The previous and original DJ Sessions album was mixed together by a generally unknown DJ named Pearl. Her set was surprisingly good and it set the bar high to start off this series. That album was released just towards the beginning of this year, so in comparison to others these J00F Records compilations are pretty new. However, the tracks used in these sometime go way back, for example Oliver Prime’s Sights Beyond was original produced in 2005. John Fleming is really reaching back in attempts to create a great mix. Weekend Heroes start things off bouncy with their early 2010 remix of J00F’s JAWA. It then gets really deep with back to back productions by Incolumis. The chunky style that John has been spinning  comes in through Insert Name’s Identity, and it continues with a remix of an older J00F and Digital Blonde track, Angel. Vibrasphere adds some psy-trance ingredients into the mix, and the surprise production is Airwave’s remix of Nervous Breakdown, which is also heavily psy-influenced. My only gripe with this series so far is its reuse of multiple artists, including Incolumis, Insert Names, and Liquid Soul. There are even two repeat tracks (JAWA and Devotion), and even though they are remixed by different producers, it would have been nice to hear some newer stuff. Oh well, I guess it gives this series some consistency, which isn’t a totally bad thing when the quality is this good.

J00F DJ Sessions vol 2. mixed by J00F
01 John 00 Fleming – JAWA (Weekend Heroes Remix)
02 Incolumis – One With Sanctuary
03 L.S.G. – Netherworld (Incolumis Remix)
04 Insert Name – Identity
05 00.db – Angel (Michael & Levan & Stiven Rivic Remix)
06 Vibrasphere – Autumn Lights
07 Oliver Prime – Sights Beyond
08 00.db – Melatron
09 Liquid Soul – Devotion (Ace Ventura Remix)
10 John 00 Fleming – Nervous Breakdown (Airwave Remix)
11 00.db – Oxygene (Eleusyn Remix)

J00F DJ Sessions vol 1. mixed by Pearl