Who in the world is DJ Pearl, and why has she been chosen to put together the first ever J00F DJ mix compilation? These two questions came to mind when I first grabbed a copy of this mix, but they were both answered after a brief listen-through of the album and a little bit of research. Pearl is a female DJ who is pioneering the EDM crusade in India. Besides for a basic understanding of the whole Goa-movement back in the 80’s, I have had no exposure to the dance music scene in the world’s second most populous country. All I know is that Pearl has taken the clubs in India by storm, and she has also gained the attention of Mr. Fleming himself,  earning her the responsibility of this album. She has also co-established Submerge, a party and promotion company which hosts events in India. Since the J00F sound is heavy in Goa influence, it is fitting that an Indian DJ be selected to put this mix together. I was initially expecting something dark and sinister sounding, but the end product is actually quite beautiful with more upbeat melodies than presumed. There are a lot of nice tunes in this one, including the new Incolumis song Inactif, the Protoculture remix of Devotion, and Fatali’s Space Designer. Most of these songs were released last year, so it’s not really a compilation showcasing brand new tracks. Even so, the mix is arranged very well and the future for trance music in India looks very promising with Pearl leading the way.

J00F DJ Sessions vol 1. mixed by Pearl

01 Incolumis – Inactif
02 Alucard – Deep In The Darkness
03 Insert Name – Direct Drive
04 J Michael Kober – Lost Moon
05 John 00 Fleming – JAWA (Ovnimoon Remix)
06 Crystal Verge – Snake Valley (Club Remix)
07 Fatali – Space Designer
08 00.db – Solomate
09 Liquid Soul – Devotion (Protoculture Remix)
10 Static Flow – Define Sine