Summer is fast approaching so I have uploaded this classic compilation mixed by DJ Tiesto. This album was released over 11 years ago and it still finds its way into my playlist today. Despite Tijs’ recent denunciation for trance music, it’s pretty hard to ignore the impact he has bestowed on the trance movement. This was Tiesto’s first US release, and it contains many popular songs from early on in the last decade. There’s a couple of female vocal tracks which compliment the summer theme of this album, including the voices of Kirsty Hawkshaw in Dreaming and Sarah McLachlan in Silence. What I really enjoy most about this album is the number of well respected producers you can find in here. The mix features work from Armin van Buuren, BT, Oliver Lieb, and Nick Muir in the form of Cabala. This album was also the first time I was exposed to Major League’s Wonder, which is still today one of my favorite collaborations of all time. Overall this CD has a bit more of a commercial feel to it when compared to the Magik series, but it still has plenty of goodies that keep you groovin from start to finish.

DJ Tiesto – Summerbreeze (2000)
01 Aria – Dido (Armin Van Burren’s Universal Religion Mix)
02 BT – Dreaming (Libra Mix)
03 Miss T & Yahel – Going Up (DJ Tiesto Remix)
04 Sisko – Light Over Me (Gate Of Light Mix)
05 Jaimy/Kenny D – Caught Me Running (DJ Tiesto’s Summerbreeze Remix)
06 Cabala – Dark Blue (Original Mix)
07 Allure – No More Tears (Aquilia Remix)
08 Kamaya Painters – Far From Over (Oliver Lieb Remix)
09 Dawnseekers – Gothic Dream (John Johnson Remix)
10 DJ Tiesto – Sparkles (Transa Mix)
11 Delerium – Silence (DJ Tiesto’s In Search Of Sunrise Remix)
12 Major League – Wonder