are part of the limited third CDs. Hope you enjoy.

01 Twisted Love (Distant Earth Vocal Version) (feat. Christina Soto)
02 Move On (feat. JanSoon)
03 Killing Me Inside (feat. Sean Ryan)
04 All I Need Is You (feat. Sean Ryan)
05 If It’s Love (feat. Melissa Loretta)
06 Gold (feat. JanSoon)
07 Apollo Road (ATB with Dash Berlin)
08 Heartbeat (ATB with Amurai feat. Melissa Loretta)
09 This Is Your Life (feat. Fuldner)
10 Where You Are (feat. Kate Louise Smith)
11 One More (feat. Christina Soto)
12 Running a Wrong Way (ATB with Rea Garvey)
13 Chapter One (ATB with Josh Gallahan)
14 White Letters (feat. Melissa Loretta)


01 Vice Versa (ATB and Armin van Buuren)
02 Moving Backwards (feat. Kate Louise Smith)
03 Magnetic Girl
04 Moments In Peace
05 Be Like You (feat. JanSoon)
06 Trinity
07 Distant Earth
08 City of Hope
09 Sternwanderer (feat. Anova)
10 Expanded Perception
11 Orbit

01 Twisted Love (Distant Earth Vocal Club Version) (feat. Cristina Soto)
02 This Is Your Life (Club Version) (feat. Fuldner)
03 Where You Are (Club Version) (feat. Kate Louise Smith)
04 Heartbeat (Club Version) (ATB with Amurai feat. Melissa Loretta)
05 Chapter One (Club Version) (ATB with Josh Gallahan)
06 Move On (Club Version) (feat. JanSoon)
07 Apollo Road (Club Version) (ATB with Dash Berlin)
08 Twisted Love (Distant Earth Intro Club Version) (feat. Cristina Soto)
09 All I Need (Club Version) (feat. Sean Ryan)

ATB – Sunset Beach DJ Session
ATB – Could You Believe (music video)