It’s time to bring back the 90’s with another collection of Platipus tunes. This CD was distributed by Topaz Records in 1999 and features the mixing skills of long time Vegas resident Scott Stubbs. The usual Platipus artists can be found in this album, including I Ching, Art of Trance, and Union Jack. Here’s a great review of this release by Jason Birchmeier:

This mix by Scott Stubbs pulls together many of the more influential trance anthems released by the U.K. label Platipus, most notably including some amazing productions by Simon Berry as Art of Trance. Platipus’ style of trance doesn’t rely so much on monster break-downs, snare-rolls, or hard acid riffs but rather forward-moving sensuality charged with plenty of spark and glossed over with an aura of beauty. Each of the ten songs maintains an upbeat tempo for the most part, with particular songs such as Quietman’s “The Sleeper” reaching calm states of lull. At these moments, the percussion drops out of the track, leaving a tranquil blanket of hovering synth tones as sediment before eventually re-launching with the return of strong 4/4 percussive rhythms. Since each of the songs tend to follow similar structures with similar sounds and tendencies, the record maintains a sense of consistency that rarely gets broken. Simon Berry’s contributions tend to stand out with their oozing bliss, and the concluding Salamander track also stands out with its many peaks and valleys along with its salient riff. Overall, this release could use a bit more variety even though the tracks are individually stellar. Anyone interested in some of the best trance anthems from the mid-’90s or anyone turned on by sensual epic trance without all the intensity will find this a satisfactory listen.

Platipus presents The Evolution of Trance mixed by Scott Stubbs
01 I-Ching – Ways Of Love
02 Art Of Trance – Easter Island
03 I-Ching – Obelix
04 Moogwai – A Night Out
05 AMbassador – The Fade
06 Art Of Trance – Madagascar (Ferry Corsten Remix)
07 Pob – The Awakening
08 Art Of Trance – Madagascar
09 Quietman – The Sleeper
10 Salamander – Tempest (Union Jack Remix)