Yesterday’s J00F post got me in the mood for some classic goa-inspired trance, so I looked back in time for a good album to remedy my craving. What I have known for a while is that there are few labels greater than Platipus that can provide such musical entertainment, so I have uploaded one of their nice releases from back in the day. Well, at least Platipus was able to provide this type of music towards the first half of its existence, but that’s a whole new discussion. Every so often this label would release something like a best-of-series which contained a handful of their better songs. The third volume came out  in 1997, and this collection of tracks has proved to be timeless. Starting off with the very popular combination of BT, Taylor, and Jan Johnston in the tune Calling Your Name (anyone remember this in the movie American Pie?), this album takes you on a magical journey with some of the best trance producers in history. Guys like Oliver Lieb, BT, Simon Berry, Claudio Guissani, and all of their aliases should be recognizable to you. Platipus jump started the careers of Union Jack and Art of Trance, so it is important to understand where these guys came from. Check out what this British crew was doing before the turn of the century, but keep in mind that this is just a sample of the greatness that was once Platipus.

Platipus Records vol. 3
01 Libra Presents Taylor – Anomaly – Calling Your Name (Granny Mix) (7:59)
02 Quietman – Now And Zen (8:27)
03 L.S.G. – Hidden Sun Of Venus (Oliver Lieb Remix) (6:57)
04 Pob – The Awakening (Seismix) (7:58)
05 Clanger – Seadog (Way Out West Mix) (6:48)
06 Universal State Of Mind – All Because Of You (Mindsweeper Mix) (6:49)
07 Loveclub – The Journey (The Light Mix) (8:46)
08 Art Of Trance – Kaleidoscope (8:02)
09 Terra Ferma – Floating (9:23)
10 Union Jack – Yeti (8:21)