Trance fans who grew up in the Bay Area should be familiar with the now defunct Frequency-8 store in San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury district. When this store opened, it was the first of its kind to showcase and promote strictly trance music. Needless to say it felt like a candy store everytime I visited to check out some new vinyl. Around this same time Mars and local friend Mystre released this compilation album, which featured many tracks that helped shaped the California cyber-trance sound. With the help of several hard-trance producers such as Tandu, Nostrum, Steve Baltes, and Captain Tinrib, Mars & Mystre put together an excellent collection of songs which can surely be considered a classic album today. There are too many favorites on here to name, but you don’t know what’s good for you if you haven’t heard Save the Rave, Eye In the Sky, or Electric Blue. Listening to throwbacks will usually bring you back to a previous point in your life… this album reminds me of high school, parachute-pants, and the Metropolis parties thrown by Clockwork Eventz.

Disc 1

01 DJ Tandu – Velvet
02 Nostrum, Mars & Mystre – Eye In The Sky
03 Watergate – Heart Of Asia (DJ Quicksilver RMX)
04 Art Of Trance – Madgascar (Ferry Corsten RMX)
05 Mars & Mystre – Electric Blue
06 Mike Koglin – The Silence
07 Dream Wave – Lift Off
08 Captain Tinrib, Mars & Mystre – Save The Rave

Disc 2
01. Mark Sinclair – Ever Morning
02 Sunbeam – Outside World
03 Mars & Mystre With Steve Baltes – Voices Of Faith
04 Red Rock Project – Mystic Ways
05 Watergate – Maid Of Orleans
06 ATB – Don’t Stop
07 U-Traxx – Imagine