Just to change things up a bit, here is the latest album released on J00F Recordings. The Anthology series features hand-picked tracks from the J00F chairman himself, John Fleming. Unfortunately this collection of songs is unmixed, but I have uploaded the album with the songs joined together into one track. As you can see in the tracklist, there are two 00.db tracks in this album, including the very good Protoculture remix of Oxygene. New Beginning, Damiana, and Nonstop also top my list of favorites from this assortment of tunes. If you are in a dark, twisted kind of mood, make sure you take a good listen through. The aura emanating from these tracks is wicked, and the selections are sinister in tonality, which creates a devilish atmosphere that may not be for all.

J00F Anthology Vol. 3
01 Liquid Soul – Devotion (The Digital Blonde Remix)
02 Incolumis – Satellite
03 Crystal Verge – Sabath
04 00.db – Marjarka
05 Insert Name – Direct Drive
06 John 00 Fleming – New Beginning
07 The Digital Blonde – Damiana
08 00.db – Oxygene (Protoculture Remix)
09 Fatali – Mother
10 Magnus – Nonstop