I haven’t heard much from Mauro Picotto in a while, but here is an older set of his from 2000. He released most of his popular trance tracks at the turn of the century, including Komodo, Lizard, and Iguana, all of which can be found in this mix. Unfortunately, one of my favorite Picotto tracks Pulsar wasn’t made yet, so it wasn’t included in this one. Oberhausen is a city in western Germany, and the Rosenmontagsrave is the popular local venue that many DJ’s spin at. The set itself is pretty hard, and it has that old school high-energy trance which was popular in the late 90’s. Mauro spins a lot of songs with a heavy techno influence, and I was happy to hear the Plastik Man (Richie Hawtin) song Global Sound in this one. Most of the songs in this mix were either produced or remixed by Mauro himself, some of which were released under his Megamind and Lava alias. Apparently Mauro has now evolved his sound into the minimal/tech-house genre, so check out this mix for the traditional trance style that he used to play.

Mauro Picotto – Live@ Rosenmontagsrave in Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen (2000-03-06)
01 THX Intro
02 Josh Wink – Don’t Laugh (Mauro Picotto Mix)
03 Mauro Picotto – Komodo (Tea Mix)
04 Mauro Picotto – Pegasus (Superclub Mix)
05 Gabry Fasano – Il treno
06 Mauro Picotto – Iguana (Mas Mix)
07 Megamind – Sturm und Drang (Pleasure Mix)
08 Jamie Bissmire – Number and Measure (Chris McCormack Mix)
09 DJ Gabry – Jaiss Bangin (Bang Mix)
10 Adam Beyer – Conform 12 (Lost & Found E.P)(a1)
11 Mauro Picotto – Bug
12 Mauro Picotto – Lizard (Megavoices Mix)
13 Dumonde – See The Light (Mauro Picotto Mix)
14 Lava – Autumn (Megamind Mix)
15 Plastik Man – Global Sound
16 Dave The Drummer – Implant (Acid Techno Is Alive Remix)
17 ID
18 Mauro Picotto – Iguana (Claxixx Mix)
19 Mauro Picotto – Pegasus (Tea Mix)
20 Blank & Jones – The Nightfly (Original Mix)

Download the set here