This week the renowned trance duo of Cosmic Gate released this special commemorative double-disc album on Black Hole Recordings. This exciting release features 21 remixes of their old classics from 1993-2003. It’s pretty much a tribute to the first generation of Cosmic Gate sound with a contemporary twist on it. Let’s hear what the boys from Germany have to say about this album…

Bossi states, ‘Back 2 The Future is an album born largely out of necessity for us. Wherever we DJ, we’re always inundated with requests to play tracks from the first two Cosmic Gate albums. As time goes by, sounds change and have been re-arranged, and it’s become progressively tougher to program these classic tracks into our live sets. We still love them…but in their current form, they no longer sit right. We decided to remedy the situation.’ Nic Chagall continues, ‘We thought we’d start by testing the waters with a couple of tracks that we’d reworked to play out, and the responses we got were really something. That pushed us towards doing a full album. Bossi and I are inspired by so many different types of electronic dance music, so while we wanted plenty of trance remixes on there, we also felt it would be good to spread the remixes wide and bring other genres of EDM into play.’

Well played guys… it must be nice knowing that all of your previous work has been appreciated, and there is no better way to show appreciation in the EDM world than with a killer remix. Check out some of my favorites from this album below…

Exploration of Space (Back 2 the Future Remix)
I think I was expecting a little bit too much from this remix because I was somewhat disappointed after a listen through. The original version that came out in 2001 is one of my favorite trance songs of all time, and my homie Chris can attest to this because this song (and Major League’s Wonder) used to be the jam whenever we hot-boxed my car back in the day. With this kind of affair it’s always going to be hard to top it, so unfortunately this remix was going to be a let-down no matter what. However, it’s still a great modern portrayal and one of the better songs in this album.

Fire Wire (Back 2 the Future Remix)
When this song first came out, it helped define the hard trance scene emanating from Germany. This remix did not fall far from the tree, as it still hits harder than ever.

Fire Wire (Rank 1 Remix)
This new remix doesn’t hold a candle to the Scot Project version, but its funky rendition still deserves to be heard.
Back to Earth (Jochen Miller Remix)
You have probably heard the Arty remix of this song already, but I dig this one a little bit more. This remix has that typical Jochen Miller imprint which has really developed these past few years.
Human Beings (Estiva Remix)
Here is a nice groovy remix which sounds pretty tame compared to the original. Estiva adds his signature warm sound to it which I like better than the other two Arnej remixes found on this album.

The Truth (Cold Blue Remix)
Not a bad attempt by Cold Blue. I’m used to his softer, melodic style which in this case tones down the original a bit.

The Drums (Markus Schulz Remix)
Markus has been playing this one in his radio show for a few weeks now, and I’m glad to finally get my hands on it. This remix sounds similar to the original with the pounding bassline and is a nice tribute to the very first Cosmic Gate single.

The Drums (Robbie Rivera Juicy Mofo Remix)
Here’s a nice little house interpretation by Robbie Rivera. It doesn’t have that hard-hitting sound as the original does, but it’s surely better suited for the clubs.
Melt to the Ocean (John O’Callaghan’s Main Room Remix)
This remix is savage, and is definitely one of my favorites in this album. It’s hard to go wrong with a killer bassline and nice reworked melody. The original came out as the B-side to Exploration of Space, and John O’Callaghan does an excellent job on the remix.

Raging feat. Jan Johnston (Alexander Popov Vocal Remix)
Here is the big surprise of the album. I was very impressed by this remix as it totally blows the original out of the water. This album also contains the dub version if the vocals are too much for you, but I like this one just fine.