Happy Friday everyone, here’s something fun and proggy to start your weekend off right!

Twilo – It`s almost 10 years since I played my last set in the best club in the world. I’ve got so many good memories from that period. I played there every month for four and half years, and anybody who ever went to any one of those Twilo nights will remember it. Every single one was special, memorable.
It was more intense than crazy, every month just seemed to get better and longer. I think the music that was around at Twilo suited that sound system and era, and now we are in a different era.”

America and clubland lost something very special when Twilo closed.
Lost but never forgotten

Here is a recording of one of the last sets there from me enjoy


John Digweed at the Twilo 4 Year Anniversary (March 30, 2001)
01 Ogenki Clinic – First Light [Easy Access]
02 Sound 5 – The Hacienda Must Be ReBuilt (Tarrentella vs Redanka Remix) [RIP Rec]
03 Way Out West – The Fall (Bedrock Mix) [Distinct’ive Records]
04 Kamaya Painters – Wasteland (Chab’s ‘Tribute To Bedrock’ Remix)[Data]
05 Hamel and Blackwatch – Discotek [Bedrock]
06 Stripped Inc – GlitterBall [Coldtap]
07 Mainframe – Mainframe [Fuju]
08 Mad Dogs – Sudden Journey (Main Element Mix) [Silver Planet]
09 Dilly – Paranoid Girl [MixMaster]
Download the set here