Work has been a pain in the ass lately but I’m still glad whenever I get some new music to listen to. Here is a mix recorded a few days ago by Airee, and I gotta say the live mixing is pretty solid. Things start off with plenty of bounce with the help of another young Russian producer named Incognet. His remix of Reality Bites quickly melts into a nice Simmons & Blanc rework of Reminder’s Love to Hold. This is the first of 7 vocal tracks in this mix, which also includes a surprising classic from Cosmic Gate and Denise Rivera. Anjunabeats is repped by 4 songs in this one, with three funky remixes and one original club hit. A mix wouldn’t be good without some variety, so Airee has shared some really interesting sounding tracks like the new Pulser tune, Fedor Burov’s Leaving, and Magentax’s Chained To Me. My favorites in this one are Andrelli & Blue’s Transparent and the Juventa remix of Behind Our Thoughts, with the new Heatbeat banger coming in at a close 3rd. I like how things get really chunky in the last three songs and Airee ends things nicely with a great DNS remix from the Coldharbour 100 Remix release. Nice job on this one, let’s hope she keeps these mixes coming!

Airee’s Sunshine Thru Speakers
01 MeHilove – Reality Bites (Incognet Mix)
02 Reminder – Love To Hold feat. Cathy Burton (Simmons & Blanc Mix)
03 Andrelli & Blue – Transparent (Dub Mix)
04 Arty – Zara (Oliver Smith Mix)
05 Heatbeat – Light Up feat. Jeza (Original Mix)
06 Fedor Burov – Leaving
07 Audien & DeColita – Behind Our Thoughts (Juventa Mix)
08 Pulser – In My World (Original Mix)
09 Super8 & Tab – Empire (Kyau & Albert Mix)
10 BT & Andrew Bayer – The Emergency (Lost Stories Mix)
11 Cosmic Gate – Body of Conflict (Club Mix)
12 Magentax – Chained To Me (Original Mix)
13 Oliver Smith – Chordplay (Club Mix)
14 Nitrous Oxide – Downforce (Orient Mix)
15 Mr. Pit – Shana (DNS Project Mix)

Download the mix here