Here is the latest compilation from the Anjuna label, with two in-house DJ’s in control. Worldwide 02 was an excellent release and featured the work of Mat Zo and Super8 & Tab, which also set the bar high for this compilation series. This third edition is equally as good, with two new DJs presenting two different styles, the main difference being the uplifting nature of Daniel Kandi vs the techy flavor that Arty brings to the table. I personally enjoyed CD1 a little bit more, mostly because it features a better track selection. Arty has shown that he is more than a just producer by putting together this nice set. Notable songs from his mix include his new collaboration with Mat Zo, Sun 2011, and The Wall. I also really liked the Save the Robot remix of Drive, and I can’t forget to mention Rex Mundi’s brilliant Sandstone, which has also been featured in Markus Schulz’ Prague compilation as well as Armin’s ASOT 2011 release.

On the flip side, Daniel Kandi’s collection of songs has a much more melodic feel to them. The mix starts off on a bouncy electro-tip which includes some different sounding stuff from the Kandi man. His remixes of Resolution and Silver Sand definitely stray from his usual repertoire in a good way. In the middle there is a sweet Chris Melton remix of Activa’s Indigo, as well as Mike Koglin’s new track Sunstar. Daniel Kandi has also taken this chance to feature some releases from his new label Always Alive Recordings (a sub-label of Enhanced Recordings), co-founded with his buddy Phillip  Alpha. The mix ends in an appropriate fashion with a great track by Bart Claessen and Rene Martens.

Anjunabeats Worldwide volume 3

Disc 1 mixed by Arty
01 Super8 & Tab feat. Julie Thompson – My Enemy (Rank 1 Remix)
02 Arty & Mat Zo – Rebound
03 Tritonal feat Cristina Soto – Lifted (Mat Zo Remix)
04 Slusnik Luna – Sun 2011 (4 Strings Remix)
05 Nitrous Oxide – Downforce (Mike Shiver’s Garden State Mix)
06 Sunny Lax & Solex – Out Of This World (Mike Koglin Remix)
07 Arty – Zara
08 Kenneth Thomas feat. Roberta Harrison & Steven Taetz – Drive (Save The Robot Remix)
09 Mat Zo – Superman
10 Boom Jinx & Andrew Bayer – Fracture
11 Rex Mundi – Sandstone
12 Lange & Fabio XB presents Yves De Lacroix – Electrify (Lange Mix)
13 Aruna with Mark Eteson – Let Go (Nic Chagall Remix)
14 Mat Zo – Synapse Dynamics (Arty Remix)
15 Arty feat. Tania Zygar – The Wall

Disc 2 mixed by Daniel Kandi
01 Parker & Hanson – Alquimia (Andrew Bayer Remix)
02 Aiera – Skydive (Willem De Roo Remix)
03 Norin & Rad Vs. Recurve – The Gift
04 Aalto – Resolution (Daniel Kandi’s Solution Mix)
05 Edu & Cramp – Silver Sand (Daniel Kandi Remix)
06 Mike Koglin – Sunstar
07 Daniel Kandi & Phillip Alpha – Don’t Fix It
08 Activa Pres. Solar Movement – Indigo (Chris Melton Remix)
09 Nitrous Oxide – Follow You (Club Mix)
10 Daniel Kandi – Just For You
11 Adam Szabo – Serano
12 Juventa – Dionysia
13 Daniel Kandi – Soul Searchin’
14 Claessen & Martens – The Man Who Knew Too Much

Anjunabeats Worldwide vol 2 mixed by Super8 & Tab and Mat Zo